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Take An Inside Look At The New Conservative Company Fighting Back Against Corporate America’s Woke Agenda

Launched nationally only 13 months ago, PublicSq. — a new “parallel economy” for conservatives — went public on the New York Stock Exchange this week.

PublicSq. aims to be the platform where “freedom-loving” Americans can find “quality products, services, and exclusive discounts from values-aligned businesses.” The company describes its values as “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Freedom.”

Company founder and CEO Michael Seifert gave viewers a behind the scenes look into the launch, discussing the goals he has for the company moving forward. He was joined by PublicSq. investors Donald Trump Jr. and Omeed Malik. Malik is a minority owner of the Daily Caller.

Seifert explained, “I think a lot of people view going public as sort of an exit, or a finish line, and for us, it’s fundamentally the opposite. We have a country to save.” One of the main perks of going public, he continued, is “our consumers being owners in the platform.”

Speaking on his desire to get involved in the company, Trump Jr. explained that “half the market’s been ostracized by woke corporate America.”

“We wanted to create a place where people can find businesses and where businesses can find consumers that share a common values base,” he added.

He hopes PublicSq. will “inspire people to be more vocal about the basic tenets of America — freedom of speech, freedom of commerce.”

On his vision for the company, Malik explained that “patriotic capitalism is putting the country first in our economic decisions. You have to have a digital platform where people can find each other.”

“The foundation of any economy is an exchange,” he continued, “and in the parallel patriotic economy, it’s PublicSq.”

Nick Ayers, another investor, applauded PublicSq for already having over 55,000 small and medium businesses on the platform and over one million consumers.

Chants of “USA” erupted on the floor of the stock exchange as the PublicSq. team rang the opening bell.




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