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The IDF Has Rafah In Its Grasp

A famous story: When British General Charles James Napier conquered the Indian province of Sindh, he wittily sent a one-word message back to his superiors in London: Peccavi. (“I have sinned” in Latin, which every educated Englishman would have understood).

No, sorry. That’s just the story that many thought was true, but it isn’t. This pun appeared under the title “Foreign Affairs” in Punch magazine on May 18, 1844. The true author of the pun was not Napier, but an English girl, Catherine Winkworth, who was sixteen when she submitted it to Punch. And then the editors of Punch — either mischievously or credulously — printed it as a factual report about Napier’s pun. And so the story entered the annals of paronomasia, with General Napier given the credit. But the pun — let’s admit it — is even more impressive coming from a sixteen-year-old.

Major General Itzik Cohen, head of the IDF’s Division 162 that has been doing the fighting in Rafah, is not yet at the “I have Rafah” stage, but he’s close. The IDF is on the verge of, but not quite there, having all of Rafah in its grasp. More on what the IDF has accomplished, and what remains to be done — which the Israelis think can be accomplished In several weeks — can be found here:

Half of Hamas in Rafah beaten, IDF will gain full control in two weeks

by Yonah Jeremy Bob, Jerusalem Post, June 17, 2024:

The IDF on Monday said that its Division 162 has defeated half of Hamas’s battalions in Rafah, including killing at least 550 terrorists, as well as destroyed around 200 tunnel shafts, and eliminated the terror group’s last major rocket inventory.

Further, the IDF said that within a couple of weeks it would likely be in control of all of Rafah and that the final battles with the remaining two Hamas battalions in parts of Tel al-Sultan and the eastern part of Shabura are already underway.

In addition, the IDF said that the tunnel network in Rafah, especially near the Philadelphi Corridor with Egypt has been found to be even more complex than those found in Khan Yunis, Jabaliya, and the military quarter of Gaza City.

Currently, the IDF says Division 162, commanded by Brig. Gen. Itzik Cohen, has already achieved operation control of over 60-70% of all of Rafah with all of the 1.4 million or so civilians having long fled to al-Muwasi on the coast, central Gaza and Khan Yunis.

IDF sources also said they believed they had killed much more than 550 terrorists, but that this number represented actual bodies seen, versus Hamas forces who entered a structure which was then bombed, but without finding a body.

One of the hardest battles was fought over the “NPK” area which is slightly north of the middle of the Philadelphi Corridor, and was the headquarters of Hamas’s Rafah brigade commander.

However, the IDF now has full control there….

The IDF’s invasion of Rafah started on May 6 and by May 20, it had control of around 30-40% of Rafah, including the Philadelphi Corridor.

As of May 20, the IDF had said it had killed around 130 Hamas terrorists.

But given that at some point Hamas had 4,000 to 8,000 terrorists in Rafah, it is pretty clear that the vast majority fled with the mass of civilians who left the area….

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Two of the four Hamas battalions in Rafah have now been dismantled. The IDF estimates it has killed at least 550 Hamas operatives, and probably many more. That number does not count those who were inside buildings that were then bombed, and who died inside those buildings that collapse on top of them. The soldiers of Division 162 have destroyed 200 tunnel shafts. They have destroyed, in Rafah, Hamas’ last major store of rockets. The IDF believes it will take only several more weeks to finish off the last of the Hamas fighters who remain in Rafah.

Too bad it took this long, and cost the lives of 180 IDF soldiers, but the Bidenites have been holding things up and slowing things down for the IDF in Rafah. Peccato.



Biden Regime Interrogates Jews From Israel Applying for Green Cards, Whether They are “War Criminals” Before Approving Visas, etc.

Biden Outraged Netanyahu Mentioned His Blocking Aid to Israel

Netanyahu: ‘This is not the time for petty politics’ that ‘endangers the coalition’

A Former Hostage Reconsiders Her Belief In Peace with the Palestinians

Coca-Cola distances itself from Israel, falsely claims it has factory in ‘Palestine’

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Hero IDF Yamam Soldier Dies in Hostage Rescue — May his memory be a blessing!

“One of the most complicated hostage rescue missions in history. The operation to rescue the hostages from Nusayrat was named ‘Summer Seeds’ and is defined by the IDF as one of the most complex ever for hostage rescue.” — Hen Mazzig, Post on X.

Heartbreaking. Commander Arnon Zamora, 36, husband and father of two was a hero! May his memory be a blessing.

Yamam soldier wounded in hostage rescue op. dies

By Jerusalem Post, June 8th, 2024

Arnon Zamora was fatally wounded during the rescue operation, which brought back four hostages from Hamas captivity.

Commander Arnon Zamora, 36, the Yamam fighter who was fatally wounded in Saturday’s hostage rescue operation, succumbed to his wounds at the hospital, the Israel Police announced the same day.

Zamora was fatally wounded during the rescue operation, which brought back four hostages from Hamas captivity, including Noa Argamani (25), Almog Meir (21), Andrey Kozlov (27), and Shlomi Ziv (40), who were kidnapped from the Nova party on October 7.

Ch.-Insp. Arnon Zamora, 36, the National Counterterrorism Unit (Yamam) fighter who was fatally wounded in Saturday’s intense hostage rescue operation, succumbed to his wounds in hospital, the Israel Police announced.

