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Biden Regime Considered Sanctioning Israeli Cabinet Members

The Biden regime is desperate to stop Israel’s campaign against Hamas.

The Biden administration has a plan for the Hamas-Israel war. It’s the same plan that past administrations have unleashed on Israel. Pressure Netanyahu or whoever is in office into ignoring voters and conservative members of his coalition, push him into making a deal with the Islamic terrorists, and go back to advocating for a terrorist state. The problem is that things fundamentally changed in Israel on Oct 7 even if they didn’t change in D.C.

When the Biden administration wanted Israel to stop its offensive at the end of 2023, it didn’t get its wish. Now it’s fighting to keep Israel from going into Rafah and finishing off Hamas in its last stronghold.

So the Biden administration has ramped up a pressure campaign, much of it under the radar, but that is playing out across various fronts. The administration has enabled the “monitoring” of Israeli attacks on Hamas for “human rights violations” in a way that may trigger a shutoff of arms sales. It also tested the waters by sanctioning four Israeli Jewish activists for allegedly harassing terrorists and their supporters.

This was a trial balloon and it looks like the Biden administration is preparing to escalate.

The United States is considering imposing sanctions on Israel’s Finance Minister Bezalel Smotich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the US was preparing a package of sanctions that would include actions taken against the two far-right ministers who are influential members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet.

The sanctions were considered amid exacerbated tensions between the US and Israel due to Washington’s insistence that Israel refrain from carrying out a full-fledged invasion of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Sanctioning cabinet members of an allied government would be unprecedented, but apparently, that was Plan A and still on the backburner.

Last month, the U.S. administration was considering enacting a package meant to send a message of discontent to Israel.

The package, U.S. officials said, would have included a reversal of two Trump-era policies: one that allows products made in Jewish settlements in the Israel-occupied West Bank to be labeled as being “Made in Israel,” and another that upended longstanding U.S. policy that the West Bank settlements violate international law.

U.S. officials said they were also considering imposing sanctions on two influential members of Netanyahu’s right-wing government: Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir.

Taken together, U.S. officials said, the package could have sent a strong message of discontent. But, in the end, the Biden administration only enacted sanctions against four largely unknown Israeli settlers, once again tempering the Biden administration’s response.

Leaking this to the media however, makes it clear that the Biden administration is preparing to escalate to stop Israel’s campaign against Hamas.



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Biden Administration Has No Idea Who Should Run A Palestinian State

The Bidenites are making their insidious plans to pressure Israel to accept a Palestinian state, by agreeing to be squeezed back within the 1949 armistice lines, with a nine-mile-wide waist from Qalqilya to the sea. Israel is already, with 8,630 square miles, among the tiniest countries in the world; its current size — before the reductions the Bidenites are planning — is 8,630 square miles. The 22 Arab states are spread across 5 million square miles — that is, they are 632 times as large as Israel. Now the administration wants to shrink Israel further still, in order to create a 23rd Arab state. Washington has been planning — plotting might be a more accurate word — with Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan — what territories Israel will be forced to give up if there is to be “peace” in the Middle East, which can only be achieved, the Bidenites devoutly believe, through a “two-state solution.” After all, why would everyone call it a “solution” unless it were exactly that? The Bidenites look forward to forcing Israel to remove its “settlers” from the West Bank, as was done in Gaza in 2005. They don’t seem to realize that there are half a million so-called settlers living in the West Bank. It was difficult enough to uproot 8,000 Israelis from Gaza in 2005; the notion that the Israeli government would uproot 500,000 Israelis from their towns and cities in Judea and Samaria (a/k/a the West Bank) is hallucinatory. And unlike the Bidenites, the Israelis know that their claim to retain that territory is solidly based on the Mandate for Palestine which, in turn, was based on 3500 years of the Jewish people’s connection to, and presence in, the Land of Israel.

Given its planning the lineaments of a “Palestinian state,” one would expect that the Bidenites would have a clear idea of who, in their view, should be chosen to run that state. But one would be wrong. A recent exchange in Congress between Rep. Brian Mast and Bonnie Jenkins, a high-ranking member of Blinken’s State Department, shows that the Bidenites have no idea as to who will run this Palestinian state. More on this telling exchange can be found here: “Biden admin official repeatedly won’t say who’d run Palestinian state,” JNS, February 16, 2024:

Rep. Brian Mast (R-Fla.) pressed Bonnie Jenkins, U.S. under secretary of state for arms control and international security, repeatedly at a House hearing about who would run the Palestinian state, for which the Biden administration is calling.

“Have you analyzed that objectively?” he asked Jenkins, of the policy of a Palestinian state.

No I have not, if I understand your question,” she said, testifying on Feb. 14 before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on “AUKUS implementation and challenges to international security and arms control in the 21st century.”

You might not, because I can’t believe that you would answer it in that way,” Mast said.

Jenkins then said she had assessed it.

Who would you assess would lead that Palestinian state?” Mast asked. “Pick a group. You can name a group, but I’m saying Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Fatah, some other group. Who would lead it?”

I think that has to be something that’s considered. I don’t think I’m in a position to say,” Jenkins said….

She hasn’t the faintest idea who might be fit to lead that Palestinian state. It’s not because she is out of the loop; she’s an under secretary at the State Department. Her ignorance and indecision reflect that of the Bidenites above her, who are so preoccupied with preventing the IDF from entering Rafah and finishing off Hamas, and with their plan to then squeeze Israel back within the 1949 armistice lines, that they have not done the very thing they accuse the Netanyahu government of not doing — which is preparing for “the day after.”

Mast continued to press the State Department official. “What group that does not receive military support from, say, Iran do you assess would lead that state?” he asked….

Mast is making an important point: every Palestinian terror group —Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, PFLP — receives aid from Iran. Perhaps he wanted to hear her name the Palestinian Authority, which does not receive aid from Iran, but is colossally corrupt — Mahmoud Abbas and his two sons Yasser and Tarek have accumulated a family fortune of $400 million — and deeply unpopular, with 80% of Palestinians ruled by the Authority saying that they want Abbas to resign.

When Mast asked Jenkins to say, without naming who would run the Palestinian state, whether there has been an assessment of who would run it, the official said, “Put it this way. There will be an assessment of this question with within the U.S. government.”

Or put it this way: the Bidenites have been making pronouncements about the need for a “Palestinian state” and pushing forward, with Arab states but not Israel, with plans to create that state. But not only do they have no idea who would or should run it; they haven’t even begun to do an “assessment” of the possible candidates. It simply hasn’t come up.

He moved on to another line of questioning. “Do you assess that a Palestinian state would be more likely to be designated as a major non-NATO ally, like Israel or Egypt, or would you assess that they would have to be labeled a state sponsor of terror?” he asked.

Jenkins said she couldn’t answer the question.

You are in the position to answer if you have assessed whether that would be the case,” Mast said. “You came here, sitting before Congress saying you are here representing the idea that there should be a Palestinian State. You said you looked at it objectively, which you probably didn’t. And I’m asking if you assessed that. So you can answer whether you assessed something or not.”…

Jenkins was there, before a congressional committee, to make the case for a Palestinian state. Yet she had no idea as to possible candidates being assessed for their fitness to govern that state, or even whether such an assessment had been begun. She is remarkably ill-informed, or rather, her bosses are themselves ill-prepared to discuss what group or individual should be in charge of that Palestinian state.

