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IDF BATTLE VIDEOS: IDF Ends Nur al-Shams Operation and More…

IDF BATTLE VIDEO: IDF ends Nur al-Shams operation

At the end of 15 hours of operation; IDF and Police Border forces destroyed dozens of explosives that were buried under civilian infrastructure in Nur al-Shams in the Menashe Brigade.

In an extensive engineering operation conducted in Nur al-Shams, the units, under the intelligence guidance of IDF Intelligence and the Shin Bet, destroyed dozens of explosives planted in traffic routes with the aim of harming our forces and putting the residents living in the area at risk.

In addition, as part of the operation, the fighters destroyed two “war rooms” used for local terrorist organizations, arrested a wanted terrorist and destroyed a vehicle in which several explosive charges were stored.

Also, during the night, the IDF, Shin Bet and Border Police forces arrested 15 wanted terrorists throughout Judea and Samaria and confiscated weapons.

The wanted terrorists who were arrested and the means of warfare that were confiscated were transferred to the security forces for further treatment, there were no casualties to our forces.

IDF BATTLE VIDEO: Hezbollah terrorists detected and hit

After identifying the source of the shooting, the IDF attacked a building where two Hezbollah terrorists suspected of carrying out the shooting at Meshgav were identified earlier today.

Earlier today, a number of launches were detected from Rav a-Taltin area in Lebanon to the Mashgab area, the air defense fighters successfully intercepted most of the launches.

Shortly after the launches, the forces of Division 91 identified two terrorists entering a military structure of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the area of ​​the source of the shooting, Air Force fighter jets attacked the structure containing the terrorists.

IDF BATTLE VIDEO: Yahalom fighters destroyed tunnels in Shejaiya

The combat teams of the 7th Paratrooper Brigade and the Yahalom Unit have been fighting for over a week above ground and underground in the Shejaiya area under the command of Division 98.

The forces of the division conducted face-to-face battles with terrorist squads, eliminated more than 150 terrorists, destroyed terrorist infrastructure and encountered trapped buildings and destroyed charges.

In addition, the forces located dozens of weapons and intelligence documents that the terrorists left behind.

The forces located, with intelligence guidance and an engineering effort, tunnel shafts and significant underground routes that were destroyed. In the divisional activity, six offensive tunnels with a length of about six kilometers were located and destroyed. The forces continue to explore and destroy the signs in the area.

In exploring the tunnels, the fighters of the Yahalom (who specialize in explosives and underground fighting) unit located underground tunnels that make up a branching tunnel system, in some of which the terrorists’ living and command rooms were located, in one of the tunnels weapons and intelligence documents were located.

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