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Hostages Kidnapped by Hamas Climbs to 245 as German and British Police Seen Tearing Down Posters of the Missing

IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari says the military has so far notified the families of 240 hostages that their loved ones are being held in the Gaza Strip, upping the number of confirmed people who were abducted on October 7 to at least 245.

New videos on X and photos published by the DailyMail.com show German and British police officers destroying posters of Jews kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.

This is bowing to the tenants of Islamists like Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and the Mullas of Iran.

Fury as Met Police officers pull down posters of kidnapped Israeli children in London

By Summer Goodkind and Natasha Anderson, 31 October 2023


A furious row has broken out after Metropolitan Police officers were filmed pulling down posters of Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas during the terror group’s barbaric October 7 attack.

Two officers stripped the outside of Cullimore Chemist in Edgware, North London of flyers of the missing innocents after receiving calls from residents concerned about tension within the community.

Some locals in the area, which is home to a sizeable Jewish community, have slammed the officers over their ‘disgusting actions’. But the Met has insisted they were merely taking steps to ‘stop issues escalating’ and to ‘avoid community tension’.

In a statement, the force said that the missing posters were hung in ‘retaliation’ for comments about the Israel-Hamas war – including branding Israel and the IDF as ‘filthy animals’ – that were posted online by an alleged member of the chemist’s staff. Police said a print of out the remarks was also hung outside the shop.

Officers removed the posters and the comments because they have a ‘responsibility to take reasonable steps to stop issues escalating and to avoid any further increase in community tension,’ the force said.

Investigators are also reviewing the alleged staff member’s social media post for possible offences.

The controversy comes as the Met has come under fire for failing to clampdown on Islamism and extremism at pro-Palestine protests on the streets of London. Last weekend, protesters were seen carrying effigies of dead babies, and earlier this month extremists led a rally calling for ‘jihad’.

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