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Does truth really matter anymore?

Antisemitism, hatred of Israel, and the perversion of truth in US politics, academia, and beyond.

Does truth really matter anymore? The world’s treatment of Israel since October 7th suggests it does not.

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The Biden administration and European Union were equivocal from the start regarding Israel’s response to Hamas’s genocidal pogrom. Despite initially offering moral support, the Europeans immediately began exhorting Israel to respond “proportionately” while voices from the White House imperiously demanded an untenable two-state “solution.”

Joe Biden at first spoke sympathetically about Israel’s need to eliminate terrorists and destroy their infrastructure, but administration mouthpieces soon began to blather about the need for restraint, citing as justification false Gaza casualty statistics lifted directly from Hamas propaganda.

And despite his initially supportive words following Iran’s air attack on April 13th, Biden immediately demanded caution and implored Israel not to retaliate, though it was his own weakness, appeasement, and attempts to disrupt Israel’s campaign to destroy Hamas that emboldened Iran to attack.

These attempts included VP Kamala Harris’s threat of “consequences” in the event of an incursion into Rafah and Biden’s collusion on a feckless UN ceasefire resolution (to the benefit of Hamas) and proposal to require the labeling of goods produced in Judea and Samaria which will facilitate anti-Israel boycotts. Most recently, he announced a “pause” in arms shipments to Israel in a clear attempt to placate anti-Israel Democrats ahead of the 2024 election, and in the process encouraged Hezbollah to step up missile attacks from Lebanon.

Biden was supported in this policy madness by Senator Chuck Schumer, who had previously called on Israel to oust its duly elected government and accede to a two-state solution that most Israelis believe is impossible.

In trying to placate anti-Israel progressives, prominent Democrats clearly have no compunction against undermining an ally and sacrificing truth to do so.

Real truth, however, is neither relative nor subjective, but rather implicates immutable fact; and the truth regarding the attacks perpetrated against Israel is neither ambiguous nor reinforced by false comparisons to alleged Israeli conduct, as many on the political left — including Barack Obama — disgracefully asserted before Israel could even bury her dead in October.

Truth is not acquitted by unprincipled ideologues hawking moral equivalency, but by eyewitnesses and survivors — particularly those speaking from personal experience about what they saw and heard. And this was demonstrated in a recent program at a synagogue in Stoughton, Massachusetts, in conjunction with the organization StandsWithUs, featuring two young Israelis who witnessed firsthand the horrors of October 7th.

The first speaker, Aviv, was from Kibbutz Re’im before moving to Yesha, several miles from the Gaza border. He served as an IDF battalion medic while on active duty and, like many young Israelis, did some travelling after his service ended, before returning home for work and school.

He recounted how his family was together during the Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah weekend when Hamas attacked and how they had to rush for shelter. His younger brother, who had served in special forces, was killed by terrorists while protecting civilians in Yesha, and Aviv found his body — along with those of several friends — who had fallen together near a synagogue. Aviv described in sharp detail how he and his father guarded over them while the battle raged until they could be moved and prepared for burial. He then joined his reserve unit.

The second speaker, Avital, is an eighth-generation Israeli on one side of her family and grandchild of Holocaust survivors on the other. Avital explained that she served as an IDF company commander and was visiting her parents that weekend. She knew war had broken out by the sound of sirens on Shabbat/Yomtov. Both she and her older brother were called up, and her job upon activation was to manage the growing missing persons list, determine who was wounded, dead, missing, or kidnapped, and notify families.

She told of curating phone calls from witnesses and distraught people looking for news of missing loved ones, and said it was difficult learning who would not be returning home but having to maintain strict secrecy before notifying families.

These speakers’ words were direct, emotional, and deeply profound all at once. Despite their military backgrounds, they came across as just a couple of young Israelis who were intensely affected by what they experienced, and they told their stories straight and without political varnish. They also spoke of how Israeli society, which had seemed so fractured before the attack, was unified by a sense of common heritage and national resolve thereafter.

