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ROOKE: The First Presidential Debate Is Obviously Rigged, And Poll Shows Americans Know It

Americans are very aware that President Joe Biden is entering friendly territory at the first presidential debate on Thursday.

If Biden wanted to display normalcy or strength, it won’t happen because most voters believe there is no chance the moderators would remain neutral regarding former President Donald Trump.

Trump supporters have been very vocal about his decision to debate Biden on CNN with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as the event’s moderators. However, a poll shows that not just Trump allies but most Americans see the glaring impartiality frequently displayed by the network and its hosts.

Around 56% of the Issues & Insights poll voters said they either didn’t approve or were unsure of CNN as the network host for the first presidential debate. The polling gets worse when one looks at the debate hosts Tapper and Bash, both longtime critics of Trump and his supporters.

As one of CNN’s top media personalities, Tapper has used his platform to push the Russian collusion hoax and frequently referenced Adolf Hitler when speaking about Trump or his policies. So it’s not shocking that Americans would have such a low opinion of the elite media stooge. Only 30% of voters gave Tapper a positive score, while 75% voted unsure or unfavorable.

Voters are even more unsure of Bash, the polling shows. She has just a 26% favorability rating, with 73% of voters either unsure or downright pessimistic about the CNN personality. This likely has to do with her consistent attacks on Trump and his supporters on her show. Bash even asked Frank Luntz in 2023, “Who are these people?” still wanting to vote for him after “everything that’s going on that happened on January 6.”

Biden’s handlers are hiding him away in Delaware for “debate prep,” which is really code for rest and the likely avalanche of medical intervention he will need to last the whole time. After several embarrassing public moments recently that forced the president’s campaign to claim critics were maliciously editing his videos to make him look bad, the pressure is on Biden (and his medical team) to hold it together.

While the bar couldn’t be lower for Biden, now he has to contend with the knowledge that Americans know that Trump is walking into a hostile room with moderators prepping on how to take him down for Biden. All the president has to do is speak seemingly coherent phrases, and elite media will praise this as a Biden win.



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‘Extremely Alarmed’: Strategists Break Down Major Red Flag For Democrats In Latest Polling

A polling anomaly in the latest numbers from the New York Times and Siena College has Republican strategists predicting more good news to come for the GOP.

The NYT and Siena released a survey Monday showing former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden across five key swing states: Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Of registered voters, 33% said they would vote for Biden if the election was held in May with Trump getting 40% of the vote.

But while Biden trails Trump by a healthy margin, the down-ballot races are a different story. Senate Democrats are doing much better across the same states states, with 45% of voters choosing Democrats as opposed to 40% of voters choosing Republicans.

The numbers could paint a rosy picture for Senate Democrats, but several strategists told the Daily Caller it could be fool’s gold, adding that an unpopular Biden could affect Democrats down ballot as the election goes on.

“It shows you the depths of disappointment that most voters have with Biden, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans. There’s just a lot of disappointment in Biden. If I were Biden, I would be extremely alarmed by this gap that you’ve got voters out there saying, ‘yeah, I’d like to vote for this Democratic senator, but not Joe Biden.’ That is a huge red flag for them,” longtime Kentucky Republican strategist Scott Jennings told the Daily Caller.


The president has faced a string of poor polling that shows him losing matchups to Trump both nationally and across key swing states. Biden is also dealing with a poor approval rating, as Americans stress they are focused on the economy and border crisis.

While the NYT poll shows Democrats winning state races, having a weak Biden that voters aren’t excited about could doom other Democrats relying on the president to generate turnout, communications adviser Mark R. Weaver told the Daily Caller.

“One thing a poll doesn’t simulate is turnout. So if Joe Biden is weak at the top of the ticket, we have two problems for the Democratic party. First one is he’s weak at the top of the ticket. He’s likely to lose,” Weaver said.

“But problem number two for the rest of the ticket is when the top of your ticket is weak, it depresses turnout of your base. So those people who are senators who are scoring higher in the poll in the cross tabs, that’s with people who got on the phone or got online and took the poll. That’s not measuring that many of them won’t actually show up to vote for that Democratic senate candidate because they’re so depressed or disillusioned with Joe Biden,” Weaver added.

In those Senate races highlighted in the poll, the Democrats outperforming Republicans include Arizona’s Ruben Gallego, who leads Kari Lake by three points, and Bob Casey, who is two points ahead of Dave McCormick in Pennsylvania.

In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin is ahead of Eric Hovde by seven points while Jacky Rosen and Sam Brown are neck-in-neck in Nevada. “The four Democratic Senate candidates outpace Biden by between one and 13 points,” the summary of the poll reads.

The polling discrepancy could in part be attributed to Republicans being better at their messaging against Biden rather than the entire Democratic party, Robert Cahaly, founder of the polling organization the Trafalgar Group, told the Daily Caller.

“I would think that is a logical reasoning for the gap. That is a logical reason. So I would ascribe to that possibility …  Let it all be blamed on Biden and therefore all cleaned up,” Cahaly told the Daily Caller.

