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The Muslim Vote May Have Helped Secure Democratic Party Control Of The Senate

82% of Muslims Are Registered Voters.

One of the many important data points from Ben Baird’s survey of Islamist successes in the election at Islamism.news.

Registered Muslim voters rose from 60 percent of the total adult Muslim population in 2016, to 82 percent in 2022. During the 2020 presidential race, which broke records for voter turnout in the 21st century, 71 percent of eligible Muslim voters cast a ballot, up from 59 percent in 2016 and 4 points higher than the national average.

Baird digs into the scale and scope of the election operation. The post-9/11 has seen record-breaking Muslim migration to America. The Muslim Brotherhood front groups that were not broken up after the attacks went on to form second and third-generation platforms that are entwined with the Left and sometimes rival them for sheer complexity. These organizations increasingly focus on not influencing politicians, but directly influencing the outcome of elections.

The Muslim vote may have decided the winner of key congressional and statewide races during the 2022 midterm elections and even helped secure Democratic Party control of the Senate…

a record-breaking 89 Muslim Americans – including more than a few apparent Islamists – were elected or re-elected in 2022 to offices ranging from school boards and state legislatures to U.S.

These are not just random Muslim people running for things, they’re products of the Islamist machine.

 In Ohio, State Rep.-elect Munira Abdullahi has not yet quit her day job with the Muslim American Society, which the United Arab Emirates designated as a terrorist organization in 2014, thanks to its status as the American branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Re-elected in Iowa, State Rep. Ako Abdul Samad (D) has served since 2015 as chairman of the American Muslim Alliance, an Islamic civic organization so virulently anti-Semitic that Hillary Clinton was obliged to return a $50,000 AMA donation meant to fund her 2000 Senate bid. Additionally, State Reps. Mauree Turner (D-OK) and Ruwa Romman (D-GA) are CAIR board members, and at least a couple candidates are alumni of Students for Justice in Palestine, a campus club which uses violence and intimidation to harass Jewish students and further an anti-Israel agenda.

There’s a good deal of important information in Baird’s article. It’s also likely to be ignored because few people want to hear about the Jihad anymore, especially when it’s happening more quietly and behind the scenes. Republicans are pivoting toward once again pursuing the Muslim vote. Some like Christie were notorious for their Islamist pandering already. In the wake of the Dearborn school protests, the machine for rebranding a pivot toward Islamism as a conservative cause is already there.

America is continuing on the path to becoming the new Europe in this way along with many others. If we want to know what the price for that looks like, we just need to look to Europe.



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