Jenkins made quite a spectacle of herself. She could not answer the simplest of questions about a future Palestinian state. She did not offer any guidance as to what groups might be considered suitable by Washington to run that state. She did not even know if the Bidenites were “assessing” those who might be considered. She had no thoughts as to whether a group that is supplied weapons by Iran, such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, could still be eligible to run the new state. When Representative Mast asked what she thought about creating a state for people who had just committed atrocities, she was unable to answer, claiming “I just don’t feel like I’m in the position right now that I can answer those type of questions. This is a question for the U.S. government.” Mast reminded her that she was part of the U.S. government and, he might have added, she had been sent to testify before Congress on precisely “those type of questions” about a future Palestinian state.

She is no different from her bosses, Joe Biden and Antony Blinken, except that she is willing to admit to her ignorance, while they are not. This administration does not know where to put its hands and feet. No good can come of this.



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Netanyahu Rejects Biden’s ‘Diktat’

The Bidenites are working with Muslim Arab states to impose a Palestinian state upon Israel. But Netanyahu is unwilling to go along. More on this can be found here: “‘Israel Outright Rejects International Dictates’: Biden Creating Plan For Palestinian State, Netanyahu Pushes Back: Report,” by Jack Elbaum, Algemeiner, February 16, 2024:

In a statement on Thursday [February 15], the White House said Biden “raised the situation in Rafah [during a call with Netanyahu], and reiterated his view that a military operation should not proceed without a credible and executable plan for ensuring the safety of and support for the civilians in Rafah.”

Look, the IDF of course will have a “credible and executable plan” for “ensuring the safety of and support for civilians.” It did exactly that in Gaza City, when it dropped six million leaflets directing its inhabitants to flee south, beyond the Wadi Gaza. 900,000 of the city’s one million inhabitants followed those directions. The IDF did the same before its assault on Khan Younis in southern Gaza, when it dropped both leaflets and sent messages showing Gazans the precise neighborhoods where they would be safe. Despite the efforts of Hamas to maximize civilian casualties, Israel’s warnings to civilians to leave areas about to be targeted has kept the civilian-to-combatant ratio to 9:5, a ratio that no other army has managed to achieve, and this is especially impressive given he conditions of urban warfare. It is insulting for Biden to lecture Israel on this matter. He should instead have announced that “I have every confidence that the IDF will do its utmost to minimize civilian deaths in Rafah as it did in Gaza City and Khan Younis.

In response to these reports and the conversation he had with Biden, Netanyahu wrote that “Israel outright rejects international dictates regarding a permanent settlement with the Palestinians. Such an arrangement will be reached only through direct negotiations between the parties, without preconditions.”

Netanyahu has no intention of accepting a diktat from the likes of Biden and Blinken.. He’ served in Sayeret Matkal, the IDF’s most elite unit. His brother Jonathan died while leading a mission to rescue Jews held hostage in Entebbe. Don’t try, Bidenites, to push him around; he won’t have it.

He added, “Israel will continue to oppose the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. Such recognition in the wake of the October 7 massacre would give a huge reward to unprecedented terrorism and prevent any future peace settlement.”…

Netanyahu has thrown down the gauntlet. He has no intention of going along with any Munich-like appeasement of the “Palestinians” and their main backer, Iran. After October 7, the people of Israel realized that the “two-state solution” was no solution at all; even the Israeli “peace parties” had their eyes opened on that day; there is no going back to their naïve former hopes of a peace based on a treaty. In Islamic jurisprudence, treaties with Infidels can be broken whenever the Muslims feel themselves sufficiently strong to overwhelm the other side; the model for all such Muslim treaty-making-and-breaking is the Treaty of Hudaibiyya, that Muhammad made with the Meccans in 628 A.D. That “truce treaty” was supposed to have lasted for 10 years. But after 18 months, Muhammad sensed that his forces were strong enough to take on the Meccans; breaking the treaty, he ordered his forces to attack the Meccans; they did so, and prevailed. That has been the model for all treaty-making by Muslims with Infidels ever since. Do you think Biden, or Blinken, or Sullivan, has ever heard of the Treaty of Hudaibiyya? You know the answer to that.

In northern Gaza, to placate the Bidenites, the IDF decreased its use of airstrikes and relied more on its ground troops. This led to an increase in IDF casualties. After that result, the IDF is unlikely to change its tactics in southern Gaza to please Washington.

Dismissing Biden’s warnings about entering Rafah, the IDF will indeed carry out its own plan to rid the southernmost city of Hamas operatives, then continue for a month or so of mopping-up of Hamas remnants throughout the Strip. At that point, having destroyed Hamas and rescued all of the hostages — that is, all those whom Hamas has not murdered — the IDF can make demands of its own. It will not allow Qatar, the financial backer of Hamas, to have any role in deciding who should rule in Gaza, much less in a “Palestinian state” that Israel, once it has been victorious in Gaza, will be in an even better position to reject than it is now.



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Maryland: Muslim Teacher Says She’s Victim of Racism After She’s Suspended for Calling for Israel’s Disappearance

A Muslim elementary school teacher in Maryland has filed a discrimination complaint after being suspended for using the phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” as her email signature. More on the outraged, and outrageous, Hajur El-Haggan, can be found here: “Muslim school teacher says she’s victim of racism after being suspended for using ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ as her email signature,” by Emma Richter, DailyMail.com

A Muslim school teacher in Maryland said that she is a victim of racism after she was suspended for using ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ as her email signature.

Hajur El-Haggan, a math teacher at Argyle Middle School, was placed on administrative leave in November after she was told that her chosen signature was not allowed.

This was her school email, not her personal account. Students, parents, and fellow teachers would all be subjected, in their email correspondence with her, to this message: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

This phrase is a call for the establishment of a Palestinian state on all the land from the river Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, and for the disappearance of the Jewish state. All of its Jewish inhabitants would be expelled or killedRightly understood, it is a call for ethnic cleansing, and the replacement of the only Jewish state by a twenty-third Arab one. It is understandable that the principal would not want one of his teachers displaying such a sentiment on a school account.

The Muslim and Arab-American teacher has since gone on to file a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Maryland Commission on Human Rights against Montgomery County Public Schools.

‘I have co-workers who have “Black Lives Matter” in their email signatures, or links to their pronouns and what they mean. My quote does not fall into a different category,’ El-Haggan told KUTV.

She is wrong. Her quote is in a different category. “Black Lives Matter” does not call for ethnic cleansing or the destruction of a state and its people. Phrases about pronouns that have to do with self-identification as non-binary, similarly, are not a threat to the existence of anyone. “From the river to the sea” is such a threat; it means politicide accompanied by ethnic cleansing.

The complaint stated that after she was reprimanded by the school’s principal about her email signature, she offered to take it down, but they [sic] proceeded to tell her that she would still be suspended.

Even if El-Haggan had taken down that email signature, that would not have changed the fact that she supports the disappearance of Israel, and the removal of all of the Jews living now “between the river and the sea.” Isn’t that the real “racism” that is involved here, and not her suspension? She was not suspended because she is a Muslim Arab, but because of her support for the ethnic cleansing of Jews “from the river to the sea.”