He is survived by his wife and two children.

The Yamam unit of the Israel Police deals with counter-terrorism operations and has been active throughout the war. Tributes to Zamora’s “supreme bravery” poured in from the government and armed forces.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant also commended Zamora for volunteering to fight on October 7.

“I salute Chief Inspector Arnon Zamora, commander in the elite Yamam Unit, who fell while leading a daring operation to rescue four hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. He lived and fell a hero,” Gallant said.

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Notes on The Hostage Rescue

Hostage was Held by Al Jazeera ‘Journalist’

Hamas Hostages Held Prisoner in Gazan CIVILIAN Homes

Israeli Hostage Rescue: “One of the Most Complicated Hostage Rescue Missions in History.”

Netanyahu Not Budging on Biden’s Gaza Plans

Jubilation Sweeps Across Israel and Beyond As News of Hostage Rescue Spreads

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IDF BATTLE VIDEOS: Troops operating in 3 different sectors in Gaza Strip

IDF spokesperson: IDF forces operate in three sectors at the same time in the Gaza Strip: the Air Force attacked more than 120 terrorist targets in the last day.

The forces of Division 162, including the Givati and 401 brigade combat teams, fighting in eastern Rafah and on the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing, continued to operate during the night against additional terrorist targets.

The battle team of the Givati Brigade launched a targeted brigade attack on Hamas targets in the East Rafah area. During the attack, the forces eliminated a number of terrorists in face-to-face encounters, located weapons and rocket launchers, the weapons were confiscated and the launchers were destroyed.

The fighters of the 401st Brigade’s combat team are raiding the terrorist infrastructure in the area in a targeted manner, and during their activity they destroyed terrorist infrastructure and confiscated weapons found in a school in the area.

The forces of the 98th Division are fighting in the Jabaliya region, where the combat teams of the 7th and 460th Brigades have eliminated a number of terrorists at the end of close range battles.

With the cooperation of the Air Force, many underground infrastructures and fighting areas in the area were destroyed.

In one of the attacks, a military building was destroyed where a group of Hamas terrorists had gathered.

In the Zeyton neighborhood where Division 99 operates, the fighters located weapons and various terrorist infrastructures in the area.

In a raid conducted by the multi-dimensional unit, an ammunition depot was found in the home of a Hamas operative, and in one of the attacks, the forces, in cooperation with the Air Force, killed a sniper who was ambushing fighters in the area.

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IDF BATTLE VIDEOS: Givati Battle Team in action in Rafah

The battle team of the Givati ​​Brigade has been operating under Division 162 for the past few days in the area of ​​the ‘Yavna’ neighborhood in Rafah, the forces are eliminating terrorists and destroying terrorist infrastructure.

As part of the fighters’ activity in the area, many weapons were located, including an anti-aircraft machine gun, vests, cartridges, clutches and a system for remotely activating charges.

In addition, 9th Battalion fighters located launch pits near the Philadelphia axis.

The brigade fire complex directing the forces in the field identified 4 terrorists who fired at the forces and eliminated the terrorists.

IDF, Shin Bet, and Special Forces in Judea and Samaria

The IDF, Shin Bet, and Border Police forces continue offensive operations to counter terrorism in the Menashe Brigade and to protect the Seam area; the forces arrested terrorists tonight who threw a Molotov cocktail at a military vehicle in the Etzion Brigade.

The IDF Shin Bet and Special Forces operated tonight to arrest six wanted persons throughout Judea and Samaria.

In the Menashe Brigade, another company of fighters strengthened the seam area and Haruv patrol fighters arrested two wanted persons in an activity in Kfar Jeva during the night.

Two terrorists threw a Molotov cocktail at a military vehicle in the Etzion Brigade area during the night and in a quick closing of the circle the forces arrested the suspects.

So far, since the beginning of the war, about 4,000 wanted persons have been arrested throughout the Judea and Samaria Division and the Bekaa and Valleys Division, about 1,700 of whom are associated with the terrorist organization Hamas.

So far, since the beginning of the war, about 4,000 wanted persons have been arrested throughout the Judea and Samaria Division and the Bekaa and Valleys Division, about 1,700 of whom are associated with the terrorist organization Hamas.


IDF soldier carries bloodstained WWII prayer shawl into battle in Gaza

NEWSRAEL “Iron Swords” News Summary: June 2, 2004 – AFTERNOON

South Africa: America is next to be sued at ICC

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Has the Hamas command and Israeli hostages been smuggled through Egypt to an unreachable target?

Is Israel implying that hostages who were in Gaza were taken to Egyptian territory on their way to another destination?

The news channel “Al Arabi.com” quotes the head of the Israeli National Assembly, Zachi Hanegbi, as saying:

“The possibility that Hamas will take the hostages out of Gaza through tunnels does not make sense because the Egyptian army is deployed in Sinai (and it would undoubtedly have prevented their passage into Egyptian territory).

We found 11 tunnels on the Philadelphia route, which borders between the territory of Gaza and the territory of Egypt, and we have no evidence that hostages were transported through there (on their way out of Gaza to another destination).”

If we believe this report, that the words were indeed said by the senior Israeli security official, the following questions immediately arise:

Does Israel hereby place the responsibility on Egypt to block the possibility of taking the hostages out of Gaza… and it doesn’t matter if the General of the 2nd Army, responsible for the border between Gaza and Egypt, received a million dollars in bribes from Sinwar, will Israel collect the price of the loss from them?

