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ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Trump’s Trial Will Go Down In The History Books As A Stupendous Legal Catastrophe

Every American should be appalled at this selective prosecution. Today the target is former President Donald Trump. Tomorrow it may be a Democrat.

Some had asked whether a jury selected in Manhattan, which voted overwhelmingly against Trump, could be fair in judging the former president. But now that we have moved beyond this point, the real problem Trump has is that his best arguments are legal in nature: prosecutors appeared to cobble together misdemeanors and felonies in order to find something with which to “get Trump.”

The underlying crime is seemingly a minor misdemeanor — falsifying business records — which long ago expired under the statute of limitations. In order to turn it into a felony within the statute of limitations, prosecutors will have to show that Trump falsified the records in order to impact his election, thus constituting a federal election felony.

The problem is, however, that federal authorities have not prosecuted Trump for this federal election crime. Moreover, state prosecutors have no jurisdiction over federal election law.

Finally, we were not even clear, when the trial began, as to precisely which federal election laws the district attorney was relying on.

I have been teaching, practicing and writing about criminal law for 60 years. In all those years, I have never seen or heard of a case in which the defendant was criminally prosecuted for failing to disclose the payment of what prosecutors call “hush money.”

Alexander Hamilton paid hush money to cover up an affair with a married woman. Many others have paid hush money since. If the legislature wanted to criminalize such conduct they could easily enact a statute prohibiting the payment of hush money or requiring its disclosure. They have declined to do so.

Prosecutors cannot simply make up new crimes by jerry-rigging a concoction of existing crimes, some of which are barred by the statute of limitations others of which are beyond the jurisdiction of state prosecutors.

Appellate courts should be able to see through this ruse and reverse any conviction resulting from it. But that would likely occur after the election. In the meantime, however, a conviction prior to the election might influence independent voters to cast their ballot against a convicted felon.

In addition to the legal problems with the prosecution’s case, there are also some factual weaknesses. Prosecutors are relying on witnesses who have previously lied and whose credibility is very questionable.

They should have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump authorized the statement in business records that the alleged hush money payments were legal expenses and that this statement was knowingly false. They might also have to prove that the reason he authorized the statements was to help him get elected, not to avoid embarrassment to his wife and children or losses to his business.

If the defendant were not Donald Trump and the venue were not Manhattan, this ought to be a slam dunk win for the defendant. Indeed, this extraordinarily weak case would never have been brought.

I am not a Trump political supporter. I voted for Joe Biden in the last election and I have an open mind about the coming election. But I want it to be fair. Whoever loses the election should not be able to complain about election interference by the weaponization of the criminal justice system for partisan advantage.

All Americans, regardless of political affiliation, should be appalled at this selective prosecution. Today the target is Trump. Tomorrow it may be a Democrat. After that, you and me. The criminal justice system is on trial in New York.

If Trump is convicted based on the distortion of law and facts that we’re seeing, the system will have failed us all.



Alan Dershowitz is professor emeritus at Harvard Law School and the author of “Get Trump,” “Guilt by Accusation,” and “The Price of Principle.” This piece is republished from the Alan Dershowitz Newsletter, and can be viewed here.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller News Foundation.


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JASON LEWIS: The ‘Deep State’ Is Far Deeper Than Anyone Imagined

Another week and another first for Donald J. Trump. No doubt, this is one he would be willing to pass on — the first criminal trial of a former president. But like all things in Trump world, it reveals more about his enemies than it does the 45th president.

For decades, pollsters have been telling us the electorate yearned for a third way, a nonpartisan who wasn’t wedded to either party and would represent the vast middle. Along comes the brash, imperfect real estate developer who had worked with both sides of the aisle in “the art of a deal.” The media elite loved it, especially the most salacious exploits of the prowling Manhattan mogul.

That is right up until presidential candidate Trump embraced a reformulated version of America First that turned out to be a direct threat to those global media empires. You know, the ones who profitably ran all those Big Pharma ads while “reporting’” on COVID. It wasn’t long before the crude tapes and “hush money” stories started rolling in.

Indeed, Trump’s real sin was his desire to return to the economic and foreign policy nationalism that had been summarily quashed by globalists in both parties. And it was a grave enough transgression to warrant his destruction by any means necessary.

