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The Republicans Keep Communist Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Employed

Once again the do nothing Republican/Democrat waste of tax payer money Uni-Party have failed the American people as they continue to permit the illegal immigrant invasion of our republic.

This massive invading force of criminal foreign nationals is led by installed Marxist President Joe Biden and his team of criminal administrators like Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The Republican led congress failed to remove this treasonous cockroach via impeachment on January 6th 2024 with all Communist democrats keeping him gainfully employed with the support of four turncoat republicans.

The final vote was 214-216 with four bottom feeding Republican Ken Buck (CO), Mike Gallagher (WI), Tom McClintock (CA) and Blake Moore (UT) are worms defecting against our republic joining all the Communist Democrats, including 3 from Texas, in blocking his removal from office.

The initial vote was 215-215 before another weak useless Republican turncoat switched to vote against the impeachment.

The fact that the Homeland Security Chief has blood on his hands with his intentional actions to keep our borders wide open was of no concern to these four turn coat bottom feeding Republicans, Ken Buck of socialist Colorado, Tom McClintock of Communist California and Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson announced the resolution had failed, to cheers and salutations from Communist Democrats who continue to support the internal collapse of our nation by these illegal immigrant criminals.

The Cloward-Piven Communist strategy is in full gear with the four steps of this welfare revolution being slowly implemented to totally overwhelm local state governance with the goal of giving everyone a federally guaranteed income and install a socialist government.

The Republican Party is complicit in this unconstitutional attack on our free market capitalist economy and sovereignty and in my opinion former former President Donald Trump is probably the only last hope we have in defeating these evil people vice a full blown armed second American revolution.

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