Second thing: There are 11 tunnels, at least, that were active until recently between Gaza and Egypt, so it is very possible that Israeli soldiers and women, and possibly other Israeli civilians who were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 and hidden around Rafah near the Egyptian border, were moved out of Gaza on their way to Iran or another destination while paying heavy bribes to Egyptian security officials in Gaza to allow this. According to the Israeli official, this is definitely a possibility that Israel understands can happen!

Not that they haven’t talked about it in the past, but this is the first time that Israeli officials say publicly, and almost directly, that Hamas actually had the potential to do this.

So we will continue with the question that immediately pops up in the mind of the average reader: “…… so why didn’t they block this option already at the beginning of the campaign shortly after October 7?”

In conclusion, we all must be aware that our hostages, and indeed, the Hamas command, may not be in Gaza at all.

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VIDEO: Israel Proves Biden Wrong on Rafah, Again!

Once again the Biden administration has been proven wrong about its predictions in Israel’s war against Gazan Jihadists.

From the beginning of the war they were predicting tens of thousands of casualties on the Israeli side. Although every soldier’s death is a tragedy, the casualty count is far lower.

The Biden team’s latest blunder was the prediction that it would take weeks to evacuate the “civilian” population of Rafah. The operation in Rafah began on May 4th and has resulted in 950 thousand Gazan “civilians” fleeing to other areas.

So why has the Biden team continued to get it so wrong on Gaza?

Simply put, like anything else in the Middle East, the Biden team just doesn’t get it. They are out of touch with the culture, the people, and the military reality on the ground. This is what makes their lecturing about what they feel is best for Israel so bothersome to so many Israelis.

With the Rafah operation continuing, it is only a matter of time until the IDF finishes off the last remaining Hamas battalions and ultimately find the hostages and Sinwar. Can they do it and beat Biden’s expectations?

Without a doubt.

Source: Israel Unwired   VIDEO: Use according to Section 27 A


‘Joy mixed with sadness’ – Oct. 7th IDF widow gives birth to son

Despite Threats, Egypt Is Not about to Tear up Peace Treaty with Israel

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Corrupt UN’s International Court of Justice Orders Israel to Halt Rafah Operation

Top UN court demands Israel halt military operations in Rafah.

The ICJ loves dead Jews. They were founded on the graves of six million of us.

Israel, don’t stop.

‘Rafah op. doesn’t contradict ICJ ruling, we will continue,’ Israel says

Israeli officials affirmed that in lieu of the ICJ’s ruling, IDF activity in Rafah has not, and would not destroy the Palestinian people, and was in compliance with international law.


The IDF intends to push on with its military operation in Rafah to defeat Hamas, Minister-without-portfolio Benny Gantz told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday, after the International Court of Justice’s demand that it halt any campaign in that area to destroy the Palestinian people.

“The State of Israel is committed to continue fighting to return its hostages and promise the security of its citizens – wherever and whenever necessary – including in Rafah,” Gantz said in a statement he issued late Friday after the ICJ ruling.

Gantz is both a former Defense Minister and IDF Chief-of-Staff and is a member of Israel’s small war cabinet. Both in his statement to the public and in his conversation with Blinken he stressed the importance of continuing the campaign to defeat Hamas and to ensure the return of the remaining 125 hostages kidnapped on October 7 and held in Gaza.

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ICJ orders Israel to halt Rafah operation, requests additional measures

The ruling relates to an additional request submitted by South Africa some ten days ago for provisional
measures that would order Israel to stop all its military operations in the Gaza Strip.

By Jerusalem Post, May 24, 2024:

The International Court of Justice in the Hague ordered Israel to halt its Rafah operation, in a blow to Jerusalem’s diplomatic and judicial systems, on Friday. The court also ordered Israel to enable the entry of all the necessary humanitarian aid to Gaza.

All measures were agreed upon in a vote of 13-2. The two votes against each measure were Julia Sebutinde, Uganda’s representative to the International Court of Justice, and Aharon Barak, former Israeli High Court President and Israel’s appointee to the ICJ Panel.

The ICJ voted that Israel must immediately “halt its military offensive and any other action in the Rafah [area] which may inflict damaged on the Palestinian population in Gaza, or the conditions of life that would bring about its physical dysfunction, in whole or in part in favor,” Salam stated.

The court also stressed that Israel must ensure that the Rafah crossing from Egypt into Gaza remains open at a “scale of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance.”

Israel must also, “ensure the unimpeded access to the Gaza strip of any commission of inquiry, fact-finding mission or other investigative body mandated by competent organs of the United Nations to investigate allegations of genocide.

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AOC, Democrats Backs Ban on Jewish Charities

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Defying All Predictions, IDF Empties Rafah of 950,000 Inhabitants in Two Weeks

The Americans told the Israelis that it would take many months to convince people in Rafah, with its 1.2 million inhabitants (the numbers swollen by those fleeing fighting in the north), to evacuate the city so that the IDF could enter in force. As has happened before, the IDF went ahead anyway, and it has managed to exceed all the predictions of the Bidenites. In just two weeks, 950,000 habitants of the city have now left for safe places further north in Al-Muwasi and central Gaza. More on this feat can be found here: “IDF succeeds in evacuating almost 1 million from Rafah in 2 weeks,” by Yonah Jeremy Bob, Jerusalem Post, May 20, 2024:

The IDF has succeeded in evacuating around 950,000 Palestinian civilians in only two weeks since May 6, the military revealed on Monday.