Yet the unhinged, shrill attacks combined with the shredding of a president’s constitutional protections — whether his right to free speech, due process or private property — has revealed a number of disturbing truths about the American political system that are no longer so easily hidden.

This is Trump’s real legacy.

  • The Republican party is not a political movement — it is a club that exists for the reelection of its members. America’s institutions are falling apart (from the border to the classroom to the boardroom) while inflation is hollowing out the middle class. But the top of the GOP’s agenda is adding another $100 billion in foreign aid to a $34 trillion national debt. It’s a stark reversal from the old right, whether Eisenhower in Korea; Nixon in Vietnam or Reagan in Lebanon — they all knew how to cut their losses. House Speaker Mike Johnson even removed border protection from a bill that was sure to pass given a Republican establishment in both chambers that perpetually pounds the war drum. Buoyed by a perverse Lincoln-Project political consultancy swamp that serves its donor class and you see how political movements die when people start to make money off them.
  • The Democrat Party is most certainly a political movement. Never has the abuse of power been more ruthlessly self-evident. And it has nothing to do with Trump’s idiosyncrasies or crass demeanor. It has everything to do with the threat he presents to a Democrat hierarchy used to getting its own way from opponents who have been trained to stand down—even in the face of unprecedented social anarchism that is transforming western civilization. It took Trump, not the political intelligentsia, to realize the West was dying, figuratively and literally. Identity politics and the attack on the traditional family are the means to an ignominious end. And if this Socialist Wokeness Party was willing to destroy a generation of young people with lockdowns and puberty blockers, they’re certainly willing to destroy one man by debasing the rule of law.
  • The “deep state” is far deeper than anyone imagined. President Dwight Eisenhower’s “military industrial complex” farewell address wasn’t just about the massive power of the defense lobby and its political influence, but all the other scientific and technological institutions of a burgeoning national security state. Understand, we just handed out billions to the folks who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline and then used Big Tech to lie about it. Our allies know who runs things on Capitol Hill so they feel free to plot any conceivable tripwire that will drag America into war — from breaking a promise not to expand NATO to escalatory attacks in the Middle East knowing full well they will elicit a response to which we will respond. But the machinations of intel officials are not limited to intervention abroad, threatening our sons and daughters with nuclear holocaust. No, Trump’s legacy has clearly demonstrated the Clapper & Brennans of the world are willing to manipulate our own political affairs as well.
  • The media really are the problem. To be sure, the “lawfare” is so fundamentally unconstitutional that it surely “shocks the conscience.” But the most insidious aspect to the Democrat legal abuse is the media’s willingness, dare we say, eagerness, to promote it. It doesn’t matter that higher courts have already begun to overturn corrupt lower ones, all that matters is the headline generated by the Biden press office disguised as your favorite newsroom. The neoconservative descent into rabid never-Trumpism is part and parcel of the uniparty gaslighting. In any despotic revolution, once the war is won, the guns confiscated and the political opponents are all in jail, the thought police swoop in. But in the Trump era, the press corps didn’t need persuading. Look no further than the astounding number of corrections, retractions and legal settlements. But combined with Big Tech’s toxic echo chambers, the damage had already been done.

In fact, one could easily make the argument that it’s 2020 all over again. The Republican Party is busy enabling its abusers while Democrats are locking Trump down. This time with false legal charges instead of a Chinese coronavirus.

If the late, great United States comes to pass, Trump won’t be the only political prisoner lamenting, “you can’t say I didn’t warn you.”



Former Congressman Jason Lewis is the author of “Party Animal, The Truth About President Trump, Power Politics and the Partisan Press.” This article was originally published on the author’s Substack page, which can be viewed here. Lewis is also the weekday host of Jason Lewis Live on Patriot.TV.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller News Foundation.


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NYC: Pro-Hamas protester screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ drives wrong way down avenue, intentionally hits cop

We have seen vehicular jihad in Manhattan before, although authorities of course steadfastly ignore it.

Manhattan cop intentionally struck by wrong-way driver who is a known protester: sources

AMNY.com, January 18, 2024:

The wrong-way driver who struck and seriously wounded a Manhattan cop on Wednesday afternoon is a known pro-Palestinian protester who allegedly targeted the officer, police reported.

Law enforcement sources said the street collision occurred at the corner of East 77th Street and Park Avenue on the Upper East Side at about 4:20 p.m. on Jan. 17.