The truth they conveyed provided stark contrast to the pro-Hamas propaganda, anti-Israel vitriol, and racist Jew-hatred that are driving the narrative in the US – where classical stereotypes and conspiracy theories abound and atrocities against Jews are legitimized as “resistance” without shame or embarrassment in colleges and universities, city and town councils, Hollywood, and even the halls of Congress.

Emblematic of the banalization of antisemitism were the red bloody-hand pins worn by actors and artists at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, who claimed the pins were a humanitarian symbol advocating ceasefire in Gaza, though the image they bore actually commemorated the murders of IDF soldiers Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami by a bloodthirsty mob in Ramallah in 2001. The graphic motif used depicts the hands of terrorists covered with blood from the two Israelis they murdered and is recognized for its odious symbolism throughout Gaza and the territories — where most people surveyed support Hamas and its atrocities.

Though this imagery was originally used to glorify the savage murder of Jews, it was embraced by fatuous Hollywood “A-Listers” who can always be counted on to promote any and all progressive causes without demonstrating the slightest capacity for critical thought, moral decency, or just plain common sense.

As antisemitism in the US continues to skyrocket unabated, with Jews suffering more abuse than any other minority, the Biden administration’s response is to soft-pedal or claim beyond reason that Islamophobia is an equivalent (or greater) threat to moral order. Considering US law enforcement statistics showing that Jews are victimized by hate-crimes far more frequently than any other ethnic or racial minority group (including Arabs and African-Americans) and are at least six times more likely to be harassed than Muslims, the premise is ludicrous and insulting.

It also begs the question of why most Democrats refuse to concede the existence of virulent Jew-hatred on their side of the aisle. As a collective, Republicans are not bowing to pressure from anti-Israel, antisemitic zealots who dictate party zeitgeist. Democratic leadership is. Prominent Republicans are not publicly denying that Hamas terrorists raped and brutalized Jewish women and girls. Notable Democrats are.

While Congressional Republicans have condemned antisemitism and commenced investigating its ubiquity on college campuses, radical Democrats have belittled these efforts in order to appease antisemitic progressive and Islamist elements within their base. For his part, Biden will not chastise progressive party members by name for egregious anti-Jewish rhetoric or stop taking campaign contributions from donors who are also funding anti-Israel, antisemitic campus riots.
But minimizing antisemitism only encourages it.

The administration’s cognitive dissonance (or artifice) has international ramifications, as evidenced by its recent support for a UN resolution on “Measures to Combat Islamophobia,” which implies that anti-Muslim animus fuels the most pervasive forms of religious, ethnic, or racial hatred, persecution, or strife. It also implicitly prioritizes Islamophobia over global antisemitism, which in contrast truly has religious, ethnic, national, and racial overtones and is indeed the world’s oldest hatred.

Perhaps the resolution was intended to obscure the plethora of human rights abuses and acts of aggression committed by Islamist terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, and the Houthis, and by oppressive regimes like Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran.

Or perhaps it was intended to trivialize the reality of antisemitism, of which the UN is the most significant global facilitator.

Whatever its motivation, the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge progressive responsibility for the wave of antisemitism pervading leftist academia, liberal political society, and allied identity communities, where rioters champion Hamas and its genocidal aims. Biden has failed to identify the progressive instigators or the complicity of radicals from his own party. These failures are stunning in their implication that Jewish lives do not really matter; and the liberal tendency to draw moral equivalency between Hamas’s barbarism and Israeli self-defense is positively obscene.

George Orwell once said that some ideas are so absurd only intellectuals could believe them. That sentiment still resonates today, particularly when amended thus: “Some hatreds are so twisted that only persons with preconceived, intellectualized biases could accept them.”

And so it is with those who mock truth by supporting Hamas, degrading its victims, calling for another Holocaust, and cheering on Iran with chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”

©2024. Matthew Hausman, J.D. All rights reserved.