Weaver and Jennings echoed Cahaly’s sentiments, though they attributed the gap more to the timing of the poll.

“I think that’s possible, but that messaging would come later in the campaign. That’s a September message. That’s not a May message. Right now, most Republican Senate candidates are not spending money advertising, they’re organizing,” Weaver told the Caller.

“But it’s awfully early to measure that because you’re not seeing large amounts of Republican Senate advertising yet. It’s too early to be messaging,” he added.

Brad Bannon, a Democratic strategist, agreed that Republicans may have a messaging problem, adding that state candidates focus on issues that might not be popular with voters.

“I do think there’s a Republican message problem,” Bannon told the Caller. “And you know, one of the reasons is that, in my opinion, is abortion. People see Trump Republicans making all sorts of threats about a national abortion ban. And even older districts who are willing to vote for Donald Trump for president don’t want a national abortion ban.”

As the election draws near, the president and his aides are reportedly in complete denial about the polls showing Biden trailing across key swing states.

In public, the president is open about his disbelief in the polls, and his posture is the same in private, people familiar with his thoughts told Axios.

“While the press doesn’t write about it, the momentum is clearly in our favor, with the polls moving towards us and away from Trump,” the president told donors during a California campaign event in May.

There are some polls that show Biden leading Trump, and those figures are the ones the president likes to study and follow closely, according to Axios. An April 2024 poll from PBS/Marist survey is among those that puts Biden three points ahead of Trump.


“The only consistency in recent public polls is inconsistency,” Geoff Garin, a Biden campaign pollster, told reporters, according to the New York Times.

Leslie Marshall, a Democratic strategist, had similar sentiments to Garin, adding that the polls are only reflective of a point in time and could fluctuate.

“So am I saying those polls are wrong? No, not necessarily. But we all know, polls are a snapshot in time. And whether you look back to the election of 1972, actually, from 1972, all the way to 2020. The polls at this time have been off, you know, whether it’s three, four, or five or more points from where we are in November, and then things are going to change by the time November comes around,” Marshall told the Caller.

Despite the polling troubles, the Biden campaign has had success in its fundraising efforts through the 2024 election cycle. Keeping up with his trend of glitzy fundraisers, the president is set to host a major event in California with former President Barack Obama, George Clooney and Julia Roberts, a campaign official told NBC News. Biden will later hold a fundraiser with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, the outlet reported.

“I think when you vote right down to it, Trump is more popular among Republicans than Biden is among Democrats. If we’ve heard one, we’ve heard 100 people say I didn’t start off this election cycle thinking there’s any way I can vote for Trump and I’m so sick of what’s being done to him, that I’m gonna vote for him just to spite him. I hear that all the time,” Cahaly told the Daily Caller.



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The Polls For Joe Biden Might Even Be Worse Than You Think

  • While President Joe Biden continues to lag behind former President Trump in national and battleground state polls, his poll numbers are even worse on several key issues he’ll need to gain ground on to win reelection.
  • Biden is polling behind Trump on key questions on who voters benefited from most while in office, who they trust to handle top issues and who they believe is best fit to serve another term, according to recent polling.
  • “All of these polls point to voters having already decided against Biden on the current merits,” Jon McHenry, a GOP polling analyst and vice president at North Star Opinion Research, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “They just don’t think he’s up to the job, whether we’re asking about traits like stamina and sharpness or about policies like the economy and immigration.”

As President Joe Biden continues to poll behind former President Donald Trump for a potential head-to-head matchup in 2024, recent surveys indicate he is also faring much worse than the Republican on issues that are most important to voters.

Trump has been trending ahead of Biden in national and crucial battleground state polls a year out from a hypothetical rematch, and is currently up by 3.2 points in the RealClearPolitics (RCP) average. Additionally, Biden is down by double digits against Trump on questions of basic presidential competency, including the handling of voters’ top issues and concerns over the Democrat’s age, according to recent polling data.

“He should be worried, and Democrats more generally should be worried,” Dr. Charles Bullock, elections expert and political science professor at the University of Georgia, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The kinds of issues that Biden is trailing Trump on seem to be the issues that are foremost on most peoples’ minds.”

A Wall Street Journal survey released on Dec. 9 found that only 23% of voters believe Biden’s policies have helped them, compared to nearly 50% who said the same of Trump’s administration.

Ron Faucheux, president of nonpartisan polling firm President of Clarus Research Group, believes this statistic is “the worst omen for Biden,” and told the DCNF “this contrast is deadly” ahead of 2024.

“When Democrats decided to package their economic policies under the single label, ‘Bidenomics,’ it backfired, and gave a name to something voters neither liked nor trusted,” Faucheux said.

Inflation has spiked under the Biden administration, which many critics attribute to the president’s record spending advanced by congressional Democrats. The Inflation Reduction Act, the American Rescue Plan, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and other pieces of Biden’s economic agenda are responsible for green-lighting trillions in spending.

The WSJ poll found that Biden was down by double digits against Trump on who voters trust to handle issues relating to the economy and inflation, as well as immigration, crime and the wars in Ukraine and Israel.