The discrimination complaint, which has also been filed with the local Fair Employment Practices Agency, said that El-Haggan and her colleagues at the school ‘hold certain personal and political views regarding various social injustices.’…

Would a teacher who had made known his, or her, support for the KKK, or for neo-Nazi groups, be allowed to continue as a teacher? El-Haggan’s views are not merely “political,” but rather, a call for the destruction of a country and the ethnic cleansing — some might even say the attempted “genocide” — of its people.

The complaint also noted that besides El-Haggan, other teachers in the middle school ‘expressed opinions about various political and social matters.’…

But none of her fellow teachers called for what amounts to ethnic cleansing. 

‘Just like here in America, we have “From sea to shining sea,” it’s no different. It’s a call for freedom, peace, basic rights, and humanity and coexistence,’ El-Haggan said….

No, Ms. Al-Haggan. They are not the same. “From sea to shining sea” is merely the geographical description of a country — America — that is being celebrated as “beautiful/from sea to shining sea.” “From the river to the sea” is not a call for “freedom, peace, basic rights, and humanity and coexistence,” but rather, a malevolent call for the destruction of a state and its people.

The complaint also said that that three days before she was placed on leave, the Palestinian flag in her car that said ‘Free Palestine was cut off of her vehicle and written on….

Did she promptly report this act? It would be strange – should raise a skeptical eyebrow – if she had not done so. Or was this claimed attack dreamed up later to support her lawsuit, suggesting that she was living in a hostile, anti-Palestinian, racist environment?

The phrase ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ has long been seen as a call for destruction by the Jewish population, but for the Palestinian community and their supporters, it has been seen as a peaceful call for liberation.

No, that phrase is not seen as a “peaceful call for liberation” by the Palestinians. They know exactly what it means — the destruction of the Jewish state and the expulsion, or killing, of its Jewish population. In this hoped-for future state of “Palestine,” only Israeli Arabs would be allowed to remain.

There is speech that is beyond the pale. Calling for the destruction of a state and its people, because of their religion, is such speech. It is reasonable for the Montgomery County School Board to want to protect its students from such speech, directed at the only Jewish state, just as it would want to protect them from teachers found to endorse the KKK or neo-Nazis. El-Haggan and her lawyer hope to convince the judge that “from the river to the sea” is an innocuous call for “peace and liberation.” It is not. And the lawsuit will be determined by whether or not the judge, or possibly members of a jury, understand its malevolent significance.



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Pro-Palestinian Rioters Force Partial Evacuation of White House

The “March on Washington for Gaza” on Saturday [January 13th, 2023] boiled over into violence at the White House, as thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators stormed the security fence and forced the evacuation of “non-essential employees” from the building. It was not immediately clear whether or not that included Joe Biden, or if he was in the White House at the time.

Porter Anderson of PubPerspectives tweeted Saturday evening, referring to Priscilla Alvarez (@priscialva) and Jim Acosta (@Acosta) of CNN: “@priscialva tells @Acosta that she and others were evacuated at the @WhiteHouse when temporary security fencing took some damage, an official ‘also telling me that objects were thrown over that fence. There was enhanced security’ during the pro-#Palestinian demonstration in #DC. ‘They had prepared for this march to intensify over the course of the afternoon.’”

The demonstration was ugly from the beginning. NBC reported that “people in the U.S. capital held aloft signs questioning President Joe Biden’s viability as a presidential candidate because of his staunch support for Israel in the nearly 100-day war against Hamas.” They held up signs reading: “No votes for Genocide Joe,” “Biden has blood on his hands,” and “Let Gaza live.” NBC adds that “vendors were also selling South African flags as protesters chanted slogans in support of the country whose accusations of genocide against Israel prompted the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Netherlands, to take up the case.”

The hard-left Common Dreams, meanwhile, noted that “As part of a worldwide day of action protesting the ongoing military assault on Gaza by Israel, activists in Washington, D.C. left a pile of bloodied baby doll parts outside the White House on Saturday as they denounced U.S. complicity in the military campaign that has left over 23,000 Palestinians dead, including over 10,000 children and babies.” Where does Common Dreams get that figure, that 10,000 children and babies have been killed in Gaza? From Hamas. Yet Hamas has been caught lying more than once about the numbers of civilians killed, and of course Common Dreams says nothing about how Hamas deliberately launches attacks from civilian areas in order to draw retaliatory fire that it can exploit for propaganda purposes.

Impervious to the facts, however, as are all leftists, Jodie Evans of CodePink cried: “Biden is hiding inside the White House protected by a fence, military police, and snipers on the roof while the children in besieged Gaza are left unprotected from Israel’s genocidal bombing that kills five children every hour. That’s around 117 children murdered daily!”

This business about Israel committing genocide is an outrageous libel, as British barrister Malcolm Shaw demonstrated at the International Court of Justice in the brilliant speech he delivered in Israel’s defense. But the rioters at the White House were way beyond rational appeal, and it is clear that nothing whatsoever will placate them short of a full repudiation of Israel from the Biden White House. Since they are part of the Biden regime’s far-left base, they may just get that.

Among the participants in the march were Students for Justice in Palestine, which called the Oct. 7 jihad massacres in Israel “a historic win for the Palestinian resistance,” as well as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose cofounder and longtime executive director, Nihad Awad, said that the Oct. 7 attacks made him “happy.”

The Biden regime is now caught between a rock and a hard place. Its base is increasingly open about its hatred for Israel and determination to see it destroyed (that’s what “From the River to the Sea” means: if there is no Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, then there is no Israel at all). Yet at the same time, most American Jews still support the Democrats, and the regime doesn’t want to alienate them, either. Old Joe and his henchmen have tried to placate both sides, sending $10 billion to Iran, Hamas’ financier, and $100 million to Gaza while professing support for Israel’s defensive action, but the demonstrators at the White House made it abundantly clear on Saturday that no half-measures or playing both ends against the middle would be acceptable. The Biden regime is going to have to repudiate Israel, or there will be violence. The message that was being sent, as the non-essential personnel fled the People’s Mansion, was unmistakable.



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The Economic Costs of the War to the Palestinians

Hamas brought poverty and violence to Gaza long before its attacks on Israelis on October 7. The poverty has been the result of two developments. First, there is the colossal corruption, which began as soon as Hamas won an election in 2006, and then took full control over the Strip in 2007, having killed or chased out hundreds of members of Fatah. That corruption at the top allowed the three most senior Hamas leaders — Khaled Meshaal, Mousa abu Marzouk, and Ismail Haniyeh — to appropriate for themselves a total of eleven billion dollars that donors had intended for the people of Gaza. Second, Hamas chose to spend other billions of dollars not on the welfare of Gazans, but rather, on a vast network of underground tunnels, that were enormously expensive to build, where Hamas could hide and transport underground both men and weapons. More than 800 of these tunnels have been uncovered so far; the IDF now believes the network includes 300 miles of these tunnels. The total spent on them is at least $3-$4 billion, money that might have been spent to create jobs in Gaza, instead of these tunnels that are now being systematically reduced to rubble by the IDF.