Voters Move Away from Biden’s Israel Policies in Droves as Swing State Poll Numbers Crumble

Amid polls showing that President Joe Biden’s wavering support for Israel is alienating voters on all sides, another major poll released Monday has revealed that former President Donald Trump has opened up a significant lead over Biden in five key battleground states as the November elections loom.

A New York Times/Siena/Philadelphia Inquirer survey found that Trump is leading Biden among registered voters by a substantial amount outside of the margin of error in four prominent swing states, including Arizona (49%-42%), Georgia (49%-39%), Michigan (49%-42%), and Nevada (50%-38%). In addition, Trump leads Biden in Pennsylvania 47%-44%.

The poll also found the presumptive Republican presidential nominee leading Biden among likely voters in Arizona (49%-43%), Georgia (50%-41%), Nevada (51%-38%), Pennsylvania (48%-45%), and Wisconsin (47%-46%).

“These results cannot be dismissed,” Matt Carpenter, director of FRC Action, told The Washington Stand. “If I’m the Biden campaign I’m hitting the panic button. With less than six months until Election Day, and early voting starting in closer to four months, voters are making up their minds as to whom they will support, and increasingly they are shifting away from Biden in the states he needs to secure reelection.”

Carpenter added, “What’s more, segments of the electorate that historically back Democrats are leading the shift away from Biden — young, black, and Hispanic voters — which explains why states with higher non-white populations like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada have a bigger gap than do whiter states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.”

A Gallup poll conducted in April confirmed this shift, as affiliation with the Republican Party saw an 11-point swing against the Democratic Party when compared to the numbers from 2016. The survey found that 47% of Independent voters leaned toward the GOP, a five-point increase since 2016.

On the flip side, the Democrats suffered a six-point loss since 2016 with voters who said they leaned toward their party. The swing is likely fueled by black and Hispanic voters leaving Biden’s party. A February Gallup poll recorded a 20% decrease in black support of the Democratic Party in three years. It also found that Hispanic support the president’s party among voters aged 18-29 had plummeted by almost the same amount.

The poll results come as Biden’s policy decisions surrounding Israel’s war against the Hamas terrorist group prove to be increasingly unpopular with supermajorities of U.S. citizens. As noted by National Review, “The latest Harvard-Harris poll found that people support Israel over Hamas by 80-20, and believe that Israel is trying to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza, 67-33. Even voters ages 18-24 support Israel in this survey, 57 to 43, and believe that Israel is trying to minimize casualties, 64-36.”

“At this stage in the election, the Biden campaign should be focusing on persuading swing voters and identifying base voters to drive to the polls,” Carpenter remarked in comments to TWS. “Instead, they have what looks like a mutiny on their hands. The Trump campaign cannot afford to rest on their laurels, however. In 2022, Democrats succeeded in halting what appeared to be a red wave by running campaigns focused on the election process — requesting and collecting mail-in ballots. At the end of the day, the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.”


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.


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A Palestinian Visits Auschwitz, Tells Jews ‘You Belong Here’

The first Palestinian to have visited a Nazi concentration camp was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin el Husseini, the leader of the Palestinian Arabs from the 1920s to the 1940s, who spent the war years in Berlin. He had a nice chat with Hitler on November 28, 1941, captured in a famous photograph here. Al-Husseini expressed to Hitler his enthusiasm for the Final Solution. He was befriended by Heinrich Himmler, and there is some evidence, not conclusive, that the Mufti may have been taken to Auschwitz by Himmler, or possibly by another person he had befriended, Adolf Eichmann, to see how swimmingly things were proceeding there. It is certain that the Mufti visited the concentration camp at Tebbin, for there are numerous photographs of him at the site together with high Nazi officials, as can be seen here.

As his contribution to the Nazi war effort, Hajj Amin el Husseini is known to have raised several Waffen SS battalions consisting of Bosnian Muslims. He also broadcast pro-Nazi propaganda to the Arab world throughout the war.

In January 2020, in quite a different spirit to that exhibited by the Mufti, a group of 25 Muslim faith leaders visited Auschwitz, in what was at the time called a “groundbreaking” visit. “To be here… is both a sacred duty and a profound honor,” the Saudi head of the Muslim World League said during a tour of Nazi death camp with members of the American Jewish Committee.

