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VIDEO: Donald Trump and ‘The Vicious Snake’

Donald Trump began reciting the lyrics to a Al Wilson song from 1968 entitled “The Snake” at a rally in Iowa, which was reported on by Ali Vitali from NBC News. Many understood that this song related to the influx of Muslim migrants into Europe and the United States. To tell you more would be to give away the below video that is now going viral.

Rust e,  the creator of the video inspired by Trump’s remarks, asks viewers, “Do not allow the Islamification currently happening in Europe to reach America. Act now before its too late.”

RELATED VIDEO: Donald Trump reading the lyrics to Al Wilson’s song “The Snake” on January 12th, 2016 as filmed by NBC News:

eu pessimists by country chart

EDITORS NOTE: Videos like these do take time to create. Rust e, the creator of this video does not monetize them, nor is he getting paid to do them. If you would like to see more videos in the future, or would just like to donate to Rust e, his bitcoin address is: 19c2STV1jKWajYLu5B7qmzkfzSinpgAJpC

Changing Minds

Two of the finest institutions of higher education in the United States, Columbia and Cornell, have been identified as leading the list of “most anti-Semitic,” as they continue to host Jew hatred events on campus.  By the time our students enter this new phase in their education, they have been well primed for the venomous climate, having been molded into frustrated, resentful, disrespectful, demanding, angry young adults, ill prepared for anything, unable to accept responsibility, and ripe to lash out at others. These young people have already been activated and prepared to join any group that uses “social justice” language, whether warranted or not.

The K-12 classes provide the first toxic element.  Education is being restructured according to a radical political ideology promoted by the White House, Bill and Melinda Gates, and other supporters of a federal takeover of education. The purpose is to produce workers for a Global Economy (aka Agenda 21).  The major players are Valerie Jarrett’s mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, a member of the Muslim Sisterhood; native-born terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn Ayers (Weather Underground) who support a radical network to defeat America; and Secretary of Education (ret.) Arne Duncan, who promoted the Common Core Standards, with its drastic, untried curriculum overhaul that has lowered school standards to ensure that no child is left behind or excels at the expense of others. This is accompanied by the disturbing data mining that profiles the children (into adulthood) and their families. 

Classical literature, known to improve vocabulary and foster creative expression, thinking, speaking, and writing skills, has been jettisoned in favor of dry, uninspiring informational texts and Dystopian, sexualized, disheartening novels for children whose pre-frontal cortex is insufficiently developed to cope with the dark situations and mature content. The result is depression. Mary Calamia, licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist in Stony Brook, NY, has reported that children have come to hate school, cry, wet the bed, experience insomnia, and engage in self-mutilation – an increase of 200 to 300 percent more children with serious trauma than before the new curriculum’s introduction.

Math problems once solved in a few steps now require a convoluted system. Karen Lamoreaux, mother of three and member of Arkansas Against Common Core, presented a simple 4th grade division problem to the Board of Education that one could solve in two steps, but now requires 108 steps to completion.  In New York, principals have reported that some students are severely stressed and even vomit during testing.

History has become another endangered learning experience. A popular textbook is Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States,” which focuses on “the exploitation of the majority by an elite minority,” designed to inspire a “quiet revolution.”  Historians heavily criticize the book’s concentration on slavery, racism, and colonialism while omitting America’s enormous achievements for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,. Students do not learn America’s founding documents – The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, or the Ten Commandments.  A new vocabulary is in use to give new meaning to old ideas, including “framers” for “founders,” indicating a flexible and distorted view of our history and heritage, and a turn to global governance. 

True history has been replaced with a counterfeit version, introducing the second toxic element. History Alive, another oft-used textbook, contains multiple chapters on Islam (whitewashed of its 1400 years of ongoing bloodshed and conquest), without equal time for Judaism and Christianity. Such studies may also include unscheduled trips to mosques, simulating a hajj to Mecca, girls’ donning traditional Muslim clothing, learning Arabic calligraphy, memorizing the Five Pillars of Islam and the Shahada, the testimony required to become Muslim. And, as if these approaches were insufficient, political indoctrination is included, using the Palestinian narrative to vilify the State of Israel and world Jewry.

To whom do we owe this new development? America’s educational institutions receive significant donations to create Middle Eastern and political science study programs that ensure the installation of anti-American professors. The students are besieged by Islamic and leftist indoctrination that demonize Israel, Jewish and American history, and disallows opposing views. The hate agenda is presented as scholarly and the West is blamed for Islam’s self-imposed or invented ills. Scheduled anti-Israel events are designed to promote the narrative of Israeli colonialism, and to delegitimize and erode support for Israel by advocating a boycott-divestment-sanctions (BDS) effort.

The propaganda campaign is global, well-financed and well-organized but the biggest focus is college campuses, where Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Student Union use the rhetoric of social justice and human rights, historic Palestine, genocide, apartheid and oppression, to motivate the boycott movement and support the Islamic ideology of conquest. Jewish children are harassed and harmed. Our colleges are becoming breeding grounds for future jihadists who are turned against Israel and will one day soon turn against America.

The groups within the colleges are well-funded arms of the Muslim Brotherhood,  menacingly delivering their accusations and claims of apartheid, maltreatment of women, death to homosexuals, etc against the Jewish state, when, in fact, these are descriptive of the Muslim cultures. Islam allows homosexuality and pedophilia – sexual pleasure with pre-pubescent boys and infants, kidnapping for sexual slavery, polygamy, wife beating, stoning women, disfiguring their daughters with FGM and acid, chopping off hands and feet, death for apostasy, murder of Jewish and Christian civilians – and, quite recently, beheading a 15-year-old Iraqi boy for listening to pop music.  With the complicity of liberal instructors, a crisis is being nurtured for the purpose of acquiring power, diminishing freedom of speech, and promoting an increase of immigrating non-integrating Muslims who, throughhijra, will transform our Western countries. 

The situation has become so critical that schools are providing “safe spaces.” This is a concept not unlike “sacred space,” from Sharia, which Islam has established as an aggressive territorial system that holds all land on earth as given by Allah to Muhammad in perpetuity.  Kent State University invites students and community to a safe environment for ongoing interaction and conversation on diverse subjects.  The University of California Berkeley has adopted a policy requiring all “Caucasian” students to purchase mandatory Free Speech Insurance at $1,000 per semester “to cover the cost of therapy and rehabilitation of victims of unregulated, freely expressed Caucasian ideas.” Thus the schools encourage a mentality of victimization, anger and vengeance along with feelings of shame and White guilt.