In addition, around 30-40% of Rafah is now under IDF control, not merely a small portion of the eastern sector, and about 60-70% of Rafah has been completely evacuated.

The remaining Rafah civilians, estimated at around 300,000-400,000, are almost all near the Gaza coast Tel al-Sultan area.

This is despite US predictions that the civilian population could not be evacuated without a huge death count or without needing around four months to do so.

Both predictions by the Bidenites were wrong. There has been no “huge death count”; the number of civilians killed in Rafah in the last two weeks is less than one hundred. And it took not four months, as the Americans warned, but two weeks, to persuade 950,000 of them to leave.

Of those evacuated, the overwhelming majority moved northwest to al-Muwasi, less than six miles away, while a smaller number moved to central Gaza.

A much less significant number returned to Khan Yunis, though that had been discussed as a real possibility for potentially hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Regarding the battle, though there certainly is significant resistance from the four Hamas battalions in Rafah, the IDF said it had mostly taken them by surprise….

Hamas had been counting on most of the civilian population of Rafah leaving over a period of months, which would have forced the IDF to delay its assault. Instead, the flow of Gazans from Rafah to refuges further north was much faster than Hamas had anticipated, and so, as a consequence, was the IDF’s attack.

The Hamas battalions in Rafah have been demoralized after seeing the IDF’s relentless dismantlement of Hamas forces in north and central Gaza during the last seven months; they have been worn down, too, by seeing the unstoppable stream of Gazans fleeing from the city, and by the need to be constantly on the alert, over so many months, for attacks by the IDF that never came, but that Hamas forces in Rafah had no way of knowing would not be inflicted until the last stage of the IDF invasion.

Next, the IDF has taken control of the majority, though not all, of the Philadelphi Corridor with Egypt….

The Philadelphi Corridor runs 8.7 miles between Egypt and Gaza. With control of this corridor, the IDF can more easily prevent weapons from being smuggled into Gaza. Until now, the tunnels under the Philadelphi Corridor have been the most important route for Hamas’ weapons smuggling.

Despite Egypt’s anger at Israel for the Rafah operation and its closing the Rafah Crossing regarding humanitarian aid, the IDF said that military relations on the ground with Cairo have remained strong, and there have been no violent incidents between the sides.

Other than a tiny number, there have also been no Palestinians penetrating into Egypt, which had been Cairo’s biggest fear….

There is no love lost between El-Sisi’s regime in Egypt and the Palestinians in Gaza, whom the Egyptians regard, accurately, as overwhelmingly in favor of Hamas, which Egypt sees as a local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. And as we remember from the coup by Sisi and other army officers that overthrew Mohamed Morsi, an MB member, in 2013, the current leaders of Egypt are determined to minimize the power of the MB and of its Palestinian succursale, Hamas. Egypt intends to keep the Gazans out of Egypt, for they are seen as a disruptive and dangerous force.

In Rafah, the IDF had first to create, and then to keep open and secure, corridors, so that nearly a million refugees could leave the city and safely transfer to places the IDF had readied for them further north such as al-Muwasi. It also had to fight off attacks by Hamas, directed both at the IDF and at Gazans trying to flee. And the presence just a mile away of Egyptian troops on the other side of the Philadelphi Corridor was also worrying; there was always the chance of an Israeli shell or rocket misfiring, that might hit Egyptian troops, and causing a major incident.

Besides Rafah, the IDF said it caught Hamas by surprise when it reinvaded Jabalia. There, it said that the civilians were moved in a much shorter time than from Rafah, with warnings issued in the morning, and the invasion starting in the afternoon on the same day….

The IDF discovered that Hamas had returned to Jabalia, and this time, the IDF went much more quickly into the camp — allowing only a few hours for civilians to move out — and deeper, too, in order to root out Hamas operatives who had never left Jabalia.

The IDF is trying to root out both the four intact battalions in Rafah and roughly two battalions that have regrouped in the north, in Jabalia and in Gaza City. It believes it has now taken apart 18 of the 24 battalions which Hamas had in Gaza on October 7. Despite Biden’s attempt to pressure Israel not to invade Rafah by withholding weapons, the Israelis are ready, if necessary, to do without those American bombs and shells. They are convinced that they need to destroy the four Hamas battalions in Rafah; otherwise, Hamas will regroup and try to emulate the October 7 atrocities “again and again.”

There are so many variables for the IDF to consider during this last phase of the war in Gaza. Iran is now said to be able “within a week” to produce a nuclear weapon. How much more time would it need to produce a thermonuclear warhead and the missile to deliver it? Will Hezbollah, which has 150,000 rockets and missiles supplied to it by Iran, continue to hold back, or will Iran give it the signal to let loose on Israel with that vast armory, in an attempt to overwhelm the IDF’s multi-tiered anti-missile defense system, including David’s Sling, Arrows 2,3, and 4, Iron Dome, and Iron Beam? Should the IDF attack Hezbollah’s weapons sites with massive air raids before those weapons can be used? Will the Bidenites continue to hold back weapons from the Jewish state in an attempt to prevent Israel from finishing off Hamas in Rafah, or perhaps even to prevent it from launching a preemptive strike, on Hezbollah’s weapons hiding-places, or on Iran’s nuclear sites, or on both at the same time?

