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SEAL Team Six – Cover-Up – “Where’s the Black Box?”

Today we continue with our investigation of the investigation into the August 6, 2011 shoot down of (call sign) Extortion 17, SEAL Team Six.

With us are Billy Vaughn, Gold Star father of SEAL, (KIA) Aaron Vaughn and Don Brown, former Naval JAG officer and author of the powerful book that we are using to reopen this case and demand a Congressional investigation into the USG cover-up of this largest loss of Naval Special Operations life in history.

We are staying on this story because the Obama Administration is using our special operators like they are “GI Joe” wind-up toys that he can expend at his pleasure. This has to stop. The Administration must learn from its mistake and let our warriors fight as they have been trained.

Join with us in this mission to expose this horrendous cover-up.

SEAL Team Six – Extortion 17 “A Cover Up?”

WOW, watch author Don Brown blow the lid off of the official government report about the tragic shoot down of SEAL Team Six helicopter, Code Name – Extortion 17.


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