This is social engineering, a force that is being cynically employed to restructure the soul of an entire generation of young people and render it vulnerable to the globalist one world order, in which none of the traditional values will have survived. With value and context stripped from books, a generation is being denied the aptitude to discern fact from fiction or right from wrong. Thus deprived of the ability to think critically, they are ripe for joining any number of hate groups on campus, the Occupy movements, Black Lives Matter, and those that favor a Palestinian state to the destruction of Israel. But, most significantly, they become easily malleable by and for the ruling class.

The pathway to the final destination goes by the Orwellian term, Agenda 21, the schema that indoctrinates to retrofit our children for future global citizenship, to overtake properties and communities, and to transform America with the enticing promise of social and economic development in a competitive (not free) marketplace. The all-powerful government will determine the equitable distribution of the fruits of all labor, meaning the successful countries will distribute its profits to third world countries until there is nothing left to share – except, perhaps, destitution and illness.  Only then will the elite bask in a society in which thinking has been obliterated and every spark of creativity trampled into the dust.

We are standing at a crucial time in history and working against the clock.

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Austria joins Hungary — Warns of the end of Europe if Muslim migrantion continues

…..and there is absolutely no sign of the flow ending (predictions are that it will increase as the spring advances).

Invasion of Europe News!

The Donald Trump of Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: Migrant quota would ‘redraw Europe’s ethnic, cultural and religious identity.’

All along, Austria had appeared to side with the “welcoming” Angela Merkel of Germany, but it looks like that relationship has frayed with Austria and Hungary warning of the death of the EU. (LOL! Worrying about the EU? I’m thinking they better worry about the death of each of their countries and clearly Orban is!)

Viktor Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

From the Daily Mail:

Austria warned yesterday that reducing the record influx of migrants was a ‘question of survival’ for the European Union.
Vienna has come under fire from Germany and Greece for imposing daily limits on the number of migrants that can apply for asylum or pass through to other countries.

It hosted a summit yesterday with ministers from nine countries along the west Balkans route used by migrants travelling from Greece towards northern Europe.

‘We have to reduce the influx now. This is a question of survival for the EU,’ Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said after the talks. Austria believes measures are necessary because the EU has failed to get off the ground any effective common response to the continent’s biggest refugee crisis since 1945.


Hungary’s prime minister yesterday called a referendum on whether his country would accept an EU plan to share out refugees that he warned would ‘redraw Europe’s ethnic, cultural and religious identity’.


Mr Orban said yesterday: ‘We cannot make above the heads of people, against the wishes of European people, decisions that seriously change their lives, and the lives of future generations. The quota could redraw Europe’s ethnic, cultural and religious identity. Neither Brussels nor any other European body is authorised to do that.’

Continue reading here.

And be sure to see my favorite interactive map by clicking here.  Note that migrants enter Greece from Turkey and move northward every day and this map does not show those coming across the Mediterranean from North Africa (where Obama and Hillary helped create another failed state—Libya).

Yesterday no migrants entered Austria, but slide the little courser back and you will see how many thousands entered the country earlier this month.

Over 110,000 migrants have entered Europe in 2016 alone, here.  Millions more on the way.

Our lengthy archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ is here.  It extends back many years because Europe at one point had plenty of time to stop the boats and safely return them to where they were launched, but leaders lacked the will to send a tough message and now, frankly, it is too late!


African human smugglers getting rich off money transferred from U.S.

Nearly 500 turn out in Kalispell, Montana to hear presentation about refugee program

What Would Happen If New York City Went Forward With Letting Illegal Immigrants Vote

The Sneaky Way Obama Administration Is Making It Look Like Fewer Illegal Immigrants Are Skipping Court Dates

Taxpayer Brings Lawsuit Against Governor Nikki Haley Over Muslim Refugee Plan

Walter “Brian” Bilbro, a husband and father of two, has filed a Lawsuit naming Governor Nikki Haley, The South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS), Lutheran Services and World Relief of Spartanburg as Co-Defendants. The allegations in the lawsuit seek equitable and other relief to stop the State 2016 Refugee Resettlement Plan.

Simply put, he wants to prevent the state from settling any more refugees or asylees until a full accounting of the Federal, State, and County monies being allocated for this program are fully investigated.

He alleges in pleadings filed by Attorney Lauren Martel on February 12 case #2016-CP-40- 00918, that the Defendants are placing he and his family in imminent risk, personally and economically. The placement of refugees and asylees into Richland County where he has vested interests, and in other areas in South Carolina are concerning. Those concerns are supported through documentation from several expert witnesses that give credence to Bilbro’s decisive move to bring legal action against his own Governor, State Agency, and the non-profits involved.

In addition he seeks to stop the use of Family Court being used by asylum seekers as a way to circumvent the vetting process as it encourages border smuggling of children and further criminal acts. According to an expert witness in the case, Jessica Vaughn, Center For Immigration studies, Affidavit, Page 2, states,

“Federal sources, including Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) indicate that the majority of new illegal arrival from Central America, including the unaccompanied minors, are not coming to seek safe haven from persecution or civil war (the legal definition of a refugee) but to join friends and family already here in the United States (usually without legal status).

It is widely acknowledged that the families of most, if not all, of these minors have contracted with smuggling organizations to bring minors to the United States. The smuggling organizations understand that the minors will be taken into Federal government custody and then delivered safely to their destination by federally-funded resettlement contractors. The minors are coached on what to say to U.S. authorities and how the process works.”

Vaughn continues,

“The government and its contractors do not conduct background checks on the individuals who volunteer to serve as sponsors for the minors. Claims of family or non-family relationships rarely are authenticated with verifiable documentation, such as original birth certificates, DNA testing, or other means. The establishment of relationships is essentially done through the honor system.”

What is chiefly being used to verify the migrants is the honor system. This vetting process for the unaccompanied minors sounds eerily similar to the one applied to refugees from Syria and other terrorist nations who will be admitted in the thousands this year, according to many legislators who are asking anywhere from 65,000 to 100,000 within the next few years.

