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Black Marine’s ‘Pull up your damn pants’ challenge to the black community


Malik King, a U.S. Marine Corps.

Following the viral “ice bucket” challenge, Malik King, a U.S. Marine, issued his own challenge to the black community. Stop blaming the police, pull up your damn pants and take responsibility for your actions.

Jennifer Burke from TPNN reports:

The challenge started with Charles Johnson, and was expounded upon by Marine Malik King. When King made his challenge video, he did more than demonstrate what it would look like to take the “Pull Up Your Pants Challenge.” He shared why he believes it is critical for the black community to take this challenge to heart and accept it.

Aware of the cries of racial profiling and black men being treated differently by the police, King tries to shift the way of thinking and puts personal responsibility back in the hands of the black community. What he says is powerful and, if his words and advice are heeded, will go a long way to having a positive influence and result for the black community.

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