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Epic Meltdown by Muslim Fitnaphobe Dr. Kevin Barrett

Hold on folks and get ready to hear some X-Rated language by a Muslim scholar who HATES me and The United West. This is quite ironic because it is usually the Muslims who accuse us of being hating “Islamophobes.”

Well, you can judge for yourself which side the Muslim Dr. Kevin Barrett or me, a Christian, exhibits professionalism and respect for the other.

So the question is simple, does the doctrine of Islam allows Muslims to act as Mr. Barrett does or is Mr. Barrett simply a nut-case psycho? These and other penetrating questions will be addressed by me and the other Muslim on the show, Chris “Isa” Hodge.

EDITORS NOTE: Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Muslim exhibits classic Fitnaphobic behaviors. Barrett is not a nut-case psycho, he is attacking Tom Trento to stop the Fitna (resistance to Islam and shariah laws).

His use of dirty language shows the anger and frustration of individual Fitnaphobes as they combat (wage jihad) those who tell the truth about Islam. It is brutally refreshing to see someone who is doing the will of Allah by slaughtering the Christian Trento using verbal abuse and bullying.

Fitnaphobes like Barrett do not want peaceful dialogue, they want to dominate first the dialogue then the world.