Interestingly, Gov. Haley was quoted in August 2015, as to her reasoning behind not wanting GITMO detainees in SC. She said,

“We are absolutely drawing a line that we are not going to allow any terrorists to come into South Carolina. We are not going to allow that kind of threat. We’re not going to allow that kind of character to come in…This is a slap in the face to the people in South Carolina who have sacrificed so much for this country… To turn around and say that you are going (to) put these terrorists in our backyards.”

In my opinion, this is in essence what the Refugee Resettlement Program does. If the highest intelligence officers in the country, FBI director Coomey, and Defense Intelligence Agency director Stewart say that the Syrian refugees cannot be vetted, and that ISIS will attempt direct attacks in 2016, respectively, prudence would demand a halt to the program that settles immigrants from a country riddled with terrorists.

In addition, the refugee and asylee program of SCDSS not only potentially involves child smuggling, drug smuggling connections, and national security risks, but is unsustainable economically according to expert Paul Sutliff, author and researcher. Sutliff states in Affidavit-Sutliff, page 5,

“The South Carolina Plan does not address who pays for those who after 12 months have had their status mandatorily adjusted to Permanent Resident Alien. This cost is necessarily passed off to the South Carolina taxpayer.”

Mr. Bilbro, in my thinking, is doing the only thing left for him to do when faced with legislators who do not listen or vote in ways that would protect American citizens. In fact, after reading this lawsuit, I conclude that any legislator or elected official who isn’t actively seeking to stop the Refugee Resettlement program fails in their Constitutional duty to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for their constituents.

To see the clear and present danger it presents, as well as the economic burden placed on the backs of hard-working citizens and to continue leading Americans into harms way is grounds for a lawsuit.


Nebraska bill would place financial responsibility on refugee resettlement contractors

The Cologne Attacks: A Look at Europe’s Future

Understanding the Caliphate Curve

Obama Administration: Europe facing ‘existential threat’ from Muslim migration

These people have got to go!  Imagine this: Obama Secretary of State John Kerry is confirming what we all know: Europe is in very serious trouble as over a million migrants have flooded in over the last year because ‘leaders’ such as Germany’s Angela Merkel have welcomed them with open arms.

Secretary of State John Kerry with his Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard are the duo who are responsible for refugee resettlement in every one of our towns.

Obama is doing the same to America!

We have thousands upon thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children walking in to our country (or riding trains) and claiming asylum, refugee numbers have been increased (from countries that hate us!) and foreign workers are invited in by the hundreds of thousands to take Americans’ jobs, even Cubans (from a country supposedly now free!) are swarming in to the US from everywhere.

And, Kerry says the very same things (sans Cubans) pose an existential threat for Europe!  What about us?

Here is The Blaze yesterday:

Though just months ago President Barack Obama excoriated and mocked Republicans who oppose offering Syrian refugees resettlement in the U.S., Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday characterized the flood of refugees entering Europe as a “threat” of “near existential” proportions to the continent.

“The United States of America understands the near existential nature of this threat to the politics and fabric of life in Europe,” Kerry told the Munich Security Conference Saturday, according to the the State Department’s transcript of his remarks.

The top U.S. diplomat said that half of those trying to get into Europe aren’t even Syrian and that there’s “a whole industry” designed to move them over borders, echoing arguments made by those who want a more stringent vetting process before allowing migrants claiming to be Syrian refugees into the U.S.

“As we know, 50 percent of the people now knocking on the door of Europe — with a whole industry that’s been created to try to help move them and some very perverse politics in certain places that turns the dial up and down for political purposes — half of them now come from places other than Syria. Think about that — Pakistan, Bangladesh***, Afghanistan,” Kerry said. [We have admitted tens of thousands from those same countries to the US over the years—ed]

The secretary of state said that the “staggering humanitarian crisis” is posing “unprecedented challenges” and affecting “the social fabric of Europe.”

Yet, Kerry is so dense he doesn’t get-it that we see what is happening to Europe and DO NOT want it here!  

We want our social fabric left alone!

Continue reading.

People ask me all the time, what can I do to fight this—the invasion of America.

Not for the first time, I am going to beg someone to begin a blog or website about the Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery).  If you think refugee resettlement is outrageous you haven’t seen anything yet!

Every year we admit 50,000 new permanent residents to the US (through a lottery!) for the sole purpose of increasing our diversity!  

I’ve highlighted Bangladesh, which is now ineligible for the program because in a previous five year period over 50,000 Bangladeshis entered the US!  Bangladesh is a safe Muslim country.  These people are not refugees!

And, for goodness sake, if anyone you know (or a political candidate or elected official) says, “I am fine with legal immigration, just not illegal immigration,” then hit them upside the head! (figuratively).

These people have got to go!

If you are in one of the early primary states where the 2016 Presidential candidates are everywhere in your state, you MUST be hitting them on refugees and on immigration generally everywhere you find them!  Tell them we don’t want to be Europe!


The Cologne Attacks: A Look at Europe’s Future

Understanding the Caliphate Curve

Canada to resume financial support to a surrogate for terrorist organizations

For The Confused Media: A Dummy’s Guide To Immigration And Refugee Problems

By Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo –

With the Syrian (so-called) refugee crisis ubiquitous in the headlines, the media has found itself dealing with immigration issues on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, extreme confusion abounds.  The media’s total inability to draw basic distinctions regarding immigration to the United States, both legal and illegal is harming the public’s ability to digest this important topic.  Immigration terms are being thrown around print media, radio, and television that have no relation to the real facts or existing laws.

The following is the dummy’s guide to some of the most important distinctions regarding legal and illegal immigration to the United States.  It is sincerely hoped that this will help to end the erroneous reasons and multitude of excuses offered by the media on a daily, almost hourly, basis.

Legal Immigration


  • Visa Waiver Program: For travel and business purposes, this allows visitors to the United States from other specified countries to enter the country without obtaining a visa (based upon reciprocity). There were 38 Visa Waiver countries as of January 2009.  Applicants fill out an application via us.  (Note: Israel is not one of those 38 countries, yet Americans can enter Israel without obtaining a visa.)
  • Common Visas:
    • K1: For foreign fiancés of Americans. These visas are often abused by foreigners who seek citizenship, and will bribe “fiancés” whom they have no intention of marrying.
    • K-3: For foreign spouses of Americans.
    • H-1B: For skilled foreign workers. American employers must prove that the foreigner’s qualifications are not readily available domestically.
    • F and M: Academic/student visas. See below for common abuses of student visas.