Questions, questions. Life-and-death questions.



Who is Colonizing Whom?

Germany, with a long history of arresting Jews, says Hey, we’ll arrest Netanyahu

UK: Muslim with knives and Qur’an detained by the public as he tried stabbing random people in London

Biden Regime Officials Upset Oct. 7 Made It Harder to Free Al Qaeda Terrorists

Hamas jihadi recalls Oct. 7: ‘My father raped her, then I did and my cousin and then my father killed the woman’

The Three Most Antisemitic Countries in the EU Recognize the ‘State of Palestine’

MK asks that Israel recognize independence of Catalonia, Galicia, Andalusia, Aragon, Canary Islands, Basque Country

Manslaughter charge in death of pro-Israel activist, AP notes that victim was Jewish but not that accused is Muslim

Unconscionable U.S. Interference in Israel’s War

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Footage Shows Gaza Terrorists Operating out of U.N. Compound

Terrorists in Rafah have been operating out of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency’s (UNRWA) central compound, according to video footage the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released Tuesday. The footage contained “Hamas terrorists firing at civilians from within a UNRWA facility next to UN vehicles in Rafah,” described Foreign Minister Israel Katz, leading him to conclude, “UNRWA is an arm of the terrorist organization Hamas.”

There’s plenty of evidence pointing in that direction. “UNRWA is a U.N. agency that’s supposed to deliver aid,” said Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on “Washington Watch” Thursday. But “they hire local folks to do it, and they’ve hired people that are really Hamas sympathizers. … We found tunnels under UNRWA’s headquarters. Now you’ve got video evidence of the compound being used for military purposes.”

In fact, Israeli intelligence revealed that more than a dozen UNRWA employees personally took part in Hamas’s brutal October 7 raid on Israel. The U.K.-based Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) had previously linked UNRWA to the October 7 violence by November 2023.

In addition to first-hand participation in terrorism, UNRWA also supports Gaza-based terrorist groups by funneling money and supplies to them, teaching their extremist ideology in UNRWA-run schools, and allowing terrorists to operate out of UNRWA facilities (the IDF carried out a precision strike Tuesday that killed 15 terrorists hiding in an UNRWA school).

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins argued that the entire U.N. is complicit in UNRWA’s support for terrorism because they have not acted to correct the misbehavior. After Israel revealed on Tuesday that terrorists were using UNRWA facilities, what the U.N. Security Council should have done was “meet and tell Hamas to quit using U.N. facilities to hide behind and facilitate their attack against Israeli troops,” said Perkins. That hasn’t happened because the U.N. is on the terrorists’ side.

Israel’s critics love to generate outrage by presenting only one side of the story, creating misleading headlines like, “Israel bombs UN school.” Those reading for headlines, or those reading to reinforce their anti-Semitic prejudice, might conclude from that headline that Israel murdered hundreds of defenseless Palestinian children — when in fact they killed 15 terrorists.

“If you came from Mars in the last two weeks, and you were watching international news, you would think Israel is just on a quest to kill all the Palestinians,” Graham exclaimed. But quite the opposite is true. “The reason so many Palestinians have been killed is Hamas wants them killed. Hamas uses the Palestinian people as human shields against Israel. They put weapons in mosques and schools and build command centers under hospitals, and they put their own people in harm’s way.” That’s why, Graham concluded, “There’s no substitute for victory here.”

An Israeli victory is one outcome the Biden administration is scrambling to prevent. Last week, after Congress passed a bipartisan package to send weapons to Israel, the Biden administration unilaterally decided to withhold that critical aid, on the theory that civilians might die. “Israel would stop killing anybody if Hamas surrendered. And, if Israel withdrew, Hamas would keep killing Jews,” Graham responded. “Understand: Hamas is the problem here. Give Israel the weapons they need to win the war they can’t afford to lose.”

“The answer is not to deprive Israel of weapons. They need to beat the terrorists. You don’t want to reward terrorists who put civilians in harm’s way by restricting the ability of the victim, Israel, to fight back,” Graham declared. “The weapons that we’re talking about are 2,000-pound bombs that can be converted into precision-guided munitions called JDAMs, and they’re necessary to get to the tunnels. You need a bomb that big to go down to where these cowards are hiding.”

“Joe Biden is basically trying to tell Israel, ‘Let me run the war for you,’” said Graham. “And here’s my response to Israel: say ‘no.’” He pointed out that the Biden administration is the same one that “withdrew from Afghanistan and still thought it was a good idea. They’re letting Russia run amok. … If I’m Israel, I’ve got to make these decisions” and not “let Biden and his team take over this war.”

“What right do we have to tell Israel how to fight their war?” Perkins queried in response. “It’s inexplicable what this administration is doing to our key ally, which is a stabilizing force in the Middle East.”

In fact, Perkins added, the Biden administration seems “to be more interested in helping their adversaries. The U.S. military anchored a temporary pier on Gaza’s coast.” The U.S. military began shipping supplies into Gaza via a floating pier on Friday. Graham professed skepticism about how the pier will be used. “Look at UNRWA,” he said. “How was it used? It’s a U.N. organization designed to help the Palestinians that was used to help Hamas.”

