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Letter from J6 Prisoner Chris Quaglin Outlining His Mistreatment by the Feds

This can’t be the United States of America that I love — this is just one example of the kind of terrible in-justice and mistreatment J6 political prisoners have endured.

Sounds more like Stalin’s Secret Police and Gulag than any kind of justice.

J6 Political Prisoner Writes Letter to The Gateway Pundit and MAGA Nation on Day of His

Chris Quaglin attended the January 6, 2021, rally for justice and free elections in Washington DC in support of President Donald Trump.

Following the massive rally with approximately one million patriots, Chris went to the US Capitol. After police fired on protesters without warning, Chris is accused of shouting at officers and getting involved in a physical altercation with one officer.

For this, Chris was later arrested and held in prison for over three years now where he has been horribly abused by his government.

Since his arrest he has been shipped off to seven different jails, tortured by guards, beaten by gang members, been refused necessary medical treatment for months and housed in solitary confinement for weeks at a time for simply requesting he be provided proper food in compliance with his life sustaining, medically required diet.

[ … ]

Chris Quaglin writes:

For three years, all I wanted were a couple things: I wanted a diet that was celiac-safe, and a place that followed the federal guidelines. For three years, I have been denied all of the above. For three years, I have been denied a medically needed, celiac-safe diet. Multiple lawyers have told you about this on the record, Judge. There have been dozens of newspaper articles about this. It took two years to put a court mandated diet on the record. Meanwhile, some asshole who paints his face and wears a Viking helmet on January 6th, gets a court mandated diet within a week because he calls himself a shaman. Still today I’m being denied a safe diet. I might add my mother can’t be here today, because she is still recovering from cancer surgery, where she had half of her stomach, her colon, her small intestine and others removed. Then she had to go through months of chemotherapy. Meanwhile, I had a habeas corpus hearing where Northern Neck Regional Jail swore I didn’t even have Celiac Sprue. I have blood results since way before my incarceration on the record. I have proof I have been diagnosed 25 years ago. Yet, I have had to spend well over $20,000 in commissary just so I don’t break my diet as much and wind up with half my innards removed because of a cancer that shows up in 10 years, like my mother. I might add that you dismissed the habeas corpus without allowing me to add any grievances or even testify.

Thanks for that, Judge. I greatly appreciate it. Well, those hundreds of grievances are on the record now.

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