Now the Gaza war, that Hamas started with the atrocities it carried out on October 7, has resulted in further economic losses to the Strip. More can be found here: “The Palestinian economy has lost billions since October 7, yet no one is protesting for Hamas to return the captives,” Elder of Ziyon, December 29, 2023:

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics issued a report showing the economic costs to Palestinians  of the Gaza war, in both Gaza and the West Bank, through the end of November.

During the war, Israel has not allowed Palestinian workers into Israel. It has also not allowed Israeli Arabs to go to the PA-controlled areas of the West Bank, where they would often shop and obtain services at a lower price than they could get in Israel.

Israel, quite understandably, halted the guest-worker program for 20,000 Gazans who, before October 7, were allowed into Israel to work, and were able to earn three to five times as much as they could in Gaza. It is now clear, according to Israeli authorities, that some of those workers from Gaza collected intelligence on the kibbutzim that were later attacked. At the same time, 100,000 Palestinians living in the West Bank who had been working in Israel and the settlements also saw their work permits withdrawn. And Israeli Arabs, no longer able to travel to the Palestinian-controlled parts of the West Bank, where they used to shop in stores where goods were cheaper than in Israel, have also paid a price for the Hamas attacks, and Israel’s response to them.

As a result, the Palestinian private sector lost about $1.45 billion compared to what would have been expected in October and November. It is losing about $25 million a day.

This is not including direct losses from the war of property damage.

Tens of billions of dollars in damage have been the result of the IDF’s relentless campaign to destroy Hamas’ weapons in their hideouts, its command-and-control centers, its rocket launchers, its 300 miles of tunnels dug deep underground, and the buildings — including apartment buildings, schools and pre-schools, mosques, stores — where Hamas combatants have been deliberately hiding among the civilians it uses as human shields.

Productivity in the West Bank has gone down by roughly half, which shows how dependent the Palestinian economy is on Israel. In Gaza, predictably, productivity has been slashed some 86%, The only sectors doing well in Gaza are humanitarian aid and health.

So the “health sector” is doing well. How can this be? The media keeps telling us that the “medical system in Gaza is near collapse.” Which is it? “Near collapse” or “doing well”?

Yet there are no protests in the West Bank demanding that Hamas end the war. Zero.

Far from deploring the Hamas atrocities visited upon Israelis on October 7, that have also brought much misery to the people of Gaza, the Palestinians in Gaza are now much more supportive of Hamas. Before October 7, 67% of people in Gaza were opposed to continued rule by Hamas. After October 7, 62% now say they support Hamas — an astonishing reversal of fortune for the terror group.



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France: ‘You’re a Jew, you’re a Zionist. Five of us are going to rape you, cut you up like they did in Gaza.’

Since October 7, all over Europe, the number of antisemitic incidents has skyrocketed. Far from being ashamed of the atrocities committed on that day by their fellow Muslims, the support for Hamas among Muslims in Europe, as in the West Bank, continues to rise precipitously. The latest attempt to terrify Jews took place in Paris, where a knife-wielding intruder threatened to rape, mutilate, and kill the director of a Jewish daycare center for children under the age of two.

More on this story can be found here:

“‘Zionist, We Are Going to Rape You!’ Knife Wielding Intruder Threatens Director of Jewish Daycare Center Near Paris”

by Ben Cohen, Algemeiner, December 14, 2023:

Police in France have launched an investigation after a man armed with a knife entered a Jewish daycare center in a Paris suburb where he threatened its female director with rape and mutilation, citing the Oct. 7 Hamas pogrom in southern Israel as inspiration.

“You’re a Jew, you’re a Zionist. Five of us are going to rape you, cut you up like they did in Gaza,” the unidentified intruder told the terrified director, whose name was given in French media outlets as Delphine.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at “Les Mini Kids,” a daycare center in the Paris suburb of Val-de-Marne. Wielding a knife with a six-inch blade, the intruder entered the center with his face uncovered, heading for the director’s office. After making his threats, he fled the scene and remains at large….

Uttering his threats of rape and murder, the assailant did not even bother to wear a mask, apparently unconcerned that the police would be able to identify and find him, possibly even believing the director of the nursery would be too petrified to report him.

Interviewed by broadcaster Europe 1, Delphine said that the encounter had left her in a state of profound shock, and that the center would be closed until further notice.

“I’m afraid,” she said. “I can’t tell myself that I’m going to reopen a nursery where I welcome babies, parents. We’re going to see psychologists, to see how it evolves and that this trauma does not end in depression, or even more.

That intrusion by the terrorist, could not have lasted more than a few minutes, but in addition to the psychological damage for the Jewish owner of the preschool, it has also had economic consequences for the school and its director. She has had to close down the nursery “until further notice” because of her worries both about her own safety and that of the under-two-year-old children she takes care of. And she is not alone in her fears; some parents have apparently decided not to send their children back to the school when it reopens, resulting in a significant economic loss for the Jewish director of the nursery, Delphine.

She added that “for now, parents do not want to come back at all; there are some who want to remove the children from the nursery altogether.”…

Antisemitic acts have risen precipitously in France since the Oct. 7 atrocities and the subsequent bombing and invasion of Gaza by Israeli forces….

Many Muslims in France, as elsewhere, including the West Bank, have been inspired, rather than horrified, by the Hamas atrocities carried out on October 7 — the babies beheaded, the children burned alive, the torture, rape, and murder of girls, the women whose breasts were sliced off, the men whose genitalia were cut off, the children murdered in front of their parents, the parents murdered in front of their children. And no shame was expressed by any Muslims in France about any of this, save for the lone example of the Franco-Moroccan writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, who for his expression of horror at Hamas’ atrocities was roundly condemned by a whole slew of Moroccan writers who apparently did not think that, if taken in “context,” those attacks did not merit criticism. Indeed, across the Arab world there was almost no public criticism of Hamas for what took place on October 7.

“It creates a stressful situation, but French Jews want to hold their heads high,” Kaminski remarked.

But can French Jews “hold their heads high” in a country where more than 10% of the country’s population is Muslim, and — more frightening still — 40% of the children under the age of 4 are Muslim? The signs are not good. French Jews. if males, have stopped wearing kippahs in public, or if females, no longer have Stars of David on their necklaces, to avoid being assaulted. They have started to place mezuzahs on the inside of door frames, rather than outside, for the same reasons. The French state has not cracked down on those who, in public protests, shout their desire to eliminate the Jewish state and replace it, “from the river to the sea,” by a twenty-third Arab state, and who call for the annihilation not just of Israelis, but of “the Jews.”

No one among the current crop of French officials dares to mention that antisemitism is an essential part of Islam, nor that for the sake of the survival of both French Jews and the indigenous French, there needs to be a total ban on any further Muslim immigration. The next French parliamentary election is in 2024, and the next presidential election in 2027. Let us hope that the National Rally and Reconquête parties win overwhelmingly in 2024, to put a halt to Macron’s appeasement of Muslims in both his domestic and foreign policies, and that in 2027, either Marine Le Pen, or Eric Zemmour, carries the day, and an immigration policy based on a clear understanding of Islam’s anti-Infidel hatred and violence will finally put an end to the Muslim invasion — for that is what it is — of France.



Canada: Ottawa youth plotted ‘religiously motivated’ attack targeting Jewish community

France: Muslim girl attacks boy with scissors, screams ‘You dirty Christian! You are all the same, dirty dog!’

