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Poll: Almost Three Quarters of Voters Say Biden’s America Is On the ‘Wrong Track’

New polling has revealed that almost three-quarters of American voters believe that the nation is on the “wrong track” under President Joe Biden, a historically high amount. The news comes as the president faces additional surveys indicating that states previously considered safely blue are becoming competitive in the November election.

Poll results from Hart Research/NBC News published Wednesday show that 73% of U.S. voters say the country is on the “wrong track,” which equals a record high level not seen in the last 35 years. The previous high of 70% was reached at the end of George W. Bush’s presidency, while Barack Obama saw a high of 65% of voters disapprove of the country’s direction on three different occasions.

“The American people rightly perceive the chaos of the Biden administration,” FRC Action Director Matt Carpenter told The Washington Stand. “Whether it’s chaos at the southern border, the rise in crime in our citiesincreasing prices at the pump and checkout lines, Americans are wondering why the Biden administration doesn’t do more for working Americans and their families.”

Carpenter continued, “To date, the response has been either, ‘You just don’t know how great it is, the economy is better than ever!’ or ‘We feel your pain, it’s those greedy corporations and evil Republicans!’ Unfortunately, for the president’s reelection prospects, this message is not resonating with voters. I think if Biden spent less time promoting abortion, same-sex marriage, and extreme transgender ideology abroad and more time making the lives of American citizens better, he wouldn’t be staring at polls showing almost 75% of Americans thinking the country is out of control.”

Meanwhile, polls also continue to show Biden trailing former President Donald Trump in key swing states, as Carpenter went on to note.

“As the election stands today, former President Trump is leading in the six or seven battleground states that will determine who is sworn in as the next president,” he commented. “In 2020, polling consistently underestimated then-president Trump’s support, and the final polling underestimated his national support by about four points. Today, Trump leads in the RealClearPolitics polling average in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, anywhere from 5.4 points in Nevada, to 0.1 point in Wisconsin.”

Additional polling suggests that Biden’s troubles don’t end there. As Carpenter further detailed, states that were once considered safe Democratic wins now appear to be moving in the opposite direction.

“[It]ts possible we might see the list of battleground states expand to the next tranche of competitive states — states like Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Virginia,” he explained. “In fact, there is evidence these states could soon be added to the list of battleground states. Recently, we’ve seen Trump and Biden tied in a Roanoke College poll of Virginia voters at 42% a piece, we’ve seen another recent poll of Minnesotans showing Biden up by a slim two points, and some lesser-known pollsters in Maine and New Hampshire have shown a Biden lead well within the margin of error.”

Carpenter concluded by predicting that the Biden team may be forced to spend more campaign money and more time in a wider swath of states than they had originally planned.

“If Biden can’t find his footing on economic messaging, if he can’t stop bleeding support among younger male voters, black voters, and Hispanic voters, you might see a late summer move by the Biden campaign to invest in some of these states that had previously been considered relatively safe for the president.”


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.

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