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VIDEOS: What Really Happened on Maui and President Trump’s Response

While in the U.S. Army I was stationed on the island or Oahu, Hawaii for five years.

As the Deputy Inspector General of the U.S. Army Pacific Command I had the opportunity to travel to all of the Hawaiian islands, including Maui, to meet with their National Guard men and women who served our nation.

My heart goes out to the Hawaiian people and those families who lost loved ones during these horrific fires on Maui.

The below videos tell the story and point out who really cares about Hawaiians, Maui and its citizens.


Biden Has “No Comment” On Devastating Maui Fire Death Toll!

‘Not now’: Biden skirts questions on Maui disaster, walks away from press

President Donald J. Trump Gives Message to the People of Maui

In a Public News article titled Renewables Mania And Woke Dogma Behind Hawaii Fire, Not Climate Change MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER wrote,

New York Times spreads disinformation about climate change and fires

Climate change caused the fire that ravaged Hawaii, according to the New York Times. “Climate Change Turned Lush Hawaii Into A Tinderbox,” it reported. “The explanation is as straightforward as it is sobering: As the planet heats up, no place is protected from disasters.”

But the cause of the strong winds, which pushed the wildfires into the city of Lahaina, was Hurricane Dora, and the best available science shows no increase in hurricanes at global or national levels.

It’s true that there’s been a 31% decline in average yearly rainfall in Hawaii since 1990, according to researchers. The La Niña weather pattern, which usually leads to significant rainfall, has brought less precipitation over the last 40 years.

But other changes are more difficult to tie to rising global temperatures, such as the fact that larger storms have been moving northward, resulting in less rainfall. And only 16% of Maui County, where most of the wildfires were burning, has been in severe drought, with another 20% in moderate drought.

What’s more, it’s been human-made changes to the landscape, including the reversion of former sugar cane farms, which had been irrigated, to invasive grasses, which are quick to ignite. “The landscape is just covered with flammable stuff,” one expert told the Times. “All of the conditions just came together.”

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WATCH: What Really Happened in Maui?

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