What AP, the World’s Largest News Agency, Left Out in its Coverage of the ‘Palestinians’

Austria: Muslim migrant murders wife with 19 stab wounds, his lawyer says it’s a ‘tragic love story’

Uganda: Muslims hack Christian woman to death using an axe and machetes

Bangladesh: Convert from Islam to Christianity arrested after reporting attack on Christian family

Fawaz Gerges on NPR, and ‘Civilians Killed in Gaza’

Germany: New CDU manifesto says “Muslims belong to Germany so long as they ‘share our values’”

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FACT BASED! Newly Elected Dutch Prime Minister Geert Wilders, ‘Jordan Is Palestine!’

He’s right. But nothing makes heads explode with such ferocity in the Muslim world and on the left as facts.

Jordan is Palestine and this is not a new take for Wilders.

He has been pointing out these historical facts for years.

Wilders: Jordan is Palestine

By Robert Spencer:

Wilders is right. There is no ethnic difference between Jordanians and Palestinians. In fact, there was no Palestinian nationality before the 1960s, when it was invented in order to reposition what was then universally known as the Arab/Israeli conflict. Up to the invention of “Palestinians,” the Israelis were the tiny, besieged people amidst a huge number of hostile Arabs; after that invention, the “Palestinians” themselves became the tiny, besieged people against the big, bad Israelis.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Maybe you’ll believe PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, who said this in 1977:

The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.

For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.

It was a canny propaganda move, and it worked. Bravo to Wilders for calling the Jordanians (and “Palestinians”) back to the truth. “Geert Wilders: Change Jordan’s name to Palestine,” by Roee Nahmias for Ynet News, June 20:

Geert Wilders, who leads the right-wing Party for Freedom (PVV) in Holland, said last week he believes Jordan should be renamed Palestine. The Jordanian government responded by saying Wilders’ speech was reminiscent of the Israeli right wing.

“Jordan is Palestine,” said Wilders, who heads the third-largest party in Holland. “Changing its name to Palestine will end the conflict in the Middle East and provide the Palestinians with an alternate homeland.”

Wilders added that Israel deserved a special status in the Dutch government because it was fighting for Jerusalem in its name.

“If Jerusalem falls into the hands of the Muslims, Athens and Rome will be next. Thus, Jerusalem is the main front protecting the West. It is not a conflict over territory but rather an ideological battle, between the mentality of the liberated West and the ideology of Islamic barbarism,” he said.

“There has been an independent Palestinian state since 1946, and it is the kingdom of Jordan.” Wilders also called on the Dutch government to refer to Jordan as Palestine and move its embassy to Jerusalem.

The Saudi Al-Watan carried Jordan’s response to Wilders’ speech. The kingdom’s embassy in Hague was outraged, and said the Dutch ambassador would soon be summoned to explain.

Jordan’s minister for media affairs and communications, Nabil Al Sharif, asked for clarifications. He described Wilders’ declaration as “an echo of the voice of the Israeli Right” and “crows’ screams”.

“Jordan is an independent and secure country which supports the Palestinian issue, and these imaginings of finding them an alternate homeland are nothing but the delusions of a few people,” he said….




Netherlands: Muslims attack 71-year-old Iraqi Christian refugee for wearing a cross

British Doctor Who Worked in Shifa Hospital Describes the Fear of Hamas

‘Palestinian’ Hollywood actor says he won’t work with ‘Zionist’ actors

Board Chairman Of Egyptian State Daily Al-Ahram: The U.S. Is ‘The Arab World’s No. 1 Enemy’; ‘It Is More Nazi Than Hitler’; Arabs Should Sever Their Ties With It

Egyptian MPs Condemn Israel As A ‘Nazi Country,’ Tear Up Copy Of Peace Treaty, Call For Egypt To Freeze Relations With Israel, Recall Egyptian Ambassador, Deport Israeli ‘Dog’ From Cairo 


WATCH: FITNA – by Geert Wilders’ Unedited Film

‘No aid to Gaza while Americans are hostages’, Sen. Braun says



Not Another Dime to Hamas “Charities” in US

Muslims Brutally Beat Up Infidel Wearing “Muslim” Cap

NYC: Jewish Teacher Had to Barricade Herself In Locked Office as Hundreds of Rabid Students Tried to Storm Her Office at Hillcrest High School

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Netanyahu responds to Palestinian Authority’s claim that Israel, not Hamas, carried out October 7 massacre

Blaming Israel for Hamas’ attack on October 7 is staggeringly absurd, and adds insult to severe injury.

Yet anything goes when it comes to Palestinian propaganda, which works on leftists.

The Palestinian Authority is now denying Hamas’ savage attack and accusing Israel of carrying out the massacre on its own people. This level of propaganda is intertwined with the identity of the Palestinian leadership and its entire so-called “resistance.” The war on Hamas goes beyond Hamas.

Netanyahu responded.

Today, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah said something utterly preposterous. It denied that it was Hamas that carried out the horrible massacre at the nature festival near Gaza. It actually accused Israel of carrying out that massacre. This is a complete reversal of truth.

Abu Mazen, who in the past has denied the existence of the Holocaust, today is denying the existence of the Hamas massacre and that’s unacceptable.

My goal is that the day after we destroy Hamas, any future civil administration in Gaza does not deny the massacre, does not educate its children to become terrorists, does not pay for terrorists and does not tell its children that their ultimate goal in life is to see the destruction and dissolution of the State of Israel. That’s not acceptable and that is not the way to achieve peace.



SPAIN: Hundreds of Thousands Take to the Streets to Protest Islamization and Socialism: “Spain is Christian, Not Muslim!”

Netherlands: Geert Wilders’ party soars to first place tie ahead of this week’s general election 

San Francisco: Islamic scholar says Jews are 1% of world’s population, yet cause ‘99% of the problems of the world’

NBA star Kyrie Irving shows up at post-match press conference wearing Palestinian keffiyeh

Russia Sending Muslim Invaders Into Finland

Leftist anti-Zionist Jews’ Torah reading at Capitol goes comically wrong

Equity, Equality and Hamas

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Pope Francis’ Silence On Hamas

Pope Francis, terminally naïve about Islam, believes he has a true understanding of the faith based partly on the reassurances given him by his new friend, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb. “War is deceit,” says Muhammad in a famous hadith, and Al-Tayeb has been cheerfully deceiving the Pope every chance he gets. Pope Francis has learned a lot from Al-Tayeb. He insists in his new book, Non Sei Solo: Sfide, Risposte, Speranze (You Are Not Alone: Challenges, Answers, Hopes), that “either you are a terrorist or you are a Muslim.” A “true” Muslim, he thinks, cannot be a terrorist. No one has pointed out to the Pope that Muhammad himself says in another hadith that “I have been made victorious through terror.” (Bukhari 4:52.220) And Muhammad is the Perfect Man and the Model of Conduct, whose behavior is to be emulated by Muslims.