“Israel is in a world of hurt. Wherever they turn, there’s a radical Islamic group wanting to cut their throats. They’re in a fight for their life,” Graham urged. “What do you expect Israel to do? What is proportional? What is the right response when people want to destroy you and slaughter your family because of your religion? What’s the right response? I think the response is do what you have to do.”

“Israel was attacked viciously on October the 7th,” Graham continued. “Hamas wants to kill all the Jews. Hezbollah wants to kill all the Jews. The Ayatollah wants to wipe out the Jewish state. And, if you watch television, Israel is the bad guy. You can’t make this up.”

Israel’s enemies in the war are not only America’s enemies — including multiple, officially designated terrorist organizations — but also the enemies of the people of Gaza. It is Hamas putting Gazan civilians in harm’s way. Yet the Biden administration seems to believe these terrorist groups — our enemies — over Israel — our ally. Now the U.S. is directly shipping aid to Gaza, most of which will likely end up in the hands of terrorists, while we deny our ally the very munitions they need to avoid civilian casualties.

One would expect this perverse favoritism from the anti-Semitic U.N. But when did it come to characterize American foreign policy?


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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Operational update on the IDF battle in Rafah

NEWSRAEL: While National Security Advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan is arriving today for talks in Israel — the Biden opposition to a Rafah operation is mute. Israel is in Rafah. Fact.

Despite the slow advance of the IDF to the center of Rafah, due to US envoy Sullivan’s visit, there is fighting and the cleaning of the neighborhoods that have been occupied so far in East Rafah.

Let’s hope that after Sullivan leaves the IDF will quickly advance to the center of Rafah, the Philadelphia axis is partially occupied (semi-fast) and the city itself is almost completely empty

  • The mayor of Rafah admits that since the beginning of the IDF operation, a total of over 950,000 refugees have evacuated from the city
  • Israeli tanks are advancing from the Brazil neighborhood towards the Kashta neighborhood and Saladin Gate
  • Tanks arrive at the Al-Shawi land in the Jenina neighborhood from the direction of the Al-Tanur neighborhood
  • Fighting around the eastern cemetery – at the end of the Jenina neighborhood, and in the Al-Tanur neighborhood (in orange)
  • Aerial bombings and artillery shelling in Jenina neighborhood, Al-Salam neighborhood, Brazil neighborhood, Kesheta neighborhood, Al-Balad neighborhood, Barbara neighborhood
  • The IDF blows up houses in East Rafah
  • The IDF found dozens of tunnel shafts in eastern Rafah

The occupation of Rafah expands — another division entered Rafah

The Reserve Brigade “Hangev” (12), entered Rafah and joins Givati, Commando and Brigade 401, now there are 4 brigades in Rafah — twice as many as at the beginning of the occupation of Rafah.

NEWSRAEL: It will be very interesting to talk with the National Security Advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan who claimed earlier this month that it would take weeks to remove the residents of Gaza, and such an operation would mean “horrific cost of innocent lives”.

IDF BATTLE VIDEO: IAF takes out top Hamas officer

Abu-Daqa was an operative in the terrorist organization Hamas who served as a leading figure in the supply department of the terrorist organization Hamas and promoted the transfer of weapons and funds intended for terrorism in the Gaza Strip.

During the last day, the Air Force forces attacked dozens of terrorist targets, in one of the attacks an Air Force aircraft, directed by the 215th Fire Brigade, eliminated two commanders in the tactical level of the terrorist organization Hamas who were preparing to attack our forces in the Rafah area.

Dramatic IDF VIDEO of destruction of Rafah tunnel

IDF engineer unit blows up and destroys a large terror tunnel.

The 7th Brigade Combat Team fights in the heart of Jabaliya

IDF spokesperson: Identification and elimination of RPG squads, encounters with terrorists and destruction of launchers; The 7th Brigade Combat Team fights in the heart of the city of Jabaliya

The forces of the combat team of the 7th brigade are fighting in an intensive manner and are conducting battles with terrorists in the heart of the city of Jabaliya.

The fighters of Unit 636 and the fire complex of the 7th Brigade identify armed terrorist squads and direct attacks to eliminate them, and direct dozens of attacks to assist the forces operating on the ground.

The fighters located many weapons including explosives, anti-tank missiles, Kalashnikov-type weapons, anti-aircraft missiles and grenades.

Also, as part of the attack on Hamas’ launch capabilities, the forces located rocket launchers and a lathe for the production of weapons.

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Richard Kemp on Biden’s Obsession with Rafah

Biden has been trying desperately to prevent the IDF’s planned incursion into Rafah. Right now, the IDF has been fighting around the city’s perimeter, with some airstrikes on targets further toward the center, but still no major invasion, as it waits for more Gazan civilians to flee; so far, half a million have done so in about a week. Whatever Biden and Blinken may insist upon, the IDF does not plan to turn back. It will slowly but inexorably envelop the whole city.

