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Former Marine Captain declares war against Obama’s Migration of Syrian Muslims to U.S.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today, Jonathan McConnell, former Marine Captain, veteran of two tours in the War on Terror and candidate for U.S. Senate, called for immediate legislation to halt Obama and the Washington ruling class from settling Syrian refugees in America.

“Our values and way of life are under attack by radical Islamic terrorists. Many of these terrorists are exploiting the refugee crisis in Syria — just as I predicted months ago — to gain entrance into Western nations, possibly including the United States,” stated McConnell.

“I have fought on the front lines in the War on Terror, including the border of Syria. I have seen first hand the havoc and carnage these terrorists are capable of inflicting. Common sense in the War on Terror is not common and we need leaders with a proven history of fighting for America and against radical Islam.

“36 year Washingtonian Richard Shelby, as recently as two months ago, refused to take the lead and to take the fight to the radical Islam and terrorists. We must win the future. We must defeat radical Islam and terrorists. We must be willing to fight and have leaders with the experience and knowledge to win this fight against radical Islam.

“We must stand up to the Obama administration and radical Islam and say enough is enough.  This is a failure of leadership by the Obama administration and a failure of oversight by Congress.  We must not allow Syrian refugees into the United States until we can effectively vet and research those seeking entry to ensure they pose no threat to the safety of Americans. American safety must always trump political correctness.

“It is not enough for individual governors to request blockage of radicals into our state. Our leaders inWashington must be willing to stand up to the Obama administration to stop any of these radicals from gaining entry to the U.S.  What good is a state blockage if a radical can be located just over the state border and then travel to our neighborhoods and communities to wreak havoc?

Washington career politicians have failed us. They have the ability to enact legislation preventing refugees into America who have not been vetted. Washington insiders know the current process does not come to close to credibly vetting refugees to ensure the safety of our communities, families and way of life. Yet they refuse to lead.

“No credible leader in Washington believes these refugees are thoroughly being vetted so why do they bow to political correctness and refuse to stand up to Obama and for Americans? Alabamians need a proven fighterand Americans need leaders of courage and conviction. Months ago I was calling on D.C. to prevent radical refugees from entering the U.S. and today I call again for legislation to stand up to Obama and radical Islam.

“As the next U.S. Senator from Alabama I will stand up to Obama and against radical Islam. Alabamians deserve a Senator willing to fight for America,” he concluded.

In 2009 McConnell founded a global security firm to continue fighting terrorists, providing security for ships across the world against terrorists.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Jonathan McConnell, shown at the Port of Mobile, who operates Meridian Global Consulting, a company focused on protecting ships at sea.