Islam talks about peace, all right — the peace that will prevail once Islam everywhere dominates, and Muslims rule, everywhere. Until then war must be made on the Infidels, who when conquered must be either killed, or made to convert to Islam, or to accept the inferior status of dhimmis, enduring a host of social, political, and economic disabilities, including payment of the extortionate jizyah tax. In his infinite wisdom, the Pope has declared on many occasions, and in his latest book, too, that “Islam, in truth, is a religion of peace and the majority of its members are peaceful.” He’s wrong, of course. He need only look around the world at the Muslim terror groups that have been waging war against Infidels, and even against less fanatical Muslims, in recent years: the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Boko Haram, Al-Shebaab, and so many more. Muslims have committed more than 44,000 terror attacks around the world since 9/11. The Qur’an is filled with verses about violence and waging war on Infidels. The Believers are instructed to “kill them [the Infidels] wherever you find them” (Qur’an 2:191, 4:89, cf. 9:5). But one has the distinct impression that the Pope has never read the Qur’an. Why should he bother to do so, when such authoritative experts on Islam like Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb assure him that Islam is all about peace?

Given the Pope’s affection for Islam, it is not surprising that he has been circumspect in his remarks on the atrocities carried out by Hamas on October 7. More on his failure to forthrightly condemn those attacks, which is risking the Vatican’s relations with the Jewish world, can be found here: “The Vatican is risking its relationship with the Jewish world,” by Vittorio Mascarini, JNS, November 16, 2023:

Relations between Israel and the Vatican have become tense in recent weeks.

In the immediate aftermath of the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre, the Patriarchs and Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem, an ecumenical group of Christian leaders that includes the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, issued a joint statement in which they made no explicit mention of the Hamas atrocities. They included only a vague condemnation of any act that targets civilians.

The Israeli embassy to the Holy See criticized the statement’s “immoral linguistic ambiguity,” which failed to be clear about “what happened, who were the aggressors and who the victims. … It is especially unbelievable that such a sterile document was signed by people of faith.”

This controversy is only the latest in the fraught history of Israel-Vatican relations, which were officially established in Dec. 1993. Besides the Catholic Church’s historical antisemitism, the Vatican was long reluctant to formally recognize Israel for several reasons: Israel did not have internationally recognized borders, the status of Jerusalem and access to its holy sites had not been internationally guaranteed, and Catholics and their institutions were, the Church claimed, not adequately protected under Israeli law.

In addition, the Vatican had concerns about the treatment of Palestinians in the disputed territories and feared that relations with Israel could have negative repercussions for Catholics in Islamic countries.

This may explain why, to date, Pope Francis has not labelled Hamas a terrorist organization and has not met with families of Israeli hostages. The latter has not gone unnoticed, especially because the families were received by many leading national figures, including Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

According to the Catholic news site Cruxnow, the pontiff’s behavior can be explained as “positioning the Vatican potentially to play a mediating and peace-making role.” In addition, “The bulk of the Christian population in the Holy Land is Arab and Palestinian, so Middle Eastern bishops and clergy tend to be strong supporters of the Palestinian cause.”

Given the deplorable treatment of Israel by the Vatican — of which the failure to condemn Hamas is just the latest example, it is doubtful that Jerusalem would accept the Vatican as a mediator between the Jewish state and those who would destroy it.

Moreover, Cruxnow sees a historic shift underway in terms of the Vatican’s interfaith priorities: “Since the Second Vatican Council in the mid-1960s, Judaism has been the Church’s primordial relationship, unquestionably the highest priority in inter-religious dialogue. Under history’s first pope from the developing world, that’s no longer necessarily the case, as other relationships, especially the dialogue with Islam, have become at least an equally compelling perceived priority.”

Given this, it is not surprising that, since war broke out, Pope Francis has spoken with numerous world leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, but there are no reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been among them.

Wouldn’t you think that after the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust, the Pope would have wanted to speak with the leader of the Jewish state, if only to express his solidarity and understanding? But though the Pope has spoken with many world leaders about the ongoing war in Gaza, he has apparently snubbed the Israeli President. How does he hope to ever be a mediator if he will not talk to the Israeli prime minister?

The larger Catholic world has shown equal ambivalence towards the war. Among Eastern Catholic leaders, the Latin Catholic and Eastern churches in communion with Rome have issued what Israel deems a lukewarm and insufficient condemnations of Hamas. Their first communiqué, issued on Oct. 8, contained a generic statement “against any acts that target civilians, regardless of their nationality.” The next, on Oct. 13, decried the humanitarian situation in Gaza and called for de-escalation. It singled out only Israel in connection with humanitarian issues….

Instead of deploring the Hamas atrocities, the Eastern Catholic leaders uttered a generic condemnation “against any acts that target civilians.” They were afraid of the Muslim reaction if they singled out Hamas — as they should have — which would, however, make the lives of Catholics in the Arab countries more difficult. And just like Pope Francis, they did not mention the 240 hostages held by Hamas, or call for their release.

The Pope has to understand that the Jews of Israel now deserve his unambiguous support as they fight to destroy a murderous enemy that has pledged not only to destroy the single Jewish state and replace it with a twenty-third Arab one, but to kill Jews everywhere. No moral equivalency should be allowed. And he must also denounce, as he has not yet done so, the tidal wave of antisemitism, prompted in part by the war in Gaza, that threatens to engulf much of the world. He needs first to unambiguously denounce Hamas and all those who support the terror group. But will he? The signs from this Pope, who believes “Islam is all about peace,” are not good.

So far, Pope Francis has been weighed and found wanting.



Colorado: Imam quotes hadith about Muslims killing Jews, touts ‘prize for those who die in the cause of Allah’

Gavin Newsom gave millions in taxpayer money to pro-Hamas mosques that call for the annihilation of Jews

Virginia: Mosque says Hamas ‘will bring liberation and justice to Palestine and to the rest of the world’

Sign at Harvard-Yale football game: ‘Exchange each hostage for 100 Pro-Hamas Harvard Students & Faculty’

IDF uncovers footage of Israeli hostages being led into Shifa Hospital

Hamas tunnels under Shifa hospital revealed

Houthis claim they seized Israeli ship, Israel denies it’s theirs, denounces Iran’s attack on ‘international vessel’

Islamic State calls on Muslims to attack Jews in Europe and US and to bomb Israeli embassies worldwide

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‘Palestinian’ Woman Featured in VOGUE to Jews: ‘We Will Drink Your Blood And Eat Your Skull’

Savages are given enormous platforms for their monstrous hate while voices of freedom are censored, suspended, deleted. Is it any wonder we are where we are?

Ahed Tamimi was featured in Vogue in 2018.

If she keeps talking like this, they’ll be calling her back for another feature soon.

