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The Biden Perpetual Emergency Coup

What does a president do when he can’t get Congress to pass anything?

  1. Sign executive orders
  2. Go on a foreign trip
  3. Give speeches
  4. Declare an emergency

Lefties are pressuring Biden to declare “emergencies” over abortion and the environment. Trying to sideline two of the branches of government with emergency decrees is a hallmark of tyranny. Biden tried to get his policies through both branches and failed. Seizing emergency powers when you fail legislatively is a coup.

So far we’ve got a “National Climate Emergency” and an abortion “National Health Emergency”.

The only emergency here is the one Dems and their media keep pushing, an “attack on democracy” or, more accurately, the Republic.

We have a Constitution and three branches of government with checks and balances. Biden is a particularly poor fit to play Caesar. If the American voters want a legislature that will turn abortion into law or force them to pay twice as much for gas and energy, they can vote one in. And they’ll shortly have the chance to do so.

(And considering how badly some Senate GOP celebrity nominees like Oz, Walker, Vance, are performing and the risk of another Thiel Facebook pick, Blake Masters in Arizona, they may get the chance.)

But the Democrats don’t want to risk elections. They want to seize and wield power through one man. And then everything becomes an emergency.

Want to pass higher taxes, declare an emergency. Want to mandate bike lanes everywhere? Declare a National Bike Emergency.

That’s a coup emergency.


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