Legal Immigrants

  • Green Cards: Holders of Green Cards must not be outside the United States for more than 5 months and 29 days per year. They must also have a legal record.  After five years, they are eligible to apply for citizenship.  At that time, they must also indicate all the countries they have visited in the previous five years.

Illegal Immigration

  • Border crossings: Today, the nation’s two borders (south and north) are equivalent to Swiss cheese. The Border Patrol has been handicapped by the Obama administration.  By definition, we know nothing (no names, no photos, no fingerprints) about illegal immigrants who cross our borders unannounced and unchallenged.  In the worst case scenario, an illegal immigrant who is caught inside the country will be ordered to leave within 15 days.  Against all logic, no check is applied to make sure that he does in fact leave!
    • If a person returns to the country illegally after being deported for previously entering illegally, by law that person has committed a felony and should be arrested, sentenced, and jailed.
  • Visa overstays: Other than border crossings, many foreigners are in the country illegally because they overstay their visas. For example, student visas are routinely abused in this manner.  Why?
    • After they are issued, there is no check to ensure that the student is enrolled at the college/university. They may never show up to begin with, or drop out after one, two, or three years.
    • After their study program is over, there is no check to ensure that they leave the country as expected.


Refugees should not be considered a part of the immigration system, legal or illegal.  The Refugee Resettlement program is administered by the federal government (U.S. Department of State) and the United Nations.  In the U.S., the program is managed by politically-connected NGO’s (including many who are connected to the Catholic Church), and who receive money per refugee they process.

  • Security screenings: The White House claims that each refugee goes through multiple levels of security screenings, including the FBI, DHS, and State Department. However, FBI Director James Comey has warned that “certain gaps” remain in the screening process.

Sanctuary Cities

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, “Across the U.S., there are 340 cities, counties, and states that are considered “sanctuary cities”.  These jurisdiction[s] protect criminal aliens from deportation by refusing to comply with ICE detainers or otherwise impede open communication and information exchanges between their employees or officers and federal immigration agents.”

In other words, these are cities, counties, and states where existing federal law is intentionally ignored by local authorities.  For a map of these places, click here.


The entry checks for immigrants are sophisticated (ten-finger prints, pictures, and names).  But there are no checks whatsoeverregarding their exit.  Therefore, it is impossible to provide accurate figures on overstays, illegal entries, etc.

The American immigration system is abused through both legal and illegal channels.  Because of the complexity of the issue, the media regularly confuses and/or conflates the problems associated with the system.  Despite the challenges and complexities, the laws already exist to enforce immigration and ensure the integrity of the system, and in turn keep Americans safe.  Special time and effort should be dedicated to develop and implement accurate and feasible exit procedures.

Have some fun at USA Spending.gov: $296 million went to Lutherans since Obama took office!

The other day I suggested that each and every one of you can be an investigative reporter, see that post by clicking here.

So here we are, a winter weekend, can’t do much outdoors, and maybe you aren’t into the Super Bowl, so how about having fun searching for how much of your hard earned tax dollars are going to charities—especially to ‘religious’ charities pretending to be doing the Lord’s work while spending your money!

USA Spending graphicI haven’t written about USA Spending.gov for awhile, so last night when a reader asked about a local Catholic Charity, I tried that government website again.  It is much improved because it now contains the sub-grants in addition to the amounts that are direct grants.  I think there was a grace period for grantees to get their information on sub-grants to USA Spending.gov, but they are there now.  (Here is a bit of information about how grantees need to be ready to provide sub-grant information.)

So back to the USA Spending.gov website I looked up the specific Catholic Charities my reader was interested in and was blown away when I saw the millions of dollars just one little local Catholic Charities was getting.

I then decided to just pick one of the nine federal refugee resettlement contractors (which have in the vicinity of 350 sub-grantees or sub-contractors), to see what the biggies were getting.  Here (below) is Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service which resettles refugees in your towns and cities and also agitates for amnesty for illegal aliens.

LIRS is lobbying (with your money!) as we speak for 100,000 Syrians to be admitted to the U.S. before Obama leaves office.

Prepare to be shocked!  Since August 2008, this one ‘religious’ non-profit received $296 MILLION dollars from you in 143 transactions with federal agencies.(And, I will bet you LIRS is not the wealthiest!)

Click here and see for yourself!  (Sorry the screenshot isn’t very clear!)

Screenshot (22)

I urge you all to try the website.  Unfortunately for PRO-Open Borders Catholic agencies, there are too many of them and they aren’t all in one place. So try your local Catholic Diocese first.  Then think of all the other non-profits that have their hands in your wallet and see how much and from where their grants are flowing.

They will all say they help the poor with your money, but I repeat, they are also lobbying for more (poor) migrants to be admitted to the US!  Our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves to see the federal treasury used in this way.

Then you must get the information you learn out to others beyond your circle. Maybe take your facts and write a letter to the editor. Ask to write an Op-ed for your local paper. Go on talk radio. Write a blog!  Send what you learn to your elected officials and ask why on earth they are giving your money to Open Borders Leftwing organizations masquerading as religious charities.

Come to think of it, where is the ACLU on the separation of church and state?

And, while you are there, be sure to see yesterday’s post about Marco Rubio and his fan boy Grover Norquist (or is it the other way around?).


Australian Immigration Minister proposing stricter standards for some Muslim refugees

Alabama governor gets on wrong side of CAIR with comments about refugees

European Nationalist Party Leaders: Mass Muslim migration greatest threat to Europe

More Invasion of Europe news….

French far right leader Marine Le Pen, left, and Firebrand Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders attend the press conference of the second day of a 2-day convention of European nationalists, in Milan, Italy, Friday, Jan. 29, 2016. The rally is being billed by organizers as the first congress of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group within the European Parliament, which was formed last year. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

Photo caption: French far right leader Marine Le Pen, left, and Firebrand Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders attend the press conference of the second day of a 2-day convention of European nationalists, in Milan, Italy, Friday, Jan. 29, 2016. The rally is being billed by organizers as the first congress of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group within the European Parliament, which was formed last year. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

The Associated Press reported yesterday on a meeting in Italy of Europe’s so-called “Far Right” parties.