Recent battleground state polling has affirmed the national surveys, finding that Biden is far behind Trump on key issues voters are concerned about going into election year.

A Morning Consult/Bloomberg survey published Thursday shows that across seven swing states — Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and North Carolina — 51% of voters said the country’s economy was better off under Trump compared to 34% under Biden. The numbers were nearly identical when asked if they’re better off financially now than they were when Trump was president.

Trump also scored double-digits higher than Biden on who the electorate trusts to handle the economy, crime and immigration — which voters said were some of the most pressing issues to them ahead of 2024, according to the Morning Consult/Bloomberg poll.

CNN/SSRS polls in Michigan and Georgia released Monday indicated Trump scored far ahead of Biden for their respective “policy decisions on major issues.”

Another battleground state poll, conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania, yielded similar results. In all of the states, Trump was ahead of Biden by double digits on issues concerning who “can get the economy going again” and “who will be tough on China.”

“The voters see the same decline for our country where we look weak. Where the economy’s bad, where our enemies are taking advantage of this weakness, and you’ve got a world where you’ve got really bad wars in Ukraine and now in the Middle East, and Biden can’t stop it,” John McLaughlin, CEO and partner of McLaughlin & Associates, which works closely with the Trump campaign, told the DCNF. “The sooner the election happens, the better off the voters will be, and the better off the country will be.”

Biden is also lagging far behind Trump on who voters believe are better fit to serve another term, given the current and former presidents are 81 and 77 years old, respectively.

Trump led Biden 45% to 29% on the question of who “is mentally up for the job” in the WSJ poll, and was ahead by 34 points on “physical stamina.”

An Economist/YouGov survey released Wednesday found that 55% of voters believe Biden’s health and age would “severely limit his ability to do the job,” while only 26% said the same of Trump.

The battleground state polls yielded similar results on the president’s sharpness, stamina and physical and mental health.

Bullock argued that Trump has been successful in messaging on the age issue, noting his “Sleepy Joe” nickname for Biden, posing a sharp contrast between the two men.

“It has taken hold, and it’s been augmented by some things, like when Biden stumbles or falls or that sort of thing,” Bullock told the DCNF. “Well, that kind of underscores, or reinforces, the message that Trump has been putting out.”

Additionally, polling suggests Trump fares better on some personal attributes that are essential to the presidency.

The Economist/YouGov poll found that only 36% of voters believe Biden is a strong leader, compared to nearly 60% who said the same of Trump. Biden was also down by double digits on questions of who the stronger leader is and who knows how to get things done in nearly all of the swing states Redfield & Wilton Strategies surveyed.

“All of these polls point to voters having already decided against Biden on the current merits,” Jon McHenry, a GOP polling analyst and vice president at North Star Opinion Research, told the DCNF. “They just don’t think he’s up to the job, whether we’re asking about traits like stamina and sharpness or about policies like the economy and immigration.”

The last time an incumbent president had nearly as low of an approval rating going into an election year as Biden does, it was Jimmy Carter in November 1979, according to Gallup. Biden’s most recent job performance score was at 37% in November, which is 3 points lower than Carter’s was just a year before he lost to Republican Ronald Reagan by nearly 10 points.

“As we move closer to the start of 2024, this may be the last opportunity for Biden to question his own political assumptions —and to decide not to run,” said Faucheux. “That would be the lighting strike that changes everything.”

The RCP average for a 2024 national Democratic and Republican primary, based on the most recent polling, indicates Biden and Trump are leading their respective fields with 68% and 60% support, respectively.

Neither Biden nor Trump’s campaigns responded to the DCNF’s requests for comment.





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Poll: Americans Have Negative Views Of Preferred Pronouns And Trans Athletes

A new poll reveals that Americans tend to reject preferred pronouns, transgender ideology and allowing trans athletes to play on teams that align with their gender identity.

According to a poll conducted by NORC and The Wall Street Journal, a majority of Americans do not want transgender athletes participating in sporting events inconsistent with their biological sex. When polled on the issue, 56 percent of respondents agreed that trans athletes should play on teams that match their biological sex. Only 17 percent believe that transgender people should play on teams that align with the gender they identify with.

In addition, the poll found that many Americans believe that society has gone over the edge when it comes to trans issues.

The NORC-WSJ poll found that 43 percent of Americans believe that society has gone “too far” when it comes to promoting acceptance of transgender people, while 33 percent believe society has not gone far enough and 23 percent support the status quo.

Respondents also opposed being forced to use preferred pronouns or non-traditional pronouns.

Forty-two percent said they had “unfavorable” opinions about the usage of pronouns such as he/him or she/her in “email, social media communication, or conversations.” Only 21 percent had “favorable” opinions on others declaring their preferred pronouns.

Gender-neutral pronouns like they/them don’t seem to have much popularity either.

Fifty percent of respondents expressed “unfavorable” opinions about being asked to use non-binary pronouns. Only 18 percent viewed these pronouns favorably.





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