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Arizona House Committee Finds Attorney General Mayes Abused Power

It has never been easy being in public office, especially if you are truly serving the people not your self and future office. I have been most privileged to advise elected officials in Arizona since 2010, and I have earned trust to be behind the curtain, so to speak. No matter what decisions they make someone or group will appear to vigorously oppose the elected official. But even tougher and more sobering is the moment when legislators, both chambers, House of Representatives and Senate, must set aside plans, calendars, agendas and even more personal times to study charges leading to the Impeachment of an elected official. In this case, I reference the link below which describes a resolution to impeach the Arizona Attorney General.

The Arizona House of Representatives Committee on Oversight presented a report of findings to the Speaker of the House with a formal recommendation that a resolution of impeachment be brought to the full house given multiple examples of abuse of power, neglect of duties, and more serious, Committing of Malfeasance in Office as Arizona Attorney General. Additionally, the introduction of legislation to strengthen and bring clarification of Arizona Law to prevent weaponization of the Attorney General’s Office itself.

The fact this possible action by the Arizona Legislature is even being discussed and this far along is an answer to prayer from many. If the elected officials directly involved with this action and subsequent full-house hearing move to perform one of the most sobering and serious acts they are sworn to uphold – that being, not allow or permit in any fashion unethical and reckless conduct compromising the integrity of a constitutional office, the State of Arizona, and the People of Arizona then each legislator, both Representative or Senator, needs to know resoundingly We The People stand with them to fulfill their oaths, We The People support them in this most critical decision they will make for the good of the state, NOT for the good of themselves or next office sought.

The gift given to us by our founders is most seriously jeopardized. The gift of this Republic is in desperate and immediate need to be taken back from socialists who have come into various public offices to alter and forever change the principles and foundational beliefs of this exceptional nation. The Great State of Arizona is one of seven states targeted for ruination as we have known her, and forever changed into something foreign to the foundational beliefs and principles our founders fought a Revolution to escape such tyranny now again attempting to be imposed.

Arizona House Committee Finds Attorney General Mayes Abused Power

By Daniel Stefanski |

Arizona Republicans on a House Oversight Committee have concluded their investigation of Attorney General Kris Mayes’ time in office and have recommended a course of action.

Earlier this week, the Arizona House Ad Hoc Committee on Executive Oversight released its comprehensive investigative report. The report found “that Attorney General Kris Mayes has abused power, neglected legal duties, and committed malfeasance in office.”

The summary of the report, which was transmitted to the Arizona Speaker of the House, recommended that “the House adopt a resolution impeaching Attorney General Mayes,.. scrutinize all appropriations made to the Attorney General’s Office, continue to exercise oversight over Attorney General Mayes’ abuses of office, and consider legislation in the next legislative session to strengthen and clarify Arizona laws aimed at preventing further weaponization of the Attorney General’s Office.”

According to a press release from Arizona House Republicans, the Committee made the following key findings in its 102-page report:

  • Attorney General Mayes unjustifiably threatened the Mohave County Board of Supervisors with personal criminal and civil penalties if they voted against her wishes.
  • Attorney General Mayes abused the legal system to attack her political opponents.
  • Attorney General Mayes abused her power and authority under Arizona’s Consumer Fraud Act by issuing a consumer alert filled with deception, fraud, and misrepresentations about organizations providing health care service to women.
  • Attorney General Mayes has misused public resources and town halls to threaten public nuisance lawsuits against farmers and advocate for ballot measures relating to groundwater use.
  • Attorney General Mayes refused to defend state laws when challenged in court, including Arizona’s Save Women’s Sports Act.
  • Attorney General Mayes hindered the Committee’s work by failing to timely produce records and information and refusing to explain her actions to the Committee.

State Representative Jacqueline Parker, the Chairwoman of the Committee issued a statement following her panel’s completed report, writing, “The people of Arizona deserve better from the state’s chief legal officer. I am deeply frustrated and disappointed by Attorney General Mayes’ lack of cooperation with our requests for more information and records concerning the many allegations that came to the Committee’s attention. I am also disappointed that none of my Democratic colleagues decided to participate whatsoever or learn about the proper role of the Attorney General under our state constitution. Despite the Attorney General’s lack of transparency with the Committee, we have seen and heard enough.”

Parker added, “I hope all House members will thoroughly review the Committee’s report and findings and agree to impeach Attorney General Mayes and consider other measures outlined in our report to prevent future weaponization of the AG’s office.”

Representative Joseph Chaplik, a Republican, agreed with the report, stating, “Kris Mayes is clearly abusing her power. I agree with the conclusions of my fellow caucus members and we should immediately move to impeach Kris Mayes in the Arizona House of Representatives. Her unethical and reckless conduct is a danger to all Arizonans.”

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