Here is what AP reports (emphasis is mine):

MILAN (AP) — Sharing the stage with leaders of other European populist parties, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said Friday that Europe’s nationalist parties are ready to step in and clean up when European structures fail under current immigration and monetary policies.

Le Pen spoke at the end of the first meeting of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group within the European Parliament, which was formed last summer. The 36-member parliamentary group is the smallest in the European Parliament, but includes some parties gaining strength in the polls in their home countries.

At a news conference, Le Pen along with populist leaders from host Italy, the Netherlands and Austria expressed their common view that Europe’s borders must be closed to mass migration from the Middle East and Africa and said that sovereignty over such policies must be restored to nations. They cited both the threat of terrorism and the strain on budgets.


Also attending the Milan event Thursday and Friday were leaders of nationalist parties from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

Le Pen said the parties represented on the stage in Milan “are part of the future”….

Blankley book

Tony Blankley was prescient….

Tony Blankley, God rest his soul, predicted this in his 2005 book, ‘The West’s Last Chance.’  He said the day would come when famous nude statues across Europe would be covered so as not to insult Islam.

She (Le Pen) also said a decision by Italian officials to cover ancient statues depicting nude figures in deference to the visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was “ridiculous.”

More at AP here.

Click here for our complete archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe.’

See my previous post about angry Swedes taking revenge.


Swedes pushed to the brink, attack migrants in Stockholm

Montana update: Rally on Monday, February 1st as citizens protest refugee resettlement plans

Big business and Welcoming America working together to change your towns

German psychoanalyst: Mama Merkel is nuts!

More on Missoula County’s naive invitation to the UN/U.S. State Department Refugee Admissions Program

Some posts at ‘American Resistance 2016’ that might be of interest

Merkel is squirming, says refugees are in Germany only temporarily

2016 — A ‘Perilous Year’ for the U.S. and the World

2016 will be a perilous year for the U.S. and the World primarily because no leadership will be forthcoming from the U.S. during the remainder to the term of President Obama.

Iran is currently building and testing new ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads in violation of U.N. resolutions. The Obama administration promised to deliver to Congress a list of sanctions against Iran. Even though the sanctions were rather mild Iran objected and Obama postponed the sanctions indefinitely. These sanctions may be characterized as a new ‘Obama Red Line’ which he has breached. It is notice to Iran–Iran is no longer constrained by the nuclear agreement which in effect is only binding on Obama and has no legal force against Iran. Further it is notice to Iran that it can continue as the leading state sponsor of terrorism without fear of any action by the U.S.

It is no coincidence that Saudi Arabia, Bahrain (home to the U.S. fleet), Sudan The United Arab Eremites and Kuwait have broken relations with Iran following Obama’s feckless withdrawal of sanctions against Iran. Undoubtedly this was the last straw for Saudi Arabia and other Sunnis. They realize Obama has become the defender and supporter of Iran against U.S.’s former allies.

In effect Obama is trying to create Iran (a Shiite Persian country) as the strong horse in the region against the Arab Sunnis. Obama has picked the wrong horse as there are about one and a half billion Muslims 87% of which are Sunni and 13% Shiites. Added to this mix they see Obama favors Iran over Israel America’s only reliable ally in the region.

It is no wonder that Obama’s favored treatment of Iran over Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni nations has prevented Obama from creating an Arab Sunni coalition to fight ISIS. An effective coalition of Arabs to defeat ISIS must be postponed until Obama is no longer in office and a president that does not follow in Obama’s footsteps is elected.


U.S. Sanctions Delay Could Open Door for Iranian Weapons Violations

Iran’s Ballistic Missiles Are Actually a Huge Problem

Obama’s struggle against Netanyahu

The End of European Civilization?

Having visited Austria and Germany just months ago, and recalling the indescribable beauty of that part of the world and the cheerful, hard-working people who live there, it is hard to visualize the dark fate that awaits them in the weeks, months, and years ahead.  An October 26 article by Leo Hohmann for WorldNetDaily, describes the massive invasion of Muslim refugees flooding into Europe and the frantic attempt by locals to purchase guns in countries that have made it all but impossible to own a firearm.  It provides a chilling picture of things to come… not only in Europe, but in America as well.

In Austria, for example, where gun ownership is legal, the shops struggle to meet the demand.  Because the Muslim immigrants feel that European women are theirs for the taking because they appear in public provocatively dressed (by Muslim standards), most Austrian gun-buyers are women.  Across Europe, sexual assaults by Muslim men have become endemic and police officials refuse to describe the sexual holocaust for what it is for fear of agitating the Muslims.

European and American police and government officials need not worry any longer about when and where the first shots in the war to save western civilization will be fired.  Those shots were fired in the heart of Paris on an otherwise peaceful autumn evening in November 2015, and they were fired at a Christmas party in sunny San Bernardino, California on December 2, 2015.

In an article titled, Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive, author Matt Bracken provides a most chilling prediction of what the people of Europe have in store for them in the weeks and months ahead.  If Bracken is correct in his assessment… and I believe he is… what we will witness in the coming year will be, literally, the beginning of the end of European civilization.  He predicts a violent 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars.

Unless I am mistaken, Bracken may underestimate the horror of what is about to occur on the European continent.  During World War II, allied bombers targeted cities and towns that were home to a wide variety of industries critical to the German war effort, while units of infantry, armor, and artillery came behind, shelling strategically located towns and villages until German forces were driven out.  Many cities, towns, and villages across Germany escaped relatively unscathed.  The same will not be true during the coming Muslim holocaust.

Bracken points out that, right now, approximately a million new Muslim migrants… at least 75% of them men between the ages of 18 and 40… are struggling to find a warm place to sleep and something to eat.  None of the European countries have food or living quarters for that many cold and hungry people, so what will happen when the worst part of the European winter arrives with blizzards, high winds, and sub-zero temperatures?  Bracken speculates that, “When the snow is deep in Germany and across Europe, these men are going to enter local houses, demanding to be taken in as boarders… or else!  Where it is useful, small migrant children will be held up in front as human shields for their emotional blackmail value; elsewhere, they will be discarded.  One way or the other, Muslim migrants will be attempting to move into German homes and apartments seeking heat and food, and the young Muslim men will be seeking undefended infidel or kafir women to slake their lust (which is their right under Islamic law).”

