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New American Justice: Find Me the Man and I Will Create the Crime

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” — Lavrentiy Beria, the most ruthless and longest-serving secret police chief in Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror in Russia and Eastern Europe.

A listener contacted me and asked me why I call the left Marxists. People who act like Marxists and follow Marx ideology are called Marxists. Example: If I have a difference of opinion, I am personally attacked. Not my opinion but me personally. They are not happy until I am cancelled. That is a perfect example of a Marxist. Demonize the person. So, be strong, don’t let their words get to you they are pathetic. Here’s a quote by Marx:

“The state of the proletariat is nonsense, for the state is an evil that must be destroyed.  A communist state would still be concentrated in the hands of a few.   And even if the country is led by its workers, they would soon become just as corrupt and despotic as the tyrants they overthrew.  Only anarchy can save the world, with power so diffused that no one could abuse it”

The solution offered – anarchy –  is not the answer either. Anarchy leads to violence.

Education in the rule of law, the constitution, a contract with the government, answering to the people, electing statesman who believe in America, following the law, equal for all is the answer.  Educated people would perform oversight, vet candidates and weed out those interested in “me, money, power and control” only.  Educated people would understand that if all are prosperous, they would make just as much money without stealing.

The day Wilson sold the country was the beginning of the end of America.

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world – no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

Wilson said that as he signed the Federal Reserve Act and gave control of America’s treasury to the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is not federal nor is it a bank – reserve. It is a private corporation that over the years has managed to steal from the poor and middle class and put America in massive debt. Now it just prints money out of nothing, gives the money to the government and charges them interest. Today our interest payment is almost as much as our military budget. Soon it will be more. The action of Wilson’ allowed a concentrated few all the money and power they wanted while destroying the free market capitalism. Today we have crony capitalism where the government favor few make out and get those lucrative contracts while the rest of us work.  I was asked what is the difference between all the difference forms of economic programs.

Capitalism is driven by the people , the consumer. They want something, the  market, business creates it. Then competition from different vendors drives the quality and price.

Socialism is driven by the government. They choose products they allow the consumer to have. The government regulates and mandates to the business what product to make.

Perfect example is the EV. The government mandated  but the people don’t want them. The government doesn’t care so they eliminate gas cars to eliminate competition, offer subsidies and demand businesses follow if the business wants that contract. Business suffers.

Communism the government owns and controls the business or at owns at least 51%

Fascism the business is controlled by government through mandatory donations, taxes and regulations.

If we were able to take away the massive greed only capitalism allows for competition, innovation and creation of new products without government permission.

Today we have capitalism with massive greed which leads to socialism and corruption but if not checked all roads lead to communism.

I was also asked, will the people still support Trump because he has been convicted. Not only will we support him, I believe the people will be more determined than ever to get him elected. He collected $32million in donations. The Marxist scheme is not working.   He is a great example of a good leader. He took a left to the jaw by will not stop fighting. Always remember if Biden wins you will see more kangaroo courts aimed at we the people. Why do we support Trump you ask?  Trump supporters support Trump because he gives us hope:

  • Hope that we will have law and order again
  • That our streets will not house the homeless
  • That fentanyl will not kill our children
  • That illegals will not be allowed to invade our country while we pay for them
  • Hope that we will become energy independent and inflation will go back in its box
  • That we will be able to work one job to support our families
  • That all groups will be equal, we will all be just Americans
  • That DIE will not destroy our country by making Americans stupid.
  • That our jobs will return
  • That justice will be applied equally to all
  • That government spending will be reduced
  • That the government will not be in every aspect of our lives
  • That we will be respected in the world as a leader
  • That America will be first not last

We remember 5 years ago and we want our economy and country back.  We listen to Trump over and over because he reminds us of the way things were and he gives us hope to get them back. The rest of his actions are irrelevant. We know the trials are unfair and we know that he is taking the hits for us. We know that OBiden thinks if they can break Trump they will break MAGA. That will not happen. Whatever is tried against us makes us stronger.  We will not give up our country to communists who want to control and own everything. We hope some day more Americans will not be afraid of the truth and join us.

The REAL Verdict is November 5.

President Trump said that after the verdict and he is 100% correct.

We HAVE to volunteer to help get out the vote, knock on doors, get the message out and VOTE. We are now officially living in a country where one party is jailing its political opponents and anyone who stands too close to them. America is becoming Venezuela.

President Trump said a while ago “they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just standing in the way.” He’s right. They are 100% coming after everything you and I stand for.

Thank you all for getting involved in stopping the WHO Treaty. I want you all to know how important it is to contact your legislator. Our calls, petitions, emails and letters worked. The WHO Plandemic Treaty was withdrawn.  That doesn’t mean they will not try again.  But for now pat yourself on the back, look in the mirror and say Job Well Done.

Globalists want Money, Control and Power. They can only get Power if we give it to them. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is Affirmation. The Regime will not go quietly, Prepare.  Share with your 5.   Join me on the radio with guest  Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt.

Is America worth saving? What are you doing?

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