Now another Palestinian has just been in the news for his visit to Auschwitz, not undertaken In the spirit of sympathy for the victims that the delegation of Muslim faith leaders exhibited but, rather, in a triumphant mode, demanding that Jews everywhere “return” to where they belong — that is, to the Nazi death camps. Robert Spencer wrote about this briefly here, and more on this latest example of a Palestinian expressing murderous antisemitism can be found here: “Palestinian man visits Auschwitz, publicly calls on Jews to return there ‘where they belong,’” Jerusalem Post, May 2, 2024:

A video was posted on X earlier this week that showed footage of a Palestinian man visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau Holocaust Memorial Museum, where he called on Jews to return to the site of the extermination camp, a place he claimed where they belonged.

Footage of the man can be seen walking through the Auschwitz memorial, calling to free Palestine.

“From these ghettos from which the Zionists came, I say Allah have mercy on all the Palestinians and our martyrs. Free Palestine,” he exclaimed….

These were not ghettos, but death camps. And so very few survived them. But that doesn’t bother the unnamed Palestinian who filmed his visit. He only sees these as places from where “the Zionists came” to inflict pain on poor Palestinians. And he wants “the Zionists” — the Jews — ideally to return to Auschwitz where they can be dealt with appropriately, that is, put to death. But if that is not possible, then at least the Jews must leave the land they stole from the Palestinians and go back, he says “to your countries.”

Though the campus brats accuse Israel of a “genocide” in Gaza, the only “genocide” that has been attempted was that carried out by Hamas on October 7, when 3,000 Hamas operatives smashed into Israel from Gaza, in cars, on motorbikes, and on paragliders, and proceeded to rape, torture, mutilate, and murder 1,200 Israeli men, women, and children. A great many Palestinians — 82% — have expressed approval of what Hamas did on that day. Now we have a Palestinian, cheerfully videotaping himself as he tours Auschwitz, so that his fellow Palestinians, and indeed all Muslims, can see him calling for “the Zionists” — he means “the Jews” — to “all [be returned] to the concentration camps” where, Allah willing, they can be put to death.

Would any of the thousands of campus nitwits now chanting “Say No To Genocide” care to comment on this Palestinian’s heartfelt desire to send Jews back where he knows they belong — to Auschwitz?



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UK: John Cleese says Britons shouldn’t be afraid to say ‘some cultures are superior to others’

MIT: Pro-Hamas protester tears down American flag, throws it in the garbage

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Germany: Knife-wielding Muslim migrant terrifies kindergarten children

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Rape as a Weapon of War — Why Israel was Traumatised by Oct 7

Screams Before Silence is a harrowing, yet sensitively crafted and ultimately viewable, documentary film about the weaponisation of rape by Hamas during the atrocities committed on October 7 last year.

The film features Sheryl Sandberg, who was chief operating officer of Facebook and Meta Platforms until August 2022. She is also founder of LeanIn.Org, a women’s leadership network. She has become an outspoken advocate for Israeli women who suffered the full force of the violence of October 7.

Produced by Kastina Communications and directed by Anat Stalinsky, the film provides a platform for the testimonies of survivors, eyewitnesses, first responders and forensic experts to be heard by the general public as they recount what they saw or heard and, in some cases, endured as a result of the attack by Hamas militants in southern Israel.

In a rampage of killing in streets, homes, kibbutzim and at a music festival, some 1200 Israelis were murdered, thousands more wounded and 240 hostages taken to Gaza.

Make no mistake: the subject matter is distressing in what it reveals of the extent to which the bodies of women and girls were sexually abused, tortured, slaughtered and mutilated, especially at the site of the Nova music festival.

However, Screams Before Silence is no horror film of gruesome pictures, nor a demonisation of Palestinians. It is a sensitively delivered piece of storytelling and truth-telling that showcases not only the depravity of which human beings are capable, but also examples of extraordinary courage and human resilience.