To put the coming Muslim holocaust into perspective, Bracken uses as a yardstick the September 2004 school siege at Beslan, in the Russian Federation.  The siege began on September 1, 2004, when armed Chechen Muslims occupied a school in Beslan, taking 1,100 hostages, including 777 children.  Three days later, Russian security forces stormed the school with heavy weapons.  At least 385 hostages were killed, including 186 children.

As we sit before our Christmas trees and our fireplaces this Christmas season, surrounded by family and friends, it’s difficult to imagine the horrors that await the good people of Europe who’ve seen their Muslim population grow from 29 million to 55 million in the years between 1990 and 2013… before the massive invasion of Muslims in 2014 and 2015.  Bracken asks us to visualize not just one Beslan-style incursion by Muslim jihadists, but ten or twenty such atrocities occurring simultaneously all across Europe.

Already, in cities, towns, and villages, from Italy and Austria to Norway, Sweden, and Finland, we hear the anguished screams of women and young girls as they are gang-raped by bands of Muslim hijra invaders.   Such savagery will tear the hearts out of the male population of Europe until they decide that death is preferable to such humiliation.  Then, and only then, will they begin to fight back with all the ferocity they can muster.  Bracken predicts that this is what lies ahead for the people of Europe who have silently allowed their socialist governments to disarm them in the years since World War II.

So who is to save them from their all-but-certain fate… the United States?  Let us not forget, we have a political party in our country… the Democratic Party… which has a record of importing potential voters from abroad, no matter who and what they are, so long as they will ultimately vote Democratic.

According to U.S. government statistics, nearly 50,000 Muslim immigrants were granted permanent residency status in the United States in 1992.  By 2009, that number had increased to more than 115,000.  If current trends continue, by the year 2030 roughly 130,000 Muslims are expected to be granted permanent residency status in the United States annually.

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that, among likely Republican voters, 59% support a temporary ban on Muslim immigration until the federal government is able to develop a fail-safe method for screening out violent jihadists, while 82% of Democrats oppose such a ban.  Overall, party affiliation aside, only 36% of Americans favor such a ban, yet 60% feel that Obama’s handling of the terrorist threat has been a failure.

When European civilization is seriously challenged in the weeks and months ahead, those

numbers will likely change dramatically in favor of a ban on Muslim immigration.  While Democrats are quite sanguine about security matters, so long as someone else’s “ox is being gored,” even they exhibit a bit of common sense when their own lives and property are at stake.

As an indicator of how far the Democratic Party is out of touch with reality, a group of 123

Democrats have introduced HR 4269, titled The Assault Weapons Ban of 2015Introduced on December 16, 2015, the stated purpose of the bill is, “To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.”

This, of course, comes at a time when the people of Europe are scrambling to get their hands on weapons of any kind to protect themselves and their families from rampaging hordes of Islamic butchers and rapists.  At a time when the people of Europe will do almost anything to get their hands on weapons and ammunition, and the Obama administration conspires to import at least an additional 100,000 unvetted Muslim immigrants into the United States, Democrats continue their effort to disarm the American people.  When the Islamic holocaust of 2016 comes to full fruition and European civilization teeters on the brink, the gun control issue in the United States will be brought into sharp focus and the gun control zealots of the Democratic Party will finally be exposed for the fools they truly are.

Matt Bracken reminds us that the Vietnamese Tet Offensive of 1968 was carried out by just 80,000 Viet Cong fighters.  He asks us to consider the killing and the bloodshed that will occur at the hands of 800,000 well-armed muhajirs flooding into Europe, many of them intent upon killing as many non-believers as possible.  When asked by German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer, in a rare interview for Jewish News, if ISIS was prepared to kill every Shiite Muslim, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi scoffed, “150 million or 500 million, we don’t care; it’s only a technical problem for us.  We are ready to do that.”

The question is, are Europeans and Americans ready for an intra-Islamic genocide of that magnitude and the implications such savagery holds for the future of western civilization?  If ISIS considers the difference between killing 150 million or 500 million Shia to be a mere “technicality,” a matter of “scale,” how will the people of Europe handle a full-scale onslaught by such people?  In response, will they be willing to carpet-bomb major Islamic cities, much as Dresden was carpet-bombed during World War II?  Or are they simply too war weary from having two world wars fought on their soil to even defend themselves?

With an all-out, no-holds-barred effort by the civilized world… including an unlikely coalition comprised of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, China, Germany, and the rest of NATO, excluding Turkey… the forces that now comprise the Islamic State can be utterly destroyed.  But even if we are able to achieve that result, we must not allow ourselves to be deluded into thinking that this will be the end of the matter.  Even if the world of Islam is temporarily chastened by the loss of millions of their believers, they will lick their wounds for a few years and then they’ll be back with even greater force and bloodlust than before.

We in the west have just two options: 1) we must either find a way to bring about a massive reformation among the 1.6 billion Muslims of the world… a solution that is given little or no creative thought whatsoever in western nations, or 2) we must be prepared to defend ourselves against an unending onslaught of radical Islamists who wish to either convert us or kill us.  There are no other alternatives.

Given what we see as the near term future of Europe, we might wish to warn our European allies, “The last ones out of Europe, please turn out the lights.”

Refugees? Yeah Right — This Is Jihad With Boots On The Ground

Anyone who has ever deployed can tell you how hard it is to kiss your family goodbye. You kiss your wife and children counting the days until you return home. Why are these refugees just now leaving Syria and all at once. These refugees are not widows and orphans they are soldiers on deployment. They are soldiers deploying for war and this administration is providing housing, clothing, food, to those who are coming here to destroy us. If that’s not treason, then please tell us Feinstein what is. She sits on the intelligence committee, only proving to me she isn’t all that intelligent.

