Islamic State Gang Forging Passports for Muslim Migrants

“Officials said some of the fake documents were being also being used by migrants to travel by land to Europe.” How many jihadis have succeeded in getting into Europe by means of one of these passports?

“Gang printing fake passports for ISIS jihadis smashed in huge police raid,” by Tom Batchelor,Express, February 18, 2016:

RUSSIA’S secret service agency says it has smashed an Islamic State gang forging passports for extremists to use for travel to Syria.

The Federal Security Service, or FSB, said 14 suspected members of the group had been arrested and were now in custody.

Secret printing presses and laboratories were discovered during the raid near Moscow – the latest in a string of police swoops on suspected terror cells.

The suspects were accused of forging documents for Russians heading to join ISIS – also known by its Arabic acronym Daesh – in the Middle East warzone.

The gang was also said to be making papers for ISIS militants who were sneaking back into Russia to carry out terror attacks.

Search operations revealed a stockpile of forged papers, forms, stamps and equipment for producing fake documents, as well as extremist literature.

Officials said some of the fake documents were being also being used by migrants to travel by land to Europe.

Terror group Islamic State have gone to extreme lengths on their war against the World, designing and producing outrageous homemade weapons which can cause destruction on a large scale.

A top intelligence official warned last month that Britain was at risk of a Paris-style terror attack by jihadis using fake passports to smuggle themselves into Europe.

ISIS terrorists are said to be masquerading as vulnerable refugees fleeing warzones in the Middle East, to exploit the migrant crisis and Germany’s open borders policy.

The militants are aided by false documents produced in Syria and pressure has been building on the European Union to boost its border controls to stop those using fake documents….


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Fake Passports Being Used by Muslim Migrants

That’s what the Wall Street Journal is reporting, thanks to Jeff for sending the story.

The ‘stars’ of the WSJ piece landed in the UK, but I wonder how many are landing at an airport near you as we speak?

ISTANBUL—Somewhere over Europe, Kassem went to the airplane’s bathroom and flushed his fake Italian passport down the toilet.

When he landed in London’s Heathrow Airport a few hours later, Kassem presented his Syrian ID to U.K. immigration officials and requested asylum. The trip wouldn’t have been possible using his actual, Syrian passport—the country’s four-year civil war has turned it into a burden for anyone fleeing the conflict.

When asked where his passport was, Kassem told the officials: “It’s in the toilet.”

While hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees make the dangerous sea voyage to Europe followed by arduous treks across the continent, some of their countrymen have used fraudulent Western passports to board planes to countries where they can request asylum. Winter’s approach, turning seas colder, stormier and more dangerous, is expected to increase the practice.

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This chart shows how many successful asylum cases were processed in 2013 in the U.S.  Source: Migration Policy Institute. (I would love to know what countries are represented in that 7,776 (30%) from “other countries,” wouldn’t you?)

asylum US

For new readers the difference between refugees and asylum seekers is that we fly the refugees in after the UN selects them for us and asylum seekers get in on their own steam—either illegally across a border or come legally on another type of visa—then ask for asylum, claiming they will be persecuted if returned to their homeland. Once granted asylum however, the asylum seekers get all of the same welfare goodies that refugees receive.


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