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Different Players Same History

Almost everyone knows that history repeats itself, much like a merry go round. The merry go round goes in a circle, you see a particular horse, it disappears as the merry go round revolves, but at the precise regular interval the same figure reappears again.  In a sense, history is no different (but with one exception) that in the circle of history that repeats itself, unlike the merry go round the characters do change.

For example, seventy four years ago during December of 1941 the world was under extreme threat from both the Nazis and the nation of Japan.  Leading up to the fateful year, Neville Chamberlain, the appeasing Prime Minister of Great Britain endangered that great empire by pandering to the Nazis.  Chamberlain’s continued weak posture resulted in Hitler feeling free to rain down bombs throughout the United Kingdom capital of London.

The good news is the Chamberlain’s woeful ways were not the cornerstone on the long term outcome of Great Britain during World War Two.  Even though V1 rockets destroyed hundreds of square miles of the fabled city, they did not wipe out the resolve of the people to overcome the enemy.  The good news was that the Chamberlain persuasion wasn’t the final word on how Great Britain and the West would encounter and defeat the enemies of freedom.

The good news was that the Chamberlain persuasion was not the final word on how Great Britain and the allies would engage the enemies of freedom.  There was a man named Sir Winston Churchill, the English statesman who was born in 1874 and destined for a magnanimous rendezvous with destiny.  For years, during the unfruitful regime of Chamberlain, Winston Churchill was either ignored or shouted down by the progressive leaning members of Parliament who refused to believe Churchill’s call to stand up to the Third Reich was the way to go.

Of course, history would prove that all of the kissing of Hitler’s backside that Neville Chamberlain could muster would only embolden Hitler’s horrors against the British Empire.  But alas, insanity gave way to Godly wisdom and Churchill would hear from Heaven and join forces with Franklin D. Roosevelt, the American president who strategized with Churchill and great generals like Patton, Eisenhower and Sherman.  Those divine connections led to the eventual victories over both Germany and Japan.  Mr. Roosevelt was also a great comforter to the American people during the war.  His radio broadcast fireside chats and prayers for America and victory became legendary.

But the bottom line is, those who sought to wreak havoc throughout the world were ultimately defeated.  The resolve to face down and defeat evil was almost always there, despite the horrendous mistakes of Chamberlain and even the earlier hesitation president Roosevelt to enter America into the fray of World War Two.  But ultimately, history was made and “Happy Days” were here again, which set the stage for what became the greatest increase in the standard of living and freedom for mankind in the history of the world up to that time.

Today history is being repeated, via the mission of oppression of the Obama administration.  His fierce loyalty to those seeking to destroy America is exhibited in the refusal to allow a full throttle American assault against the Muslim terrorists who have vowed to destroy us.  This turn of events displays an even more egregious than the boot licking policies of Britain’s Chamberlain which preceded victory under Churchill and Roosevelt.

Obama’s feckless leadership and shallow policies of appeasements have weakened the United States and strengthened the resolve of those who have vowed to kill, steal from and destroy those who differ from Islam and sharia law.

Despite the current low ebb of American governance, I am firmly convinced that the pages of history shall soon turn and reveal a dramatic and positive change in the state of affairs regarding war with those on the march against the Christian inspired land of liberty, called the United States of America.  Just as Churchill and Roosevelt set the tone for victory against the enemies of freedom during their time, so will our next president be inspired to properly lead this republic not only toward victory, but to greatness as the sweet land of liberty so envisioned by the founding fathers.

History does repeat itself, but it is ultimately up to us which history will be repeated and becomes the direction our nation takes in the future.  As former president George W. Bush stated “we are the deciders.”  Will we repeat or continue the decline and misery of the Carter and Obama years, or do we repeat the history of greatness and power like America experienced during the years of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan?

I can promise you that without repentance to almighty God who shed his grace upon our blessed republic for our foolish choices including certain ones voted to the presidency, we will continue to repeat the failures of our present era. Thus America will remain on her slippery slope to oblivion.  The current decline and worse are the goals of the progressive democrats, rinos and sharia law trolls.

But if your desire is to witness the rebirth of America, she must first be reborn spiritually.  The founding fathers recognized the importance of and our need for our heavenly Father’s grace and sought His wisdom and guidance regularly.  “The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity…I will avow that I believed and now believe that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God”:  John Adams, Second President.

If God was good enough for the founding fathers, he is more than good enough for “We the People” today.  Let us together seek his wisdom, so that the history repeated in our time is good for us, our children and our children’s children.

God Bless you and Merry Christmas.