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Shin Bet head: ‘Israel will be the last barrier when people lose their humanity’

Arutz 7 reported today that Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) Director Ronen Bar addressed a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in Samaria and pledged that Israel would continue to fight, even if the world would leave its side.

Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) Director Ronen Bar addressed a ceremony on Monday marking Holocaust Remembrance Day in Samaria.

“In the essence of its existence, the State of Israel is first of all the last barrier preventing a situation where people lose their humanity and the world is silent,” Bar declared.

Arutz 7 added that Bar noted that “the world was silent when the Nazi Party came to power in Europe, it was silent when it began its racist incitement, it was silent on Kristallnacht, it was silent when people were gathered into ghettos, it was silent when Germany began to spread in all directions, and it was silent when the ashes of Jews covered the skies of the continent.”

He stated: “The world, which would appear to have woken up after the events of October 7th, can return to being silent. Despite this, we will continue to fight because the State of Israel can not allow itself not to be the last barrier.”

The director turned to his subordinates, saying: “Therefore, we, as servicemen, will make sure those who sanctify death will find death and those who want life who were abducted, we will return to life. Just like then, on October 7th as well the murderers didn’t differentiate between us. Israel can be the last barrier only if it’s unified, behind leadership, values, and purpose. We don’t need to agree on everything, but we must treat each other as brothers.

“We must rebuild our national resilience, our deterrence, and our alliances. We will stand as one in the face of the great darkness which continues to threaten us and the entire free world,” Bar concluded.

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