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Florida Federation of Republican Women Launches Aggressive 2016 Legislative Advocacy Program

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Federation of Republican Women has launched an aggressive legislative program to give a voice and action to responsible women across Florida.

“Our members want to clarify that the liberal League of Women Voters does not speak for us at the ballot box or at the Florida Legislature,” said Dena Decamp FFRW president.

“Women want jobs and to create businesses in a friendly atmosphere free of burdensome regulations and high taxes. Women want opportunity and safety for themselves and their families. We have long advocated for education excellence, smaller government at the state and national level, support for Veterans and abuse prevention of children, adults, and animals. In 2016, are again putting a strong voice to those efforts,” said DeCamp.

The 2016 FFRW legislation advocacy program will focus on issues such as preventing human trafficking, animal cruelty, abuse of Florida’s elderly and vulnerable adults, reducing small business rental rates, and boycotting companies that boycott Israel.

“As charity begins at home, legislative action begins at the grassroots level. Our members represent the political grassroots in counties across this state,” said DeCamp. The Florida Federation of Republican Women is composed of 50 county organizations and thousands of women volunteers in Florida.

DeCamp went on to say that the members of her organization, in addition to legislative advocacy, will reprise their leadership roles to work in tandem with the GOP to elect officials at every level to stamp out the over-reach of the Federal government in Florida.



The Florida Federation of Republican Women (FFRW) was chartered in 1950 and is comprised of  over 50 clubs throughout the state that share our goals and ideals. We are affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), a grassroots organization of around 100,000  women throughout the country who support Republican candidates and issues at all levels of government.

FFRW nurtures a powerful network of women in both large cities and small communities who produce results in elections.

We commit ourselves to advancing the participation of Republican Women in all areas of the political system and are dedicated to encouraging and empowering women of all ages and backgrounds.  Our goal is strengthening the Republican Party and working to influence the crucial issues that face our communities, state, and nation.  Learn more by clicking here.