The officer and a partner were guarding an abandoned vehicle at the location when the suspect, a female driver, came speeding northbound on Park Avenue’s southbound lanes.

Police say that the vehicle came to a stop as one of the cops approached to investigate before the female driver allegedly slammed on the accelerator and swerved into the male officer.

Sources familiar with the investigation said the driver allegedly yelled verbal insults at the officer when he approached the vehicle seconds before ramming the car into him.

The car then halted and other cops swiftly yanked the driver from the vehicle, placing her in cuffs.

The injured officer was rushed to Cornell Medical Center for treatment of a broken arm and leg.

Sources familiar with the case said the unidentified suspect is a known pro-Palestinian protester. It is not currently clear why the driver decided to target the cop or if her affiliation with the protest group played a role in the attack….

Read more.



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India: Muslim murders Hindu man for marrying a Muslim woman

Nigeria: Retired school principal volunteers to deliver ransom to jihadi kidnappers, gets abducted himself

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Experts: Trump Indictment Highlights ‘Disturbing’ Double Standard of Justice

Former president Donald Trump was indicted Tuesday on 34 felony counts by a Manhattan-based grand jury, in what Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton on “Washington Watch” called an “unprecedented indictment” of a former president. “The two-tiered system of law that is unfolding here is disturbing and just outright wrong,” said former Congressman Jody Hice, who now serves as FRC’s senior advisor to the president, on “Washington Watch.”

Representative Bob Good (R-Va.) on “Washington Watch” said the “conviction in search of a crime” is a plain attempt to prosecute a political opponent, “like we’re a third world country, or a banana republic, or a communist totalitarian state.” Good pointed out that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg campaigned by “saying he was going to go after President Trump … bragging about how many times he’d filed suit against President Trump before he ran for office. And now he’s trying to make good on that and deliver to his radical left base.”

“They went after this president for some seven, eight years now. And this is what they’ve come up with, a false business charge?” demanded Good.

Professor Phill Kline, who was formerly the attorney general of Kansas, agreed. “This [case] is not being brought because Mr. Trump is a big threat on the loose to America, even though these charges force him to face life in prison. … He’s being charged because the DA doesn’t like him.”

“They’ve turned this president every which way but loose,” said FRC president and “Washington Watch” host Tony Perkins. “Fifty congressional investigations, impeached twice by a Democrat-led House,” he recounted. “Of course, nothing stuck to him because, at the end of the day, there was nothing there.”

This opinion is not exclusively held by those immersed in the details; the crowd outside the Manhattan courthouse reportedly held the same view. Reporter Jarrett Stepman, who was present in Manhattan when the indictment was unsealed, said the sense “from the crowd, even before this came down,” was that the Trump indictment “was essentially a political charge … because of his governing philosophy, because of who he was.”

“This standard [that] is being held to now former President Donald Trump,” Stepman added, “wouldn’t be held to other people.” Days after taking office, Bragg announced he would not prosecute marijuana misdemeanors, public transportation fare evasion, most trespassing charges, unpaid traffic fines, “any violation, traffic infraction, or other non-criminal offense,” resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, prostitution, and outdated offenses.

“To be clear, President Trump’s immoral behavior of the past really set in motion these wheels of political attacks that have been churning for years now,” said Perkins.

But, Perkins added, “if [Trump] would have governed the way he is alleged to have lived prior to being president, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, because the Left would have loved him. But he governed as a conservative, and he put people around him unlike any other Republican president in modern history, who actually advanced a conservative agenda.” Perkins said the Left has made him a target because “he represents a movement.”

“Unfortunately, we have seen increasing weaponization of government against political enemies,” Kline agreed. “You see that with the Department of Justice now and how they’re treating different potential investigative targets based on really their political opinions and positions that they have taken. So, we are creating a two-tiered system of justice in this country.”

“It’s also about scaring folks like you, and me … and every average day Americans and activists who are conservative, Republican, or frankly, dissident liberals,” added Fitton. Last week, IRS agents visited the home of Matt Taibbi, one of the liberal journalists reporting on the Twitter files, while Taibbi was testifying before the House Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. “They must fear — rightly so — their personal liberties [are] at stake or at risk as a result of this authoritarian, this totalitarian instinct among the Left to use the powers of prosecutors, all government bodies to try to jail their opponents.”

