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VIDEO: MSNBC Black Is a Jim Crow Minstrel 2.0


AlfonZo Rachel

AlfonZo Rachel is a musician and martial arts instructor who founded Macho Sauce Productions to create right-minded entertainment. In this video Zo discusses charges of racism leveled against the Academy Awards, and asks whether black media outlets like NBC Black are just modern minstrel shows.

Eric Owens from the Daily Caller reports:

Strange and deep dissatisfaction with America’s long, arduous period of racial desegregation has pretty obviously beset NBC News.

The once-proud, once-relevant commercial news organization has turned back the clock on race relations by at least a half century by launching a real, non-satirical news website that funnels news about black people into a single locale.

The website is called NBCBLK. It launched last week.

There’s both a Twitter account and a Facebook page for the fledgling sitelet.

The Facebook page describes NBCBLK as a news site dedicated to “elevating America’s conversation about black identity, politics & culture today,” notes Downtrend.


Part rant, part theatrical shorts, ZoNation provides commentary on politics and social issues. Not afraid to call out liberals on their backward thinking and often hypocritical behavior, AlfonZo Rachel tells it straight … and he’s not shy about it either.