Relying largely on a series of interviews by Sheryl Sandberg and video footage from October 7, the film draws the viewer into the violent world of the massacre without plunging into a sea of traumatising images. Apart from the people speaking, most of the footage shows destroyed homes and cars, not dead bodies. Occasional images of a corpse are fleeting and have been deliberately blurred. The film carefully leads the viewer down into the depths of its dark subject matter before moving upwards towards the light (if one may call it that) of an ending that strikes a note of resilience, purpose and empowerment.

Screams Before Silence places front-and-centre what should be an uncontroversial message: that weaponisation of rape and sexual violence is never acceptable, can never be excused by a larger political “context”, and must be condemned forthrightly by every decent human being and treated as criminal conduct without prevarication.

What makes this film especially relevant is that the crimes of October 7 are not over. Some 129 hostages remain in Gaza, including women and children. From the testimony of released hostages we know that there is good reason to fear that sexual abuse of those who remain behind continues. “Bring Them Home Now!” should be on the lips of every vocal feminist protesting violence against women.

It is not wise for all people to see this film. Protection of one’s mental health must be a priority. However, I urge those who feel they can do so, to watch the film. Its content and message need to be processed, in the same way that Holocaust documentaries play a critical role in our grasp of historical and present-day events. Holocaust footage is always disturbing to watch, but it is downright dangerous for societies to turn a blind eye.

And, just as Holocaust denialism is widespread today, so too has October 7 denialism been embraced by some anti-Israel activists. Such a wilful distortion of history is inadvertently exacerbated by the tendency of good and well-intentioned people to downplay these crimes through half-hearted reporting or utter silence, whether for political reasons or simply out of discomfort, ignorance, or confusion.

Rather than wallow in a sense of helplessness, the gift of this film is that it empowers a constructive response. By simply setting aside an hour to view it, anyone can bear witness to what actually occurred on October 7. I believe strongly that non-Jewish people have a special responsibility to view the film, so that Jewish communities are not left alone to bear the burden of witness.

So, I appeal to all non-Jewish adults who are able to do so: Please, set aside an hour to watch online Screams Before Silence. Allow yourself to be confronted by the raw truth of what occurred on October 7. Deal with your emotions: your tears, grief, anger, or disbelief. Pray for the dead and the bereaved. Then, share the link; discuss the film with family, friends, and colleagues; if you have a public platform to write or speak, then write, then speak!

Be a voice for the voiceless — for the women, and for the men too, who were mercilessly abused on October 7 in unspeakable acts which appear to have been part of a calculated, targeted, systematic plan to destroy not only the bodies of women, but the soul of a nation.

If you have watched “Screams Before Silence”, tell us what you think in the comments box below. 


Dr. Teresa Pirola is a Sydney-based freelance writer and faith educator, and author of Catholic-Jewish Relations: Twelve Key Themes for Teaching and Preaching (Paulist Press, 2023).


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Israeli PM Netanyahu to address Congress for record 4th time amid Hamas war and attacks on American Jews

Israel is fighting a war for it’s survival against Iran and it’s proxies. All while enduring a vicious propaganda assault from the radical Left. There is no one who is more qualified to speak on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And there is no better platform than a joint session of the United States Congress.

The question is how many Democrats will boycott Netanyahu’s speech?

Schumer plans to join Johnson in inviting Netanyahu to address Congress

By Washington Examiner, May 2nd, 2024

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) gave his clearest indication yet that he will invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deliver a joint address before Congress.

He intends to sign on to an invitation Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) drafted around a month ago, Schumer’s office confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

“The timing is being worked out,” the spokesperson said.

The statement, which follows Johnson’s acknowledgment of the draft invitation to the Hill, is only an incremental step toward the gesture and not altogether surprising. Schumer previously indicated his openness. But the development comes amid a period of intense bitterness between Washington Democrats and Netanyahu, who has defied the White House with his casualty-heavy war in Gaza.

In March, Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in the United States, said Netanyahu had become an obstacle to peace and called for new elections in Israel…..

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