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NYC: Pre-K Teacher Spreads Pro-Hamas Propaganda to Four-Year-Olds

UPDATE: It turns out she is a dhimmi Christian, sold out to the Islamic agenda, as so many are.

Raising up a new generation of jihadis.

NYC pre-K teacher pushes anti-Israel agenda with lessons about ‘land theft, displacement and ethnic cleansing

by Deirdre Bardolf and Susan Edelman, New York Post, November 4, 2023:

A Manhattan pre-K teacher is spreading anti-Israel hate to the city’s youngest learners – and offering parents and teachers tips to indoctrinate kids to her left-wing agenda, educators and insiders told The Post.

Siriana Abboud, 29, a city Department of Education teacher at PS 59 in Midtown, offers social-media guides on how to talk to 4-year-olds about “land theft, displacement and ethnic cleansing.”

She encourages parents to take them to pro-Palestinian protests — while blasting Israel as a “fascist ethnostate” in her Instagram stories, even in the wake of the Oct. 7 terror attacks by Hamas terrorists.

Abboud’s exclusive “teach-ins” for educators and activists cover Palestine, Zionism, and the “struggle against colonization.” She proselytized online that “teaching can never be radical or revolutionary, so long as you deny the ongoing and violent colonization of Palestine by Zionism” and that early education can be a “tool for liberation.”

“Justice-informed teaching means breaking down power imbalances I’ve been given as a classroom teacher,” she has said, and that “we aren’t teaching the truth if we’re silent on Palestine.”…

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