British Colonel Richard Kemp notes Biden’s obsession with Rafah, and his attempt to prevent the IDF from continuing to take over ever larger parts of the city. His observations can be found here: “Biden’s cynical Rafah obsession only strengthens Hamas,” by Richard Kemp, Ynet News, May 

…Most damningly of all is Biden’s withholding supplies of some armaments to Israel, including precision-guided munitions. This from a man who said in 2019 that any such action would be “absolutely preposterous” and “beyond comprehension”.

Biden has so far withheld delivery of 500-pound and 2000-pound bombs, which are apparently the “precision-guided munitions” to which Colonel Kemp alludes. He has also withheld artillery shells and tank shells. This is being done in an attempt to persuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to proceed further into Rafah. It won’t work. Netanyahu, the entire War Cabinet, the Knesset, and the people of Israel are convinced that Hamas can only be dismantled by destroying the last four intact battalions of fighters known to still be in Rafah. If they are not destroyed, Hamas will present itself, plausibly, as having withstood the worst that the IDF could do, and those battalions will be a major part of Hamas’ regrouping, both in Rafah and in the north, in Gaza City and Jabaliya, where the remnants of two battalions have now returned to fight the IDF. Many Arabs and Muslims worldwide will make heroes of Hamas, and if those four battalions are not dismantled in Rafah in the next month or two, Hamas should be able within a year to inflict more attacks on Israel like that carried out on October 7, “again and again and again.”

Biden hopes that this [the withholding of weapons that Israel needs] will all win back the anti-Israel elements of his support base. In his calculation that clearly trumps any and all damage inflicted on an ally that is fighting for its life on multiple fronts. The damage will be profound.

Biden wants to win back the disaffected Arab and Muslim voters in the battleground state of Michigan, whose importance has been greatly exaggerated. Those voters have noisily declared their willingness to refrain from voting for Biden even if it means that Trump wins, so angry are they with Biden for failing to stop the IDF’s campaign in Gaza. Now he is trying to win those voters back by his public breaking with Jerusalem, continuing to demand that before the IDF goes deeply into Rafah, Israel must present a comprehensive plan for how it intends to protect civilians in the city. As Israel has not done so, and continues to tighten the noose around Rafah, Biden has chosen to withhold “guided” bombs, as well as tank and artillery shells.

It may not have a decisive effect on a military offensive in Rafah. The IDF has sufficient stocks of munitions to complete that mission, although some ammunition may have to be rationed, potentially costing Israeli soldiers’ lives; and any shortage of precision weapons may have to be compensated by unguided bombs, which could cost some Gazan civilian lives.
But Biden’s actions will certainly strengthen Hamas. Its survival depends on Israel being stopped from its advance into Rafah. The growing U.S.-led international pressure on Israel can only encourage Hamas to fight harder and longer.

Ninety-four retired American generals and admirals have just signed a letter deploring the Biden administration’s distancing itself from Israel by publicly criticizing its conduct of the war and by withholding weapons the IDF may not need immediately, but will certainly need in the near future, especially if Hezbollah continues its near-daily barrage of rockets into the northern Galilee, forcing the IDF to fight on a second front.

The terrorists’ only incentive to consider releasing hostages is a pause in hostilities to buy time and potentially lead to a full cessation. If those objectives can be achieved as a result of U.S. pressure, that incentive melts away and thus Biden’s policies reduce the prospects of getting the surviving hostages back, including American citizens, or at least raise the price of any who are released….

Only maximum military pressure on Hamas, not negotiations that go nowhere but are used as a stalling tactic by the terror group, will persuade it to surrender the hostages in a swap for Palestinian prisoners. But American pressure is now being exerted not on Hamas, but on the Israeli government to agree to a long — six-week — ceasefire, which might turn into a permanent cessation. In that case, why would Hamas any longer be interested in releasing any of the hostages? Fortunately, Prime Minister Netanyahu has shown his mettle more attractive; he is prepared to press forward with the IDF campaign in Rafah, no matter what pressure the Bidenites apply.

Israel and its American supporters will not forget that Biden tried to prevent the IDF from entering Rafah and crushing the last four intact battalions of Hamas fighters. Furthermore, his withholding of weapons for Israel will both prolong the war, and raise Hamas’ morale. If the Bidenites continue to withhold precision-guided munitions from the IDF, then less precise munitions will have to be used, resulting in more civilian casualties. Is that what the Bidenites want? And what impression do they think they are making on other American allies, such as Taiwan, who look with alarm at how this administration is treating its most loyal and most valuable ally?

The Bidenites should think again, release all the weapons they have been withholding, explain to the American people that the administration is now satisfied with how Israel is conducting its campaign in Rafah, and that it is now persuaded that the IDF has a workable plan to minimize civilian casualties “as it has done elsewhere in Gaza.” Biden may lose Michigan, even though those Arab and Muslim voters make up less than 3% of the population and less than 10% of the Democratic voters in that state. But even if he does lose in that state, there are 49 other states where support for Israel remains strong. Would he want to risk losing some of those voters, including many Jews and most of the 100 million of Evangelical Christians, for whom a candidate’s support for Israel remains a major concern?



