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Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits Series: Samaritan’s Purse

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at popular companies that score poorly  and then try to provide alternatives that either better align with your 2ndVote values or should be avoided to the best of your ability. This series is called The Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits, and the organization we will be focusing on this week is Samaritan’s Purse (4.42).

With Charity being a Christian virtue, many 2ndVoters often ask about which nonprofits align with their values, and for updates on some of our known bad actors. One of our most recommended nonprofits, and one of 2ndVotes ally organizations, is Samaritan’s Purse. Since 1970, Samaritan’s Purse has been a staple amongst humanitarian aid organizations, operating in various countries. They also engage in favorable activism themselves. Samaritan’s Purse earns high marks on the issues of Life and Basic Freedoms based on their pro-life beliefs, their donations to permanency resource centers, and their frequent monetary support of other churches. CEO, Franklin Graham’s, public position against gun control also nets them points on the 2nd Amendment. And finally, Samaritan’s Purse regularly supports Christian schools and faith-based education, earning good standing on the issue of Education. So for those that are seeking a worthy cause to support, look no further than Samaritan’s Purse!

On the other hand, organizations like the National Urban League (1.52) serve as prime examples of how nonprofit organizations use their influence and reach to push leftist agendas. Initially devised as a civil rights organization, the National Urban League’s activism often serves different, sometimes entirely opposite purposes. To start, they heavily oppose legislation and proposed RFRA policies that are meant to bolster religious liberty protections for all Americans. Secondly, the National Urban League is a member of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), which directly opposes 2nd Amendment rights to concealed carry for protection, and actively advocates for the repeal of “Stand Your Ground” laws. Membership with other organizations that support sanctuary cities, as well as their independent support of Common Core standards, earn the National Urban League poor scores on Civil-Safe Society and Education as well. As a result, this nonprofit should be avoided entirely.

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EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

The Eye, Ear, and Mind Principle

A few weeks ago I wrote a column titled, “Republican Presidential Candidates Lack Diversity.”  I called out Republican presidential campaigns for not having any Blacks on staff or as consultants.  I received several phone calls from various campaigns with them expressing their “disappointment” in my piece; they didn’t deny the facts of my piece, just the fact that I criticized Republicans.

These campaigns and the party, as usual, are missing the point.  While diversity within a presidential campaign is extremely important; the optics are even more important for 2016.  In the immortal words of my good friend John Travolta from the movie Swordfish, “What the eyes see, and the ears hear; the mind believes.”  I have dubbed this the eyes, ear, and mind principle (E.E.M.).

Can you name me one Black who has been publicly validated by the leaders of the Republican Party?  I am speaking in terms of a Black who is known and respected both in the Black community, as well as the White community; a Black who is well regarded in both communities simultaneous.

Have you seen one Black get out of the car or off the plane with any of our candidates for president?  Have you ever seen one Black with House Speaker John Boehner or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell?

Since Blacks are not seen in the party, nor heard in the party; it is understandable why in the mind of Blacks we believe there is no place in the Republican Party for us; the E.E.M. principle in effect.

Issues of race will be one of the top three issues going into next year’s elections and the Republican Party is totally unprepared to deal with anything with a racial component.  Look no further than the anemic response our presidential candidates have given to issues like Ferguson, Baltimore, or South Carolina.  How do you expect these campaigns to adequately respond to these issues when they have all White staffs, consultants, and pollsters?

The National Urban League’s annual convention last week provided a great teachable moment for Republicans; but I doubt very seriously that they will learn from it.

I have been telling Republicans for years that they should never attend or speak to any of the major Black organizations unless they are given certain concessions.  I am speaking about groups like the National Urban League, the NAACP, the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), etc.

These Black groups are all very liberal in their orientation and rarely if ever have Black Republicans on any panels during their conventions.  So why would any Republican go there and give a speech, only to have the group’s members constantly criticize the Republican messages; if there are no Black Republicans on various panels to push back on this criticism then the speech is a total waste of time?

JEB Bush spoke at the Urban League’s conference last week only have Hillary Clinton thoroughly eviscerate Bush and Republicans and we had no one to refute Hillary’s bogus speech.  Bush’s speech said absolutely nothing of relevance to the audience or the Black community; and I can guarantee you that the speech was written by a white staffer with no input from any Blacks that understand communications and the Black community.  So Bush got what he deserved.

Republicans go to these groups simply out of fear.  They are terrified of being called a racist, so they go to these groups with hat in hand because they have no Blacks around them who are willing to take a hard line with these liberal Black groups.  If these groups refuse to have Black Republicans participate in their conferences, why would party leaders agree to speak?

The Black community is not hearing anything of any relevance to them from these presidential candidates specifically or the party in general.

If Blacks don’t see anything, or hear anything of relevance to us; then the mind will tell us Republicans don’t give a damn about our vote.

The Republican Party has a brand problem within the Black community and until they decide to deal with the eyes, ears, and mind they will never make any gains in our community.

Rand Paul deserves some credit for attempting to engage with the Black community, but his execution was horrible at best; incompetent at worst.

Isn’t it amazing that Republicans have done absolutely nothing to build relationships with the Black business community?

Not only are they an invaluable source for policy input; but they are also a great source for potential political contributions.

Even with the upcoming presidential debate on Thursday with FOX News, you have all white journalists asking the questions.  Why would FOX not at least have Kelly Wright (my fellow Oral Roberts alum) or Juan Williams as one of the questioners since they both work for FOX?

To my knowledge, I don’t think either party has ever had a journalist from a Black newspaper ever participate in a presidential debate.

Why?  There are over 200 Black newspapers in the U.S.  I hope the Republican Party will mandate a least one journalist from a Black newspaper be chosen to participate during one of the many upcoming Republican debates.

I will continue to write about these issues of diversity until the party finally begins to look like America.  But too often Republicans try to do the right thing; but they do it the wrong way.