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Poll: Americans Have Negative Views Of Preferred Pronouns And Trans Athletes

A new poll reveals that Americans tend to reject preferred pronouns, transgender ideology and allowing trans athletes to play on teams that align with their gender identity.

According to a poll conducted by NORC and The Wall Street Journal, a majority of Americans do not want transgender athletes participating in sporting events inconsistent with their biological sex. When polled on the issue, 56 percent of respondents agreed that trans athletes should play on teams that match their biological sex. Only 17 percent believe that transgender people should play on teams that align with the gender they identify with.

In addition, the poll found that many Americans believe that society has gone over the edge when it comes to trans issues.

The NORC-WSJ poll found that 43 percent of Americans believe that society has gone “too far” when it comes to promoting acceptance of transgender people, while 33 percent believe society has not gone far enough and 23 percent support the status quo.

Respondents also opposed being forced to use preferred pronouns or non-traditional pronouns.

Forty-two percent said they had “unfavorable” opinions about the usage of pronouns such as he/him or she/her in “email, social media communication, or conversations.” Only 21 percent had “favorable” opinions on others declaring their preferred pronouns.

Gender-neutral pronouns like they/them don’t seem to have much popularity either.

Fifty percent of respondents expressed “unfavorable” opinions about being asked to use non-binary pronouns. Only 18 percent viewed these pronouns favorably.





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