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We Unequivocally Endorse Dena Stebbins DeCamp for Polk County State Committeewoman

“Women want jobs and to create businesses in a friendly atmosphere free of burdensome regulations and high taxes. Women want opportunity and safety for themselves and their families. We have long advocated for education excellence, smaller government at the state and national level, support for Veterans and abuse prevention of children, adults, and animals. In 2016, are again putting a strong voice to those efforts.”  — Dena DeCamp, February 13, 2016 interview.

The Editorial Board of the Dr. Rich Swier Report fully and unequivocally endorses Dena Stebbins DeCamp for Polk County State Committeewoman.

Dena DeCamp gives her wide ranging views on women, the Presidential Primary in Florida, her thoughts about the 2024 Presidential, and who will succeed President Donald J. Trump after serving as the 47th POTUS.

Dena provides a woman’s perspective on the economy, to the border crisis, to those issues near and dear to all American patriots in Polk County, Florida and across these United States of America.

Dena is a business woman and understands how this economy is harming her, her customers and her employees.

WATCH: Interview with Ronald Reagan Leadership Award winner Dena DeCamp and Polk County, FL Executive Committee Member in Dissent TV


Dena Decamp has a reputation for working hard. Dena had her first job at 14 and her first business, Helen’s Uniform Store, when she was 23. Dena has been building a custom embroidery business in S. Lakeland, for the last 20 years.

Dena joined the Polk County Republican Executive Committee in 2006, became Vice Chairman in 2008 under Chairman Gene Roberts. Since then, she has held duties within the REC as Voter Registration chair, EventsChairandhas run the Polk County campaign HQ from 2010until 2020.

Dena joined the local Republican Women’s Clubin1996 and was elected President of the RWC. From2009-2014, she was president of Republican Women Federated of Lakeland served as volunteer, team leader and field director for several campaigns. In 2014, Florida Gov. Rick Scott presented DeCamp with the Republican Party of Florida Volunteer of the Year Award.

Decamp was elected president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women after serving as 1st and 2nd vice presidents and in several other states. In 2016, the Trump campaign asked FFRW President Dena DeCamp to help rally women to the Trump ticket. Dena gave speeches at 4of the central Florida Trump rallies – Tampa, Kissimmee, Daytona and Lakeland in addition to being on various live radio shows, encouraging women to vote for Donald Trump. Dena was honored to be an Elector for Donald Trump and attended the RNC Convention for Presidential candidate Donald J Trump in Cleveland, OH in 2016.

Florida Republican leader Dena Stebbins Decamp was awarded the prestigious Ronald Reagan Leadership Award in 2017 during the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) 39th Biennial Convention

The award was established by the NFRW in 2005 to recognize the outstanding leadership of one state president and is presented every two years at the biennial convention.

Decamp and four other state presidents were selected as nominees based on overall leadership and initiation of new programs, increases in membership, participation in national programs, and excellence in public relations and campaign e orts.

Dena DeCamp currently serves on the POLK REC as Chair of the Events Committee, Fundraising committee and assists the Membership Committee chairman.

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