Hice said that the injustice of this situation should bother Christians, even if Trump’s immoral lifestyle offends them. “God loves those who stand for justice,” he said, “and this is a time where the two-tiered system … is becoming so blatantly obvious to every American citizen.”

“It doesn’t matter your points of view on whatever it is, the law should be applied to everyone,” Hice continued. “Where crimes have been committed, then there should be consequences. But where there is the strong arm of government simply going after political opponents, that is injustice.”

Perkins agreed. “We addressed this when this [scandal] came up, when the president was running for office back in 2016. This does not measure up to the standard by which we like to see as Christians in this country. In fact, I was not an early, early supporter of the president for these very reasons.” But now, he added, former president Trump is being made “a target because of his policies and the way he governed.”

“All of us have fallen and come short of the glory of God,” said Hice, and “every single one of us one day will stand before God, and we’ll give an account of our lives.”

“We understand the love and the grace of God to reach out and forgive us and transform us through giving his Son,” Hice continued, “so let’s keep that hope in mind. … And at the end of the day, God will have the final word over each of our lives. But until then, we are here in a world trying to stand for justice.”

“I can’t vouch for everything the president did,” Perkins said. But now that a man who “took the heat in advancing policies that we advocated for” is under attack, Perkins said he feels an obligation to defend “the rule of law and the fact that there is a disparity here in the justice that he is being denied.”

“I think we need to be passionate. We need to be engaged,” said Perkins. “But I do think we’ve got to be very careful that we do not breach this line of inciting and calling for political violence against our political opponents. I think that’s where we completely lose it as a country.”

Fitton echoed the same concern that the indictment of a former president and current presidential candidate will erode America’s bedrock institution. “This is a rigged prosecution for a rigged election,” he said. It “not only is designed to thwart the exercise of President Trump’s First Amendment rights, but to thwart our right to govern ourselves.”

“Bragg isn’t running the country, and we have to remind him of that. Congress should remind him of that,” said Fitton. He urged Congress to “figure out how much U.S taxpayer money at the federal level is being used by Bragg and anyone else” in New York City and “defund New York to the extent practical. If New York and the justice system up in New York wants to undermine our republic … taxpayers should have nothing to do with it at the federal level.”

“This isn’t ordinary, in terms of our nation’s history,” Fitton warned, to “have an entire movement who’s rejecting the American way, the protection of law, equal protection of the law, respect for election systems, and elections generally. … We don’t use criminal law to just go after our political opponents just because they’re our political opponents.”


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a staff writer at The Washington Stand.


‘Thin Gruel’: Legal Experts Unimpressed by 34-Count Trump Indictment

Trump indictment shows that power-crazed Democrats are INCOMPATIBLE with human society – NaturalNews.com

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2023 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

Trump Surrenders At New York Courthouse

Former President Donald Trump arrived at a Manhattan courtroom Tuesday where he will hear the charges against him.

Trump has said he will plead “not guilty” to charges stemming from to an alleged hush money payment to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. Trump attorney Michael Cohen allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 to keep her from claiming publicly that she had an affair with Trump in 2006, and the case hinges on whether Trump broke the law by reimbursing Cohen for the payment. Trump has maintained that he never had an affair with Daniels.

This will mark the first time in history a former president has been arraigned for a crime, and Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud, CNN reported.

Trump flew from Florida to New York on Monday, and said he would voluntarily turn himself in to the courthouse in Manhattan on Tuesday. He will likely have his fingerprints taken, but a perp walk, handcuffs and a mugshot are unlikely, The New York Times reported, citing people with knowledge of the matter.

Trump is then expected to fly to Mar-a-Lago to give a speech Tuesday night.

Protesters gathered across the street from the courthouse in the hours leading up to Trump’s arrival, including Republican Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and George Santos of New York.

Trump reacted to his indictment on Thursday, calling it “Political Persecution and Election Interference at the highest level in history.”

On Monday, Trump claimed that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg leaked information to the press about his indictment, and called for him to “indict himself.”

“Wow! District Attorney Bragg just illegally LEAKED the various points, and complete information, on the pathetic Indictment against me,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “I know the reporter and so, unfortunately, does he. This means that he MUST BE IMMEDIATELY INDICTED. Now, if he wants to really clean up his reputation, he will do the honorable thing and, as District Attorney, INDICT HIMSELF. He will go down in Judicial history, and his Trump Hating wife will be, I am sure, very proud of him!”

