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Is Governor Ron DeSantis a Hypocrite? Has he cleansed our public schools of the gay agenda? NOT!

On May 17th, 2023 Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Let Kids Be Kids bill package to protect Florida’s children from permanent mutilating surgical procedures, gender identity politics in schools, and attending sexually explicit adult performances.

HB 1069 protects students from having to declare their pronouns in school and expands parental rights in education by prohibiting classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in Pre-K through 8th grade.

Laura Loomer in the following tweet exposes the hypocrisy of “absentee” Governor DeSantis.

In a tweet with photos of a public school classrooms in Florida Laura Loomer wrote:


These photos were taken TODAY inside a PUBLIC middle school history classroom in Palm Beach County, Florida at Polo Park Middle School in Wellington, Florida. I’m told this is Mr. Rizzo’s class. The photos were sent to me by a parent whose child is being subjected to this sexual grooming. I thought @RonDeSantis  said he made it ILLEGAL in Florida for public schools to be indoctrinating minors with LGBTQ grooming materials? Looks like another lie by @RonDeSantis

Please call his office and ask why he is allowing for history teachers in Florida to groom children.


Why is there a need to have multiple LGBTQ flags in a public school classroom? And why does @RonDeSantis  lie so much? I thought Florida is where “woke goes to die”? I thought @RonDeSantis  was a parental rights advocate? This is what my tax payer dollars are paying for?

Are you kidding me?

We have an #AbsenteeGovernor.

Here’s the tweet with photos:

For more information about SB 254, HB 1069, HB 1438, and HB 1521 click here.

We warned that Governor DeSantis’ would fail to implement the policies he signed because he is too busy running in the GOP primary election. He has given up on protecting our children in Florida’s public schools.

Loomer is right. DeSantis needs to be the Governor, not a candidate.

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Disney’s Obsession with ‘Woke Sexuality’ has Cost it Quarter of a Billion Dollars at the Box Office

Does Disney really believe that families enjoy LGBTQ+-affirmative lecturing in films?

Growing up, there was nothing more magical to me than the opening credits of a Disney movie — even if I’d seen the film a dozen times.

These days, however, Disney’s feature-length content is feeling less like a childhood dream and more like a noisy soap-box preacher.

It is not just cultural commentators pointing this out but Disney’s audiences, who have been voting against the company’s woke sermonising with their feet.

Between the Toy Story spinoff Lightyear and Disney’s latest offering Strange World, both released in 2022, and both promoting an LGBT agenda, the animation behemoth has lost almost a quarter of a billion dollars, according to entertainment news outlet Deadline Hollywood.

In fact, Strange World earned itself the title of the biggest box office flop of 2022, with production and marketing costs of US$320 million and total earnings of only $120 million, for a loss of around $200 million. Lightyear lost over $100 million and took out second place in the flop stakes.

Strange World tells the story of a family of explorers venturing through an uncharted land searching for a certain plant needed to save their society. Apparently necessary to this plot is one of the lead roles, 16-year-old Ethan, discussing his gay crush on a boy at school.

Lightyear depicts a real-life portrayal of the astronaut named Buzz who inspired the toy of Toy Story fame. Likewise, it was a story Disney was unable to tell without a lesbian kiss between two lead characters, in a scene that almost hit the cutting room floor until the state of Florida passed the Parental Rights in Education Bill and needed a woke lecture.

Sydney Morning Herald writer Garry Maddox found Strange World’s box office performance something of a head-scratcher. “For a certified bomb, the initial reviews for Strange World were not too bad,” he mused, seemingly unaware that movie reviewers inhabit the same woke echo chamber as the film producers they critique

Maddox even suggested that Strange World featuring “the first out gay teenager in a Disney animated film” might be a family drawcard. Only in passing does the SMH journalist acknowledge Disney’s gay wokery as a potential put-off — and then, only for “red-state audiences”.

I know this is complex, Garry, but what if parents of all political stripes want to enjoy a day out with their kids without having to discuss birds, bees and Queer Theory with their preschoolers?