‘Palestinian’ woman who was featured in Vogue to Jews: ‘We will drink your blood and eat your skull’

The fashion world has lost the plot:



Iran-backed Yemen Formally Declares War on Israel

FRANCE: Jewish Homes, Businesses Being Marked with Stars of David

“DISGUSTING”: London Police officers Pull Down Posters of Kidnapped Jewish Children

German Police Officers Destroying Posters of Jews Kidnapped by Hamas Terrorists

Hostages Kidnapped By Hamas Climbs to 245

RELATED TWEET ON: Hamas Underworld Terror Tunnel City

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Israeli Couple Went Down Fighting, But Saved Their Babies’ Lives

A story getting widespread attention on social media, and on television, and not only in the United States, is that of the Berdichevsky family, who lived in Kfar Aza, the tiny kibbutz where many of the worst atrocities took place. When the Hamas murderers rode into the kibbutz on motorbikes early on the morning of October 7, the young couple, Itai and Hadar Berdichevsky, sprang into action. Hadar and Itai Berdichevsky, both 30 years old, were determined that whatever happened to them, they would fight to the last, no doubt realizing that they would soon be killed. They would make sure that their twin 10-month-old baby boys would be survive. The parents’ heroism and sacrifice has even been presented on CBS News. More on this story can be found here: “Israeli twin babies found hidden and unharmed at kibbutz where Hamas killed their parents,” by Li Cohen, CBS News, October 12, 2023:

An Israeli kibbutz just miles from the Gaza Strip was the scene of a massacre on Saturday [October 7] when Hamas terrorists attacked. Amid what officials described as a “haunting” scene, they also uncovered [sic] that twin babies less than a year old had miraculously survived — because their young parents hid them just before being murdered by the militants.

They knew that if they didn’t, their children would be killed. The mother, Hadar, having put the babies into their safe room, instead of remaining in her own shelter, emerged to fill their bottles. Her body was found in the kitchen, along with the bottles she had taken to refill. It is believed that she tried to fight, in the kitchen, before being shot to death. Meanwhile, like Hadar without a weapon, her husband Itai tried with his bare hands to fight off the killers. What damage he may have inflicted, and how long he lasted before being murdered, is not known. Here is what Hadar’s brother, Dvir Rosenfeld, told to 60 Minutes: “Israeli couple who were killed protecting their twin babies from Hamas gunmen ‘were heroes,’ family says,” by Norah O’Donnell, Alicia Hastey, Adam Verdugo, Justine Redman, and Carrie Rabin, CBS News, October 13, 2023:

Rosenfeld believes she [Hadar] was likely killed when she left her own shelter.

“I know for sure that is what happened,” Rosenfeld said. “She went out to bring the bottles, because they [the IDF soldiers who first came on the scene] said that there were bottles on the floor. And when she did, they just got into her apartment.”

At that point, Hadar might have raced back to her safe room, but that would have led the Hamas murderers to seek her out, and then they would likely have found, as well, where the babies had been hidden, and murder all of them. She chose instead to save the twins by remaining outside their safe room and battling furiously against the invaders. 

Hadar’s body was found in the kitchen. Her husband, Itay Berdichevsky, was found between the beds of their 10-month-old babies, who survived.

I know that Itay died trying to protect them,” Rosenfeld said. “And I can’t imagine what he been through knowing his wife just got murdered, and his two sons are next to him, and he’s the only thing between the terrorists and the babies.”

The babies were at this point in their shelter, not in their beds. Their father was still fighting off, as best he could, the Hamas men in the house, knowing that his wife was already dead, and hoping to distract the Hamas terrorists from finding the babies. And he did. And he died.

For fourteen hours they [the twin baby boys] were alone, hungry, drenched in their own sweat and urine, crying uncontrollably, until finally found by the emergency rescue services..

The mass killing occurred at the Kfar Aza kibbutz, a community just a few miles from the Gaza border. Israeli officials previously said that when Israel Defense Forces arrived at the kibbutz, they found “blood spread out in homes.”…

Imagine the horror,” Segev tweeted. “Two terrified parents who tried with all their might to protect their children, who are now orphans.”

It’s a haunting scene: the young parents fighting desperately, unarmed, against killers, and trying to distract them from finding where their babies had been hidden. May that haunt many people in the Western world, and stiffen their resolve to support Israel unreservedly, when they are being deluged with sickening claims that Israel is to blame, Israel is a “settler colonial” and “apartheid” state, and even, among those completely demented by antisemitism, that Israel is “no better than Hamas.”



NYC teacher cheers Hamas murders of Israelis, claims “to support ‘Israel’ is to support white supremacist terror”

Virginia: Pro-jihad school board member opposes honoring victims of Hamas jihad massacre

BBC Under Attack for Refusing to Call Hamas ‘Terrorists’


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Iraqi Shi’ite top dog al-Sadr: ‘We are also waiting for the fall of the American entity, led by senile old Biden’ [Video]

So is Biden himself, and his henchmen.

Iraqi Shiite leader Muqtada Al-Sadr: Jihad against the Zionist Enemy Brings Glory; We Also Await the Fall of the American Entity, Led by the ‘Senile Old Man’ Biden

MEMRI, October 10, 2023:

Iraqi Shiite leader Muqtada Al-Sadr said in an October 10, 2023 video posted on his YouTube account that Jihad against the Zionist enemy brings glory and honor, even if the people carrying it out are not Shiite. He added: “We are also waiting for the fall of the brutal colonialist American entity, which is led by that senile old man Biden.” Al-Sadr said he was not surprised that the “oppressive” Western countries support the “Zionist enemy.”

Muqtada Al-Sadr: “It is not important whether the heroic Palestinian resistance fighters and mujahideen are Shiites or Sunnis. They do not even need to be Muslims for us to support them. Jihad against the Zionist enemy brings glory and honor.


“I am not surprised by the position of the oppressive West, which supports the Zionist enemy. America, the most evil of all, and its lackeys like France that oppresses rebels, and Germany the promotes obscenity, have gotten us accustomed to their oppression, arrogance, violation of sanctities, and defiance of the Heavens.


“Today, we are also waiting for the fall of the brutal colonialist American entity, which is led by that senile old man, Biden.”



UN Wants to Raise $294,000,000 to Help ‘Palestinians’

Biden Regime Sent $148 Million to ‘Palestinian’ Areas Weeks Before Attack on Israel

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Civilization and savagery are fundamentally at war.

We’re in a war between savages and civilization. Everything else is a detail.

Some of us woke up to that war when planes crashed into skyscrapers. Others when we saw beheading videos spread across social media. What we saw in Israel, Hamas terrorists raping, mutilating and defiling corpses, is another bloody wake-up call. There will be many others.

Beyond the politics and the geopolitics, we still haven’t come to terms with what we’re fighting.

The barbarism of murdering women and children, taking them as hostages, and posting photos of their dead bodies to social media, is not a byproduct of Islamic warfare, it’s the whole point.

Cruelty, beheading, burning to death, torturing and mutilating are the essence of Islam. This is how Islamic warfare was practiced beginning with Mohammed for over a thousand years. It’s how it continues to be practiced, whether it’s ISIS fighting other Muslims, Azebajani troops killing Armenians, Hamas attacking Israelis, or Islamic terrorists plotting carnage in Western nations.

Islam was born out of a war by barbarians against the civilized societies of Persia and Byzantium. Despite academic mythmaking, its vision never extended beyond rape and slavery, its empires fell into power struggles, beginning with Sunnis and Shiites, and its cultural and scientific accomplishments were all looted from conquered peoples. When civilization finally toppled the Ottoman Empire with some help from its internal barbarians, the cycle began again.

Israel is just one front in a global war between savages and civilization. And not all of the savages bow to Allah. There are inner city gangs across the American hemisphere that behead and torture their victims. And there are children of civilization that turn into savages. Savagery is not a condition of birth: it is a choice. People born into savagery can become civilized and those born into the highest echelons of civilization can prey on us like the worst vicious animals.

