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FLORIDA: Republican Paul Spain Announces His Candidacy For District 18 Congressional Seat

PALM BEACH, Fla., PRNewswire/ — Paul Spain, the Republican 2014 Florida District 22 Congressional Candidate and the most successful Republican by percentage of votes cast in South Florida(North of Miami) formally announces his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives, Florida Congressional District 18 (www.paulspainforcongress.com).

Spain will run for the seat currently held in District 18 by Congressman Patrick Murphy (Democrat), who is relinquishing the seat to run for the U.S. Senate against Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator.

“I believe I have the right background to be an effective and sensitive representative for District 18 residents.  I’m a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and a successful businessman with a lifetime of community service.  That service includes Chambers of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, a current member of the College of Financial Planning with Advanced Planning Certifications (AAMS, CRPS), and a member of Maggie’s List, which promotes and supports efforts by women to hold public office,” said Spain,  the father of two with three grandchildren.

“Paul is just the kind of leader needed in Washington today as he is a seasoned financial advisor with many years of business and community experience in the areas of finance, investments, healthcare, energy, technology and transportation,” said Tom Madden, CEO of TransMedia Group (www.transmediagroup.com), which will be handling Spain’s public relations.

“Spain has vital experience working with local, state, and federal agencies and perceptively understands Washington, which is no easy feat these days!  He will work only for the people and not be influenced by outside interests,” said Adrienne Mazzone, president of TransMedia Group, a multi-lingual PR firm serving clients worldwide since 1981.

“Paul will also be an advocate for women,” she said.  “He will be our best representative in seeing we have an effective and efficient government, accountable immigration policies, support for Israel, term limits, and he believes all Americans should have access to affordable healthcare.”

Spain believes a strong military is critical to our national defense, police officers and teachers are vital to their communities and that protecting the environment should be a national priority.