When a man flees his homeland, he brings his family with him. When a man deploys for war he kisses his family goodbye with no promise of returning home. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated every branch of our government while establishing command right here in our home. This is nothing more than a military deployment in disguise. The weapons they need are staged throughout the country to be handed out when they get here. This administration was unable or unwilling to protect our embassy so I have no confidence they can protect this country. Corruption in Government has gone on for centuries and must stop. Washington I am sending you a message that each of you had better read.

You better stop worrying about your careers and start focusing on the life of this country.

Anyone who knowingly gives aid and comfort to the enemy is a traitor and should be arrested. If they are not stopped, there will be no election.  Unlike some voters you have to be alive for a vote.

If you’re afraid of these traitors then you are no leader we need. This country needs someone who knows how to fight and not worry about hurting feelings when making decisions to get that done. Most of you are so concerned with your image you’re to blind to see the evil in front of your face. Incompetence or blackmail will be no excuse for your failures because failure is not an option. This is not about politics, it’s’ about life and the future of this country. The choice is yours and you better start doing your freaking jobs today or pack a box and resign tomorrow.

God bless America and I pray you each make the right decision,

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the DC Gazette.

Where Trump is Wrong on Muslim Immigration

Donald Trump proved again why he’s the man the Establishment loves to hate, suggesting early last week that we ban Muslim immigration “until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” In response, the powers-that-be, fearing becoming the powers-that-were, have roundly condemned him, in one case saying he should “go to hell.” And I could fault Trump, too:

  1. His proposal doesn’t go far enough.
  2. We should halt all immigration, as I’ve recommended for years.
  3. Yet in the least and as Trump suggests, Muslim immigration should be suspended immediately.

The apocryphal saying informs, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” America has become balkanized. People are now hyphenated, not assimilated; Americans are being displaced by foreign workers; we’re pressing one for English; political ethnic and racial warfare is the norm; and we’re so fractured, not merely divided, that all the Establishment can do to justify the insanity is repeat the Big Lie, “Our strength lies in our diversity,” a proposition for which there’s no proof whatsoever.

How’s that immigrationism workin’ for ya’?

“Immigrationism,” mind you, is the belief that immigration is always beneficial, always necessary and must be the one constant in an ever-changing universe of policy. Hope and change? Not when it comes to immigration.

In fact, despite our descent into national disunity, the Establishment insists on yet more immigration. It doesn’t matter that 1965’s Immigration Reform and Nationality Act created a situation in which 85 percent of our immigrants now hail from the Third World and Asia. It doesn’t matter that the historical norm is to keep unassimilable foreign elements out of your land, not invite them in. Those who recommend even a temporary return to this norm must be called names. Racist! Fascist! Hitler! Immigration über alles!

And who is the radical here?

The case of Muslim immigration is particularly interesting. As I pointed out in an airtight defense of profiling, “‘Muslim’ is now the most relevant factor in the terrorist profile.” This is a fact. It may be an uncomfortable fact for multiculturalists, immigrationists and internationalists, but a fact doesn’t cease to be a fact because it becomes unfashionable.

Speaking of the fashion-makers and nation-breakers, in late August CNN called the 1970s “the golden age of terrorism,” pointing out that there were more terrorist acts during that decade than in the 14 years following 9/11 (of course, the 14 years following 9/10 aren’t quite as reassuring). The message was clear: there’s nothing to see here with Muslim terrorism. Move along.

Except for more than one thing. The ‘70s terrorists CNN cited — such as the Weather Underground, Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and anti-Vietnam War protesters — were never going to be anything but flashes in the ideological pan. Islam has been around, continually attended by jihad, for 1400 years. Even more to the point here, however, let’s say we knew that certain groups of foreigners shared the SLA’s or other terrorist groups’ ideology. Would it have been a good idea to let them immigrate to the U.S.? Even if the particular foreigners hadn’t yet committed violence, allowing them entry would have been criminal negligence at best on public officials’ part — treason at worst.

And, today, treason is the Establishment norm. For proposing a common-sense measure to protect the homeland, Trump (and by extension his millions of supporters) has been called “fascist.” But targeted immigration controls are nothing new in America. From 1924 until 1965, immigration was governed by the National Origins Act, which mandated that a given group of immigrants couldn’t represent a higher percentage of a year’s total immigrants than its group’s overall percentage of the U.S. population. This not only secured demographic stability and preserved nationhood, but as Pat Buchanan recently put it, ensured that ours would “remain a nation whose primary religious and ethnic ties were to Europe, not Africa or Asia.” Buchanan then continued, “Under FDR, Truman and JFK, this was the law of the land. Did this represent 40 years of fascism? …[And] Japan has no immigration from the Muslim world, nor does Israel, which declares itself a Jewish state. Are they also fascistic?”

Note also that fascism founding father Benito Mussolini (the ideology originated in Italy) defined fascism thus: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Does this better describe Trump and his traditionalist brethren or statists who want to import people who’ll support all-encompassing government (70 to 90 percent of our new immigrants vote for socialistic Democrats upon being naturalized)? This, not to mention that Adolf Hitler was quite the fan of Islam — and that some Muslim figures have returned that affection.

As for Muslim immigration, here are some more facts:

  • Da’esh (ISIS) has revealed that it’s using the “refugee” program to sneak refujihadis into the West.
  • Intelligence officials including the FBI director, the Greek government, a N.Y.C. Syrian community leader and others have warned that the migrants billed as “Syrian” entering our nation cannot be vetted.
  • This is because Syria doesn’t have the necessary information databases for vetting and because in Syria, you can bribe public officials and obtain government documents stating you’re whoever you want to be.

Conclusion: terrorists are, without a doubt, intermingled among our Muslim im/migrants.

Given this, who, again, are the radicals? Trump and others who propose a common-sense national-security measure? Or those who’d do the same insane thing over and over again?

As for the bigger picture, I’m aware of no historical example of large numbers of Muslims ever assimilating into a non-Muslim culture. Moreover, studies have shown that younger Muslims in Europe are more jihadist-minded than their elders, meaning that we’re unlikely to see the first example of it anytime soon. Not surprisingly, Western European nations now have Muslim enclaves known as “no-go zones,” where the enforcement of European civil law is spotty at best. And the same lslamist mentality may be evident in the U.S., with a recent poll showing that a slim majority of Muslims prefer Sharia law to American civil law and that nearly 25 percent agree that it “is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam.”

