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California: Islamic scholar says ‘if the Quran says that the Earth is flat, then it has to be flat’

“He has fashioned the earth a bed for you…” (Qur’an 2:22)

“Until, when he reached the setting-place of the sun, he found it setting in a spring of muddy water, and found a people nearby.” (Qur’an 18:86)

“And Allah has made the earth a carpet for you…” (Qur’an 71:19)

The original video has been taken down from the Muslim Community Center – MCC East Bay YouTube page.

California Islamic Scholar Dr. Ali Ataie: Earth Is Flat, Moon Landings Were Fake, 94% Of Astronauts Are Freemasons, As Is Neil DeGrasse Tyson; You Believe In Gravity, I Believe In God

MEMRI, June 10, 2023:

Dr. Ali Ataie, who is an Islamic scholar and a professor at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, CA said at the Muslim Community Center in the San Francisco Bay Area that there is a “growing” flat-earther “movement” among the scientific community, and he said that footage that the footage of astronauts in space was visibly filmed in a pool. He questioned how there can be seas and oceans if the Earth is spherical, and he said that Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity is bogus, referring to him as a Freemason and an occultists. He also said that if the Quran says that the Earth is flat, it therefore must be flat. In addition, he claimed that nobody has ever seen the dark side of the moon because the moon is a light and not a spherical object, and he said that the overwhelming majority of astronauts are Freemasons. He also said that American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is a Freemason. The lecture was part of a series of lectures about “Quranic Science” and it was uploaded to the YouTube account of the Muslim Community Center – MCC East Bay on June 10, 2023.

Dr. Ali Ataie: “Geocentrism is that the earth is stationary and that the heavenly bodies are revolving around the Earth. Nowadays, if you even suggest something like that, you will be crucified, basically. Not only that… There is a growing movement nowadays – this is not just among Christians, this is in scientific community – [who say] that the Earth is actually a plane, that it is a flat plane, that it is not globular, and it is stationary. This is a very popular movement now.”


Audience member: “But all the astronauts, who have gone up to the space stations and all that, they say it is round.”

Ataie: “Oh yeah, that’s what they say, but we haven’t seen a picture. I mean, we have these images of astronauts working in the space stations, with the Earth in the background, but look at the Earth, there are no satellites, which there are supposed to be 20,000 satellites – you don’t see a single one. You don’t see a single plane anywhere. And every so often in one of their videos, you will see bubbles come up, which means they are in a pool, in front of a green screen, and you can find these videos.

“So how does water convex itself? So if the Earth is round, water can bend itself. Can I do that, can I conduct that experiment? I can certainly pour water into a container and the water will take the shape of the container, but I am not talking about that. I am talking about pouring water out and making it into a convex sculpture, without it… Because water always finds a level.”

Audience member: “But it is the gravity, which is keeping it…”

Ataie: “That’s the whole answer, it is the catch-all, it is gravity. It’s gravity, don’t worry about it, it’s gravity… So people in Australia are walking upside down, and trillions of tons of water are sticking to the Earth upside down, because of gravity, but a bird flying over the ocean… So gravity is strong enough that it holds all this water, but just weak enough that a bird can fly over the ocean or a fish to swim through that water. So it’s very strange. A fickle thing gravity is.


“Sir Isaac Newton – a knighted Freemason, occultist – sitting around, an apple falls on him, [saying]: ‘Oh there is gravity, what an epiphany!’ No, it is called relative density. Initially this sounds like a totally ridiculous notion, right? But those who make this argument are saying that there is scientific backing for it, and that the vast majority of opinions of human beings throughout history, is that the earth is geocentric.


“You believe in gravity, I believe in God.


“Because if we are definitive on things… And I think it is a great wisdom that Allah doesn’t give us definitive answers, because the scientific community keeps changing their minds. So if we believe that the Quran is correct, even if the Quran says that the Earth is flat, then it has to be flat. And for 2000 years people are ridiculing the Muslims, saying: ‘You guys are barbarians, you are crazy, it is not flat.’ Then in 2000 years later they say, ‘Oh yeah, it’s flat.’


“Also another thing about the moon is that you never see the dark side of the moon. You never see the backside of the moon. So if it is orbiting, why don’t we ever see the backside? All it does is go like this… It just rotates like that, it never turns… There is not backside, it is a light, it is translucent. You can’t land on something like that.”

Audience member: “But then you don’t believe they landed on the moon.”

Ataie: “How do you get through the Van Allen Radiation Belts? Even right now, if you talk to modern scientists, and say: ‘What is the biggest challenge with space travel?’ We can’t even get out of low Earth orbit, 200 miles away from Earth, and they have massive radiation belts, we have to figure that out. This is 50 years after six moon landings? They can’t go 200 miles off the Earth, but 50 years ago, they went 500,000 miles round-trip, six times. You know, $19 billion they fleeced from the American public.


“Five hundred and fifty or so astronauts have been up in space – [of them] 94% or something are Freemasons, the secret society. It’s a fact, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, the first men on the moon [are] 33rd degree Masons. This is a fact. And secret societies keep secrets.

“Do you know Neil deGrasse Tyson? Have you ever heard of this guy? Also a Mason, he is sort of the go-to-guy of the modern scientific world.


“That is just what they said, ‘we found 70 planets, and they’re just like Earth…’ Sure they did… I don’t think so…”


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