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Who are the most liberal and conservative candidates for President in 2016?

crowdpac rick perryStartup Crowdpac.com is a new political website that ranks 24 potential candidates for President in 2016. According to Crowpac’s methodology there are no moderate politicians running, to date. Crowdpac ranks the 2016 Presidential candidates in a unique and comprehensive way using a 20 point scale, with 10L a perfect liberal record and 10C the perfect conservative record. Their website states:

Crowdpac is the definitive resource for objective data on US political candidates. Our unique data model shows you where politicians stand on the issues, based on what they say, how they vote and who gives them money. Crowdpac’s mission is to help everyone participate more easily and effectively in the political process. Crowdpac is independent, non-partisan and for-profit. This is the new politics.

In the liberal camp the spread between being more liberal with Bernie Sanders at 8.3L or less liberal with Joe Biden at 4.4L is 3.9 points. On the conservative side the spread is 7.5 with Rand Paul being the perfect conservative at 10.0C and Governor Chris Christie the least conservative at 2.5C. Liberal candidates are much more like minded than are the conservative candidates. The separation between the least liberal candidate (Biden) and the least conservative candidate (Christie) is 8.1 points, according to Crowdpac’s scale.

The infographic below provides an overview of the rankings:

ranking liberals and conservatives

For a larger view click on the image.

crowdpac hillary clintonCrowdpac polls show that liberals are backing Hillary Clinton by a large margin, while conservatives are still making up their minds. The polling spread between the two top liberal candidates (Clinton and Warren) is 49.5%, while for the top two conservative candidates (Bush and Christie) it is 5.8%. Bush and Christie are the most liberal candidates on the conservative scale.

Many have written that President Obama is the most liberal President in the history of the United States. He is also one of the most unpopular as are his policies. So what does the data from Crowdpac really telling us? Are voters looking for a conservative liberal or liberal conservative or neither?

Time will tell.


public office seats won and lost

This chart shows the number of seats won (blue) or lost (red) at the state and federal levels by U.S. Presidents since 1953. The graphic is courtesy of the Washington Post.


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EDITORS NOTE: The features images are courtesy of Crowdpac.com.