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He/Him Leftist Who Calls Pedophiles a ‘Stigmatized Group’ Trashes Sound of Freedom

Noah Berlatsky, who proudly wrote about how his bisexual wife came out as non-binary and his daughter as trans, was hired to trash the movie, Sound of Freedom, for Bloomberg. A movie which takes on the horror of child kidnapping and child rape is a movie that Berlatsky wants to stop people from watching.

This creature tweeted that “pedophiles are essentially a stigmatized group”, and that “people hate them.” People. Not him.

Journalist Andy Ngo has revealed that Berlatsky is a former spokesman for a “M.A.P.” (Minor Attracted Persons) advocacy group, Prostasia. This is a sick, twisted rat who naturally writes for the usual leftist rags, including The Washington Post, NBC Think, Independent, and The Atlantic, and spends an inordinate amount of time projecting onto the right all of the evils of the left.

To quote him is to damn him, and to draw him is to damn him. I can’t recall the last time I wrote about and drew such a sleazy character. He has claimed that most child trafficking victims are not coerced. And keep in mind that those who hire this lowlife to write for them have No problem with his understanding of and sympathy for pedophiles, which damns them as well.

Berlatsky is the poster boy for leftists who hate the very idea of a movie taking on the kidnapping and rape of children, a movie which their attempt to bury has helped make it the great success that it is.



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