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College students want to study abroad in Benghazi?!

Turning Point USA went to New York University (NYU) and asked students if they would potentially be interested in a study abroad program in Benghazi. The answers from the students will stun you…..


TPUSA notes:

On September 11th 2012 our embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked. This has become a focal point of many members of Congress as the American people demand answers.

But what do young people know about Benghazi?

We were interested to find out. So we went to one of America’s most elite institutions, New York University and we asked the students if they would want to study abroad in Benghazi, Libya. We then asked if they knew ANYTHING at all about Benghazi.

TPUSA NOTE: *NYU doesn’t have a study abroad program in Libya. We completely made it up for theatrical purposes*