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March 28th, 2024 Said Everything About Biden vs. Trump … Everything!

Below is from a friend of a friend which I totally agree with.  Once again Biden shows up in a dark, blood red stage at NYC’s glitzy Radio City with his Marxist buddy Barack Obama and pedophile/rapist buddy Bill Clinton as the three of them were lifted up on stage from the hell on earth they occupy.  Who were their fund raising audience?

Elitists and fellow narcissists, a personality disorder is found more commonly in men like Clinton, Obama and Biden. All three are rich, true believers of the “Great Reset”, globalists, and Democrats with no core values other than Marxism who donated up to $500,000 each.

Meanwhile, not that far away in Queens, President Donald J.  Trump attended a funeral for a young slain New York City police officer Jonathan Diller who murdered at a traffic stop in Queens by a criminal with 21 charges set free by a woke, leftist judge.

President Trump was there to comfort the officer’s young wife, her child and family, and re-commit to supporting Law Enforcement and the rule of law.

This is an objective big Democrat run sanctuary cities like NYC, Chicago, LA, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland and other big Democrat controlled cities don’t support.

WATCH: Trump at the Wake for NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller: ‘We Have to Get Back to Law and Order’

Listen to this testimony:

I don’t normally show photos but yesterday was simply too easy.

Joe, Bill and Barry “glitzed” it all up to raise $25 million for Joe’s campaign while Trump went to a FUNERAL.

Yep, The FAMILY of this week’s slain NYC Police Officer invited Donald to the “wake” for the slain officer while JOE, BILL & BARRY whooped it up at RADIO CITY in NYC…Yep, take a very good look at both images and you will get the REAL PICTURE…The DEMOCRATIC PARTY is all about MONEY and absolute detachment from the REALTY of DEAD POLICE OFFICERS…Think carefully about that divide the next time you think about taking a subway…or walking at night on a dark street in most major cities all run by Democrats.

LA is the city of the HOMELESS…NYC has become the city of DEAD COPS. Oh, and the NYC Police Union told Joe, DO NOT SHOW UP AT THE FUNERAL…YOU ARE NOT INVITED. Think about that. They have told the President of the United States to STAY HOME!

In San Francisco you are permitted to steal up to a $1000 off the shelves of stores and NOT FACE JAIL TIME. Macy’s in San Francisco has announced they are closing. For you who were never in SF in the 60’s/70’s and 80s…That Macy’s was the most prominent store in UNION SQUARE. That Macy’s was very different from any other Macy’s in the country. They had their own buyers. They were very UPSCALE.

It was like a BLOOMINGDALES…and now it is closing…Why? Try homeless in UNION SQUARE try being allowed to STEAL $1000 in goods off the shelves…The new mayor of Houston just announced that HOUSTON is now broke officially. The rest of TX is fine but Houston has been run by Democrats…and it is now broke…OH…least we forget…CA has a $70+ Billion deficit for the coming fiscal year…Does all this sound weird?

JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURES AGAIN…The 3 YOYOS are celebrating…What in the hell are they celebrating?..6 million illegal migrants crossing the border…dead cops…homeless LA…and they are CELEBRATING…”LOOK WHAT WE HAVE DONE!…Never mind 2 WARS and all the dead. Well, all I can say is..do exactly what they tell you to do…”LOOK WHAT WE HAVE DONE”…Yep, look carefully.. It is NOT a very good picture.

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