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NYC: Pro-Hamas Thugs Deface World War I and Civil War Memorials, Burn U.S. Flag

Just in case you weren’t sure what was coming next, here is a salutary reminder.

Anti-Israel activists deface WWI and Civil War memorials, burn US flag

by Michael Starr, Jerusalem Post, May 8, 2024:

Anti-Israel activists vandalized American memorials to veterans of the First World War and a Union Civil War general and burned an American flag during the New York City Day of Rage protest that coincided with Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday.

The One Hundred Seventh Infantry Memorial in Central Park, dedicated to US infantry who fell in battle during the war, was desecrated with stickers and graffiti that proclaimed “free Gaza” or “free Palestine,” according to photographs published by NYPD Deputy Commissioner Operations Kaz Daughtry.

The statue was also tagged with a red triangle, a symbol used in Hamas propaganda to denote a target. A protester set the United States flag on fire at the base of the statue, according to the New York Post.

The Grand Army Plaza Memorial honoring Union General William Tecumseh Sherman was also vandalized with similar graffiti as the infantry memorial, one “free Gaza” scrawl including the Anarchist “A” in the spelling of the Palestinian territory.

“F**K Empire,” read the graffiti. “NYPD equals KKK (Ku Klux Klan).”

Mayor Eric Adams gave a press conference in front of the Central Park memorial on Tuesday, in which he severely reprimanded the “cowards” who vandalized the statue.

“I want to be extremely clear, despite the unpopular notion that people don’t want to say, I want to say it: I love America,” said Adams. “And I’m proud to be a citizen of America. And the reason that we are here is because of men and women like this statue behind us, and we cannot remain silent when our symbols of freedom are desecrated by people who hate our country and hate our way of life.”…

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