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Multi-billionaire v. Multi-billionaire: Who will win?

Mike Fernandez is the multi billionaire founder of MBF Healthcare Partners, which is a private equity firm in Florida.

He lives in my home state and perhaps for good reason not just because he came here as a Cuban immigrant. It is a state on a track for an economic boom in housing and job growth.

Florida is flourishing and thriving and also recovering from the Obama – Charlie Crist era of brimstone and hail currently still being launched from the Mosque in Washington D.C., 5 times a day.

Thanks to Governor Rick Scott’s business sense and capitalist ideology businesses are flooding to the sunshine state with their capitalist cash flow. He, like Donald Trump are capitalists who surround themselves with very smart people who get things done and create jobs.

Mike Fernandez came to Florida after immigrating from Cuba in 1964 at the age of 12. He owns the 4,000 acre Little River Plantation and 25,000 acres of property in Alabama.

His charity work includes a family foundation that has given away tens of millions of dollars. He is a good man when it comes to philanthropy.

His political mindset on the other hand is way off in left field. Perhaps deep down inside he is a left-winger and stays in the closet.

He calls himself a conservative yet he backs Obama’s unconstitutional opening of diplomatic relations with Communist Cuba (Still not approved by the U.S. Congress) while his fellow Cubans still rot in jails for their beliefs not so much for their crimes.

Mr. Hernandez is so upset at the Republican majority who are behind Mr. Trump and not his man- cub Jeb Bush he is almost on his last wits end.

Remember Jeb is the guy trying to federalize our schools across the nation in step with Obama’s Common Core UN ideology.

Mr. Hernandez was also an early supporter of Mitt Romney. Mitt is the guy that laid the ground work for Obama care in Massachusetts. Follow the money. Mr. Hernandez is a health care magnate!

Mr. Hernandez is now running front page ads against Mr. Trump. Its a billionaire verses a billionaire. A match up in the political ring.

Mr. Trump just shrugs his shoulders and looks at his lead in the polls. He is not going to waste money paying for ads in newspapers to feed the Obama stenographers in the liberal media.

Who will win? I say Mr. Trump will win.

Mr. Hernandez compares Mr. Trump to Hitler and Mussolini and other nefarious characters in our history but excludes Fidel Castro from the line up. That my friends is unusual.

Castro is an enemy of freedom and perhaps Mr. Hernandez still has an affiliation with his cause. Just my opinion.

Why he even stated if given a choice we would vote for Hillary Clinton over Mr. Trump. Hillary.

Hillary got an ambassador, 2 Navy SEALs and an aid killed then his boy Jeb presented Hillary a Freedom Medal on the eve of that event. A slap in the face to freedom.

Perhaps Hilary was trying to cover up Obama’s gun running operation from Libya to his Islamic State army in Syria.

I am assuming Hillary can still operate as a president from a federal prison after she is jailed for using an insecure server to handle and transmit Top Secret information regarding the National Security of this nation.

Maybe she will just get away with a heavy fine and lose her security clearance. How does one perform one’s duties as the Commander-in-Chief without a security clearance?

If Mr. Hernandez is now behind Hillary because his boy is 30 points behind Mr. Trump perhaps he should send her some of his capital. Perhaps a pay pal transmission through her foundation. Mix it in with some of that Saudi money.

Mr. Fernandez may have the cash but Mr. Fernandez is too thin skinned for politics and should continue to stick to his philanthropic work which we salute. Great job.

He could not even handle a little jiving from some of Rick Scott’s superstars so he departed ways from Governor Scotts massive success bringing I am assuming his ball with him.

Mr. Trump cannot be bought, he cannot be influenced by corporate money, nobody owns him and he will be elected the next President of the United States. He will make America great again.

I wish Mr. Hernandez well and look forward to seeing his face when Mr. Trump gets sworn in on January 20th 2017.