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Why everyone should care about today’s elections in France

Sunday’s election has the potential to neutralize globalist President Emmanuel Macron, who is itching to escalate the West’s raging proxy war against Russia.

The U.S. and its NATO allies have displayed a remarkable level of recklessness by trying to provoke the world’s biggest nuclear power, Russia, into a World War III scenario. It should be obvious in 2024 that it’s impossible to defeat a nuclear-armed power like Russia in a conventional war. At the very moment such a country feels like its existence is threatened, it has every incentive to launch its nuclear warheads at the source of the threat. And, yet, we see Washington and its allies sending long-range weapons to Ukraine and telling the Ukrainians it’s OK to use them to strike deep inside Russia. What do they think the outcome of such a policy will be? Of course, they are not stupid. They know they are risking World War III and a nuclear exchange that will kill us all but they are so desperate to preserve the Western-dominated liberal world order that they don’t care if they lose 70-90 percent of their populations.

There is a ray of hope, however. Following last week’s first round of parliamentary elections in France, it appears that some Western populations are waking up and will throw the warmongers out of office. It’s also possible that the elections in France represent an anomaly, not the beginning of a wider trend.

Either way, all eyes will be on the second round of elections Sunday, July 7, in France, which could result in France saving itself from the nuclear annihilation likely to be visited upon less rational countries like the U.S. and U.K.

According to the former leader of France’s rightwing National Rally Party, if the NR Party wins again in Sunday’s elections, they will be able to handcuff the war efforts of globalist President Emmanuel Macron.

Keep in mind also that France still uses paper ballots and may be less susceptible to election fraud than countries like the U.S. that use electronic machine voting. The voting machines allow the cheaters to hide their mischief deep within the bowels of proprietary technology.

Below is more on the topic from RT.com.

From RT.com

France’s right-wing National Rally (RN) party will block potential troop deployments to Ukraine and bar Kiev from using French-supplied weaponry to strike Russian soil should it emerge victorious in the parliamentary elections and secure the office of prime minister of the country, Marine Le Pen, the former long-time leader of the party, has said.

She made the remarks on Thursday in an interview with CNN ahead of the second round of voting scheduled for Sunday, July 7. The final say on the potential deployment of French troops to Ukraine belongs to the prime minister, and the stance of President Emmanuel Macron does not actually matter in such cases, she suggested. Over the past few months, Macron has repeatedly mulled the idea, using increasingly belligerent rhetoric on the Ukrainian conflict.

“If Emmanuel Macron wants to send troops to Ukraine and the prime minister is against it, then there are no troops sent to Ukraine. The prime minister has the final say,” Le Pen stated.

Her party in power would also bar Kiev from using French-supplied weapons to conduct strikes on Russian soil, Le Pen said, arguing that the permission to do so makes Paris a “co-belligerent” in the conflict.

National Rally’s stance sharply differs from the take of most Western leaders, who had allowed their weaponry to be used for such strikes, repeatedly claiming that it had not made their countries a party to the hostilities. Moscow has repeatedly warned the collective West against supplying increasingly sophisticated weapons to Kiev, stating that Ukraine’s backers have for long been involved in the hostilities, which it sees as a “proxy war” on Russia.

Read the rest of the article at RT.com.

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