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NORTH CAROLINA: Biden’s Weaponized DOJ Prosecutes & Fines Printing Company $30,000 for Upholding Immigration Laws

A North Carolina printing company Printful, Inc. must pay more than $30,000 for violating installed Marxist President Joe Biden’s “protect illegal immigrants policy”

Biden’s weaponized U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) sued the printing company when they asked to see an employees Green Card which authorizes work and legal status in the United States.

Biden’s DOJ stated the individual had already proved her permission to work by submitting a Social Security card and driver’s license.

Civil Rights Division’s Immigrant and Employee’s Rights poster poster reads “If you have the right to work, don’t let anyone take it away.”

It directs applicants to call 1-800-255-7688 if an employer:

  1. Does not hire you or fires you because of your national origin or citizenship status
  2. Treats you unfairly while checking your right to work in the U.S., including while completing the Form I-9 or using E-Verify
  3. Retaliates against you because you are speaking up for your right to work as protected by this law.

A social security number is only valid 90 days when entering the USA as a legal permanent resident.

It is only re-adjudicated as an indefinite social security number after the Department of Homeland Security approves and issues the Green Card and or EAD or Employment Authorization Document.

A social security number and a drivers license does not authorize an individual who is a new legal immigrant to work in the USA. Thus the company was following congressional law when they requested proof of legal residency.

Biden’s weaponized DOJ are violating congressional law and maliciously prosecuted this company as a warning to other companies not to ask for proof of legal permanent residency.

The DOJ’s Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division stated: “Companies cannot reject workers’ valid documents or require specific or unnecessary documents based on citizenship status when checking their permission to work.”

A Green Card is not an unnecessary document it’s a mandatory document to be presented by a new legal permanent resident for job applications including entering the military.

The company must now pay a civil penalty of $27,500 to the U.S. Treasury and an additional $6,200 in back pay and lost wages to the employee.

This printing company has endured a malicious prosecution designed to protect illegal immigrants by Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke.

Elon Musk was also sued by Biden’s weaponized DOJ when he refused to hire illegal immigrants at Space X. A job that requires US citizenship and a security clearance due to the sensitivity of the positions.

Trump must totally dismantle this Marxist DOJ immediately upon taking office as our President in January 2025. Kristen Clarke must be fired on day one.

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