The question is how do civilized societies confront savagery? Do we blame ourselves for having made the savages what they are through our capitalism and colonialism even though they have behaved this way long before modern western civilization amounted to anything? Or do we set forth to reeducate them, to build modern nations for them and teach them to become civilized?

We have sent forth our sons and daughters to make peace with them and to educate them. Our societies opened themselves to embrace and celebrate the virtues of the noble savage. When we realized that we could not coexist with savages, we tried to remake our societies to serve them. All of that has been tried and civilization is still drowning in the violence of the savages.

The fundamental truth is that civilization and savagery are innately at war with one another.

Savages are offended by the existence of civilization. When they see one, they want to destroy it. There can be no peace with savages because, contrary to Islam, peace is a condition of civilization. To have peace, you must be civilized. Savages don’t even view peace as a value apart from the conclusion of a successful conquest which then sets the stage for the next one.

Civilized people develop complex mechanisms of exchange, but savages see no reason why they shouldn’t take something or someone if they are too weak to defend themselves. No amount of lectures will ever convince a savage that anything other than clan relations should prevent him from stealing a car or raping a woman if there will be no clear consequences.

That’s because savages, unlike civilized people, have no conscience, and therefore no soul.

Islam, unlike Judaism and Christianity, is not a religion of the soul, but entirely of power. From its genocidal chant, “Allahu Akbar” that proclaims the physical supremacy of Allah to all other religions through the military victories of its followers, everything is reduced to conquest. The truth of Islam is validated through war. When Jihadists conquer and rape non-Muslims, they are proving that Islam is true and that the religions of the conquered are false. That’s why ISIS Jihadists would tell the Yazidi girls they were raping that rape brought them “closer to Allah”

Civilizations have become too sophisticated and decadent to understand such concepts. When faced with barbarism, they go down a dialectic rabbit hole that explains the savages in terms of how civilized people interacted with them. Did they hurt their feelings, overthrow their governments or draw mean cartoons? Did capitalism leave them adrift in the world economy? How did we fail to integrate the newest generation of immigrants with all the welfare checks?

These sophomoric sessions are pointless. A hyena doesn’t eat your chickens because you failed to integrate it. That’s just what hyenas do. Man at the base state is a predator and savages strive to be the alpha predators. Civilizations become superior predators because they provide room for arts and sciences, because they think about something other than how they are superior to their neighbors and will prove it by killing their sons and raping their daughters.

But when civilizations spend too much time thinking, they forget that one reason they came into being was to build something better than a state of savagery. Decadent civilizations internalize all the criticism and their peoples endlessly quarrel and think that the worst possible things in the world are the ones that exist among their own people. Savages remind us otherwise.

Much like a hurricane reminds us of the alternative to houses and famine reminds us of the alternative to food, savages remind us of the alternative to civilization. Unfortunately truly decadent civilizations need constant reminders of all of these things. We have to be constantly told that food doesn’t magically emerge from a supermarket, that houses are not the natural state of being and that not being murdered by savages in your home is a new way of life.

Tolerate savages, give them enough rope and they will do all of these things to you. And more.

Savagery should not be confused with stupidity. Civilizations have been brought down by savages and civilizations were built by savages who became civilized. Savages are clever and cunning. They are alert to the weaknesses of civilized people and experts at finding ways around whatever walls and security systems that civilized people build to protect themselves.

Civilizations that spend enough time allowing savages to hang around will fall. Tolerating savages is actually a sign that a civilization has turned decadent. Welcoming and advocating for savages means that the end is nigh. Viable civilizations drive savages away. They do it not just to protect themselves but because banishing savages is what makes a civilization civilized.

When civilizations forget what the difference between themselves and the savages are, they lose their sense of right and wrong, and they can no longer explain why savagery is wrong. When faced with the worst imaginable crimes, they can still equivocate a case for the criminals.

Hamas terrorists can rape and kill their victims, and defenders will rally to explain why the issue is actually more complicated than it seems. This happens with Islamic terrorists all the time.

Savages and decadent civilizations have no firm concept of right and wrong. Everything is subjectively opportunistic and there can be scenarios in which raping a woman, killing her and then posting a photo of her body to social media so her family can see is actually right.

That is why civilization has to defeat savagery, without equivocation, apologies or sympathy, not only to win, but to revive its own soul. Negotiations and laws of war are for peer civilization. Savages offer nothing and so are owed nothing. They keep no agreements except when it suits them. Their word is worthless and their morality is non-existent.

A civilization that does not understand all this will learn it the hard way.

Civilizations are built on the suppression of savagery: both internally and externally.. When civilizations defeat savages, learning, art, science and ideas thrive. And when civilizations allow savages to ravage them, they lose their people, their morality and eventually their existence.

No form of war is more sacred than that of civilization against savagery. It is these wars that made Christianity and Judaism, not to mention all the ideas of western civilization, as well as those of Asia and India, possible. This is once again the defining struggle of our age.

Either civilization or the savages will prevail. Any attempt at a middle ground is suicide.

Our grandchildren will either make great things or they will be hunted by roaming savages like the teenage girls at a concert in Israel or those similarly hunted in venues in Europe.

All the hopes of mankind depend on the utter and total defeat of the savages, not just in Israel, but in America, in Europe, in India and Asia, and around the world. This is not the struggle of any single nation, but the crisis of mankind. Either humanity will rise or we will fall.


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COLORADO: Openly Marxist State Representative Joins Pro-Jihad Rally During Hamas Massacres of Israeli Civilians

For background on the Marxist Hernández, see here. Meanwhile, the claim that no one at the pro-jihad rally was pro-Hamas is silly. There is no action for “Palestinian human rights” that doesn’t display open and gleeful support for Hamas jihadis and other forces of like mind.

Rookie legislator reprimanded for supporting Palestine in wake of attacks

by Carol McKinley, Denver Gazette, October 9, 2023:

Hours after the terrorist organization Hamas launched a surprise holiday attack on Israel, Colorado Rep. Tim Hernández joined around three dozen participants at a rally at the state Capitol and waved a Palestinian flag.

The Palestine Solidarity Rally was described in a flyer as “An Emergency protest for Palestinian Resistance.” It appeared to be organized by the Colorado Palestinian Coalition.

Hernández’s place among the crowd may have gone unnoticed except that it was caught by television cameras gathering footage of the event.

Almost immediately, lawmakers on both sides jumped on Hernández’ action.

“He voiced his approval of the slaughter of innocent people,” said Rep. Lisa Frizell, R-Castle Rock. “I find that to be contrary to anything that I hold dear.”

There is no rule that prohibits legislative house members from participating in a rally or protest. Still, Frizell bemoaned Hernández’s “absence of decorum,” saying she doesn’t believe he “respects the institution he was appointed to.”

But Rep. Iman Jodeh, D-Aurora, said it is unfair to single out Hernandez for “expressing his beliefs that all people should be afforded human rights.” She pointed out that there has been “massive precedent” of other elected officials who have also attended rallies, voicing opinions on the west steps of the state Capitol during the repeal of Roe v. Wade and most recently when conflicts arose in Sudan and Ethiopia.

“Let me be clear,” Jodeh said. “As far as I know, no one held that rally for Hamas. People were rallying for Palestinian human rights.” To equate Hernández’ actions with Hamas, she said, is “reckless.”…

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.