Certainly, there was more to Strange World’s failures than its preachiness. Quoting Deadline Hollywood, Maddox noted that “critics found the fantasy pic to be clunky and incomprehensible, and the animation retro and stale”. Lacklustre marketing was also identified as contributing to the film’s performance.

But these factors don’t explain Disney’s comparable letdown with Lightyear. The common denominator between the two is the injection of themes that movie-going families have little interest in.

It’s not as though animated movies are going out of fashion. Universal Pictures took in $940 million at the worldwide box office last year for Minions: Rise of Gru, and close to $700 million in just the opening weeks of The Super Mario Bros Movie.

Both films, incidentally, are notably woke-free, a fact that has critics wringing their hands.

“Go woke, go broke” may not hold true in every situation. But when it comes to children’s films at the box office, those four words appear to be a fixed law of the universe.

And a law Disney ignores at its own peril.


Kurt Mahlburg

Kurt Mahlburg is a writer and author, and an emerging Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He has a passion for both the philosophical and the personal, drawing on his background as a graduate… More by Kurt Mahlburg.

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France: ‘Transgender’ threats force halt to symposium defending Afghan and Iranian women

You cannot defend Afghan and Iranian women from Islamic misogyny unless you agree to pretend that men can become women and vice versa. Otherwise, you may be murdered by “transgender” activists. If they don’t get you, their Islamic jihadi friends will get you for standing for Afghan and Iranian women against the suffering they must endure because of Sharia. Then after you’re out of the way, the two groups will turn on each other.

Transgender threats force halt to symposium backing Afghan women

by Adam Sage, The Times, April 5, 2023:

A symposium in support of Afghan and Iranian women has been postponed after organisers received threats from transgender activists for inviting a feminist who says sex is determined by biology.

The Comité Laïcité République (republic secularism committee), an association that promotes French secularism, said critics had threatened to attack the event with “rotten eggs and baseball bats” over the presence of Marguerite Stern, 32, who is behind a nationwide campaign to denounce the murder of women by their husbands and partners.

The threats were a sign that France is starting to face the sort of debates over transgender issues that have long raged in the UK.

Gilbert Abergel, the association’s chairman, said images of…

Marguerite Stern: ‘The accusation of transphobia is now equivalent to the accusation of Islamophobia,’” translated from “Marguerite Stern : «L’accusation de transphobie équivaut désormais à l’accusation d’islamophobie

by Laurène Trillard, Le Figaro, April 4, 2023:

LE FIGARO. – The secular republic committee has just canceled your visit to Nantes on April 15, due to threats received from your detractors. You were to give a lecture there on feminism as part of a symposium on Afghan and Iranian women. Do you understand this decision?

Marguerite STERN. – The question is not so much whether I understand this decision, but rather what I understand of it.

I understand that today the accusation of transphobia is now equivalent to the accusation of Islamophobia: an arbitrary label, plastered on the forehead of certain people for the sole purpose of designating them as the bad objects of society and to silence them.

I understand that a sectarian chapel that utters threats of violence manages to make an association that claims to be secular fail.

I understand that those who denounce the obscurantists when they act in Iran and Afghanistan with much more cruelty than here, are unable to face a few disgruntled elected officials and a few violent militants in their own country.

I understand that today, recalling biological facts and wanting to protect women and children is considered the worst affront.

The question I had to answer during my intervention was “What is the state of feminism after #MeToo?”. This censorship decision is the most eloquent response. This is what I understand.

Monday, there was no question of cancellation… Why, in your opinion, this reversal of the situation so quickly?

I don’t know. I can only guess: fear of losing grants? panic in the face of an unprecedented situation?

You denounced the “cowardice” of the organizers. Is this the first time that you are faced with such a reaction from such a structure?


Since you have led a fight against transgender ideology, you explain that you have received threats and been constantly the victim of harassment. Are you afraid?

Sometimes I say I’m scared because it’s a logical reaction to what I’m going through. But this fear, I don’t know if I still really feel it. I live a kind of dissociation. I got used to living under daily threats….



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