Pat Buchanan added even more perspective, writing, “In nations where Muslims are already huge majorities, where are the Jews? Where have all the Christians gone? With ethnic and sectarian wars raging in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria and Somalia, why would we bring into our own country people from all sides of these murderous conflicts?”

Why, indeed, especially since there is already a “genuine problem with Muslims in Europe.”  This quoted sentiment, please note, wasn’t expressed by Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orbán or Geert Wilders, but by one Dr. Mudar Zahran. A Jordanian opposition leader, self-described “devout Muslim” and a refugee living in Europe, he called the current Muslim migrant crisis “the soft Islamic conquest of the West” in an October interview. Zahran also said of the migration, “You read Arab magazines and Arab newspapers; they are talking about, ‘Good job! Now we’re going to conquest [sic] Europe.’ So it’s not even a secret.”

The aforementioned are all good reasons to halt Muslim immigration. And where are the good arguments to continue it at this time?

Foreigners have no inherent right to immigrate to our country.  And an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If in future we determine that Muslim immigration offers unparalleled benefits, it can always be resumed. But once an alien nation within your nation is established, only desperate measures can provide remedy, if the matter is remediable at all. Trump has been called an unserious candidate given to name-calling by the very people now hurling names, as they throw tantrums and react to a most serious issue in a most unserious way. They claim to not want another Fort Hood or San Bernardino, but then propose that the desired different result can be achieved by doing the same thing over and over again.

They’re not just radical. They’re radically insane.

EDITORS NOTE: Contact Selwyn Duke, follow him on Twitter or log on to SelwynDuke.com

VIDEO: Terrorist Supporter Nihad Awad attacks Trump’s call for banning Muslim Migration to U.S.

CAIR’s Nihad Awad has a problem with Donald Trump’s statement on no more Muslim immigration to the U.S.

But Awad has no problem supporting the designated TERRORIST group HAMAS!


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U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul use the “M” word! MORATORIUM! Trump follows with ban!

Be still my beating heart!  There it is, out there—the M-word!  Several of them in fact!  Moratorium on Muslim Migration!


I started to write this post yesterday, then spent the day running out to the doctor (nothing is fast with doctors these days, have you noticed that) and as I’m trying to read news on my phone, the Cruz and Paul news was eclipsed by The Donald news when he jumped on the bandwagon.

However, all of the news reports I was reading and hearing claimed Donald Trump was alone in his call for a ban on Muslim migration to America.  He was actually the third Presidential candidate to make that call. Trump called it a “ban,” but that sounds like moratorium to me.

This is what I started to write about yesterday from Julia Hahn at Breitbart.   She has Senator Cruz uttering the word and I heard Senator Paul say it on Fox News yesterday morning!

trump paul cruz ap ap reuters

Presidential candidates Sens. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are demanding a halt to immigration from Muslim nations with jihadist movements.

Their fellow contender, Sen. Marco Rubio, did not call for curbs to Muslim immigration in his live response to the President address on Fox News – a response promoted by Rubio’s campaign.

Cruz tweeted that if elected president, “I will shut down the broken immigration system that is letting jihadists into our country.” Cruz elaborated in a statement:

The President should place an immediate moratorium on refugees from countries with a significant al Qaeda or ISIS presence, such as Syria. I’ve introduced legislation to make this happen; it is not a desired step, but a necessary step for the security of the United States.

Similarly, Rand Paul tweeted, “While ‪@POTUS paid lip service to this fight, he plans to keep failed rules in place & allow tens of thousands of refugees to enter the US.”

“Immigration visas & refugees from countries with active terror networks must be halted while we determine how to better secure our borders,” Paul in a separate tweet. “His administration is focused on gun laws that won’t stop terrorists while pushing policies that will let more of them in the country,” Paul wrote.

Continue reading here.

Go here to see the ten Senators who might be counted on to support these calls.

Action Alert!  It is not too late, go here and follow instructions to call Congress today!  Stopping the funding for refugee resettlement is the surest way to get the job done immediately!  Details can be worked out once the money is cut off!  If they can cut off the visas too, more power to them!


Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Dick Cheney don’t get it! Bring in the Muslims!

Homeland Security Committee Chairman McCaul: ISIS has tried to infiltrate refugee stream to U.S.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz is by AP/John Locher/Reuters/Carlos Barria/Photo montage by Salon.

Senator Jeff Sessions leads the charge to cut funds for refugee resettlement

Go here for all the latest on the House side where blogger Richard Falknor is tracking it at Blue Ridge Forum.

Here is the news yesterday at World Net Daily from reporter Leo Hohmann with a catchy title:

New date that will live in infamy: December 11′

Despite all the tough talk by Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP leaders in Congress about Syrian refugees and the need for better screening, the true intent of those leaders will be laid bare on Dec. 11.

That’s the day that a catch-all “omnibus” budget bill is scheduled to be voted on in the House.

In that bill there is expected to be full funding of President Obama’s refugee resettlement program, which costs $1.2 billion annually to bring in 85,000 refugees from more than two dozen countries around the world. About half of them will come from countries with active jihadist movements including 10,000 from Syria, about 8,000 from Somalia, nearly 10,000 from Iraq, and several thousand more from Burma, Uzbekistan, Bosnia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan.

The United Nations will choose which refugees from what countries get to come to America at the U.S. taxpayer’s expense. The nationalities of these refugees will be concealed in most cases until after they arrive in the more than 180 cities and towns across the U.S.

The House passed a bill, the America SAFE Act, by a lopsided vote two weeks ago that calls for a “pause” in the resettlements until the White House can provide certain assurances that the refugees have been properly vetted.

But that’s a smokescreen as the SAFE Act won’t stop a single refugee from arriving in any of those 180 cities, says Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who is chairman of the Senate’s subcommittee on immigration and the national interest.

Continue reading here.

Go here for Sessions’ statement yesterday.

This is critically important!  The other side is organized and working hard (here, here and here) as this is the closest they have ever come to having their agenda to change America threatened!

Action Alert:  Call your members of the House and Senate at 202-224-3121 and ask them to vigorously oppose the Refugee Resettlement funding contained in the Omnibus Spending Bill that will be voted on by 12-11-15! Please call by this Friday, Dec. 4th.


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