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‘I’m F*ckin’ Sorry!’: Notorious Trump Hater Says Voting For Him ‘Is On The Table’

Actor and comedian Michael Rappaport stated in a video Wednesday that voting for former President Donald Trump “is on the table” for the celebrity, apologizing for his possible vote toward the Republican candidate.

Rappaport, 53, posted a 30-second video Thursday on X, originally from a longer video on Wednesday, stating that if the 2024 presidential election came down between Democrat President Joe Biden and Trump, he would now be considering casting his vote towards the Republican.

“If it comes down to pig d*ck Donald Trump and smokin Joe Biden. I’m sorry, I am sorry – voting for pig d*ck Donald Trump is on the table,” Rappaport stated.

“Im sorry! Im f*cking – I’ll still call him slob d*ck Donald Trump, pig d*ck Donald Trump, and all that. But we need to get this whole f*cking situation under control.”

Rappaport has been a notable criticizer of Trump, calling the former president a slew of insults of the years such as “derogatory,” “divisive,” and “slob,” according to videos online. However, since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel, antisemitism in America has jumped within the country, displays of aggression anti-Israel protesting have been rising forcing some to stand up for Jewish people.

Within New York City alone, which holds approximately 1.6 million Jewish residents, antisemitic incidents increased over 300 percent in October, according to data from the New York Police Department. Rappaport has been an outspoken criticizer of pro-Hamas rallies and antisemitic attacks within the city.

“For d*ck stain Donald Trump, who I had conversations with, I might vote for that motherf*cker. Oh yea, I’ll break the f*cking – Oh yea, I’ll break your hearts. Let me tell you something, if things don’t get straightened up in this f*cking world ASAP, and I know smokin Joe has said the right thing about Israel,” Rapport stated in his original video.

“But when I’m seein motherf*ckers in New York City climb in public in front of crowds of people – rip down UN flag, rip down Israeli flags, rip down American flags on Veterans Day. When the economy is the way the economy is. When I’m paying f*cking mortgage up the – I mean I’m getting – forget a colonoscopy! You don’t need to get a colposcopy. Go buy a house!”

Trump has been rising within the polls against Biden, specifically for six major swing states that Biden had previously secured in 2020. In a hypothetical general election between Biden, Trump and Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the former president is ahead by two points holding 32 percent of the votes, according to a Nov. 14 Reuters/Ipsos poll.



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