The former president did not provide evidence to substantiate his claim that Bragg leaked information about the sealed indictment to the press.



White House correspondent.

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‘America Was Not Supposed To Be This Way!’: Trump Confirms NYC Court Date

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Could Trump Prosecutor Alvin Bragg Go to Prison? It’s Possible

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LIVE Streaming of Protests and Aspects of the Trump Indictment

“[E]very war in the past 50 years was started by media lies” — Julian Assange

I think that may also apply to the civil war playing out in the U.S. today. It isn’t very kinetic yet. But it is a civil war.

WATCH: PRESIDENT TRUMP INDICTMENT: LIVE Coverage of Protests, Rallies in Manhattan 4-4-23

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Donald Trump

A Manhattan grand jury voted Thursday to indict Former President Donald Trump.

The indictment comes almost two weeks after Trump announced on Truth Social he expected to be arrested in connection to a years long investigation into whether or not he paid hush money to former porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen allegedly sent $130,000 to Daniels so that she would not disclose an earlier alleged affair with the president. Cohen claims Trump then reimbursed him. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office investigated whether Trump forged business records to hide the alleged payout.

Trump is now the first president in American history to be indicted.

Trump is reportedly being indicted on more than 30 counts related to business fraud, CNN said citing two sources familiar with the case.

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York opted not to charge Trump for the case in 2019, while the Federal Election Commission dropped its investigation into the case in 2021, Fox News reported.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as details become available. 



News and commentary writer. Follow Brianna on Twitter.


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Muslim Mob Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attacks Jewish Man in Midtown Manhattan

WARNING: Graphic video of Jew Attacked by Mob in Midtown New York City

My latest in PJ Media:

Given the ferocity of the far-left’s hatred of Israel and its increasing propensity for violence, this was perhaps inevitable: earlier this week in midtown Manhattan, right outside the New York Public Library, a Muslim mob screaming “Allahu akbar” violently assaulted a Jewish man, leaving him bleeding from a head wound. Posting video of the incident on Twitter, Times of Israel contributor Joshua Washington labeled it: “Attempted lynching of a Jewish man in New York.” Yet nothing is more certain in our morally confused age that the attackers went away thinking they were on the side of righteousness.

[Graphic video]

Another video of the incident that was posted on Rumble shows the mob that attacked the man screaming “Allahu akbar,” “F**k you, Zionist pig,” and “Palestine’s too strong for you.” Independent journalist Elad Eliahu reported that “According to one protester, a passer-by made really hateful comments towards free Palestine protesters which allegedly lead to one throwing a chair at this man as he was mobbed by others. He was eventually led into a store by an officer after being chased.” This is Bill de Blasio’s New York, and so it was no surprise that, as Eliahu noted, “According to sources the NYPD’s riot squad caught the protester who allegedly threw the chair, proceeded to not arrest and let him go.”

Of course they did. The left is on the side of the Palestinians, and so Palestinian protesters assaulting a Jew are going to have a hard time getting arrested in the far-left one-party oligarchy that New York City has become. We should just be grateful that de Blasio doesn’t give the chair-wielding thug the key to the city. After all, he and his comrades believe that the Palestinians are acting on a righteous cause.

The protesters who mobbed this Jewish man obviously believe that as well: their screams of “Allahu akbar” make that clear. “Allahu akbar” does not mean “God is great,” as the establishment media frequently claims, but “Allah is greater,” that is, the god of Islam is superior to the god of the infidels, or to any other infidel entity. It is a declaration of the victory and superiority of Islam, which is why jihad terrorists so often shout it. Its usage by the mob in New York City also underscores the fact that Palestinian activists tend to see the conflict in Islamic terms.

There is more. Read the rest here.


Italy: Muslim migrant imam calls for elimination of the Jewish people, destruction of the Vatican

AP Pretends It Didn’t Know It Was Sharing a Building With Hamas

Eid prayers in Hagia Sophia for the first time in 87 years stir crowd with ‘Palestinian’ victimhood propaganda

Muslim CNN reporter: ‘The world today needs a Hitler’

Pakistan: Muslim Bollywood star quotes Hitler to call for killing ‘all the Jews of the world’

Video from UK ‘Palestinian’ demo: ‘F**k the Jews, rape their daughters’

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.