UK, of all places, revokes visa of pro-Hamas ‘Palestinian’ student who cheered Oct. 7 massacre

Egypt: Muslim kidnaps Christian woman, sends her father certificate of her conversion to Islam

Anti-Israel Jewish Group Accuses Israel of Timing Independence Day to Obscure ‘Nakba Day’

Malaysia: Police called in after customer mocks ‘stupid Islam’ in online order

Bangladesh: Hindu woman gets five years prison for insulting Muhammad on Facebook, she says her account was hacked

Afghanistan: Taliban extorts money on false charges of moral corruption

Egypt Blocks Aid to Gaza, the Media Blames Israel

India: Muslim murders his 18-year-old daughter by slicing her neck for having a boyfriend

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Why Going Against the World on Rafah Turned Out to be a Very Good Move

The delayed arms shipment will eventually arrive after creating a scandal, and bought Israel public support in the U.S. at the expense of the move the Biden administration was trying to make.

The spectators in the Arab countries saw that Israel stood its ground against the world and was successful.

The pressure on Israel regarding the operation in Rafah has actually decreased and is becoming accepted.

The Biden administration will not be in a hurry to delay further arms shipments due to the negative effect for him in American public opinion.

Shabbat Shalom from Brigade Combat Team 7!

Let us all pray for their safety and success!

Send your prayers and blessings to them in the Comments Section!

Shabbat Shalom!


Force Biden to Release Arms

Schmaybe 50 Tunnels Crossing Into Their Country Why Egypt So Riled About Rafah?

Senior Hamas Official: Most of Hamas’s leaders are Jordanian citizens

Hamas commander in Lebanon killed in targeted hit on Syrian border

IDF BATTLE VIDEO: IAF attacked Hezbollah air defense systems



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IDF Gradually Tightens Grip on Hamas’s Last Bastion in Gaza

The Israeli military is ramping up operations throughout the Gaza Strip.

Developments in Rafah signify that the Israeli military is implementing a gradual expansion of its operation in Hamas’s last fortress.

The Israel Defense Forces is engaged in intensive operations in central and northern Gaza as well, where on Thursday, a tragic friendly-fire incident involving the Paratroopers’ 202 Battalion led to five IDF casualties.

The IDF’s 162nd Division is in charge of operations in Rafah, where it is overseeing an operation targeting key terrorist infrastructure and Hamas operational points. Once complete, the operation should also see the IDF in control of the strategic Philadelphi Corridor, via which Hamas has spent years smuggling weapons, both above and below ground.

Under the 162nd Division are the 401st Armored Brigade and the Givati Infantry Brigade, who have been highly active in eastern Rafah in recent days.

During Memorial Day and Independence Day (May 13 and 14) alone, the IDF eliminated around 100 terrorists throughout Gaza, according to the military.

According to IDF Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, since the start of the IDF’s operation in Rafah on May 7—when Israeli tanks took control of the Gaza side of the strategically vital Rafah Crossing (a part of the Philadelphi Corridor)—Israeli forces in Rafah have killed around 100 terrorists, destroyed rocket launchers and located some 10 underground terror tunnels.

Hagari also described the seizure of numerous weapons caches containing anti-tank missiles, rockets and other explosives.

The IDF also released footage on May 14 showing armed terrorists adjacent to U.N. vehicles and shooting from an UNRWA compound in eastern Rafah. This evidence was promptly forwarded to senior members of the international community, with a call for urgent investigation into the ties between UNRWA’s logistics centers and Hamas operatives.

The goal of the phased operation in Rafah is the systematic dismantling of the four Hamas battalions left standing in Gaza, as the rest of what remains of the terrorist group dissolves into guerilla cells.

However, the IDF is gradually expanding operations not just in the south, but in the center and north of the Strip as well.

The IDF’s 99th Division has spent several days operating in central Gaza’s Zeitoun region, killing some 150 terrorists and destroying around 80 structures used by Hamas, including a Hamas war room embedded within an UNRWA school. The facility housed some 15 Nukhba force terrorists who had been involved in planning and implementing Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre, according to the military.

On May 15, the Nahal Brigade left Zeitoun and began preparations for operations in other areas of the Strip, leaving behind one brigade combat team.

In northern Gaza, the IDF’s 98th Division, which previously led operations in Khan Yunis, initiated operations in a region of Jabalia that had not yet been entered by Israeli forces during the current conflict.

This new campaign has led to the elimination of approximately 80 terrorists in Jabalia, and the destruction of multiple rocket launchers, including long-range capabilities. Weapons workshops were also targeted and destroyed. Supporting these ground maneuvers, the Israeli Air Force has conducted more than 100 airstrikes.

Meanwhile, the IDF’s 143rd Division is leading attacks on Hamas in Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun, close to the Israeli border, to prevent the resurgence of terrorist bases close to Israel.

According to recent reports, some 450,000 people—a little under half of the civilian population that was in Rafah, have so far heeded the IDF’s calls to leave the area.

The rocket fire Hamas is directing at southern Israel represents the last of its projectile stockpiles, which were planted before the war, and Hamas will not have the ability to mass produce rockets so long as Israel continues its raids in Gaza, according to the IDF.

At the same time, Hamas will certainly try to rebuild its terror army, which is why the IDF will need to conduct targeted operations in Gaza for many years to come, as it has been doing for the past two decades in Judea and Samaria


How the Anti-Israeli Campus Protests Are the Latest Version of the Blood Libel

Horrid Hamas spiked a decapitated Jewish head on the border fence

RELATED VIDEO: IAF responds to Hezbollah launch site

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Senator: Biden’s Pressure Campaign against Israel Is Aiding Hamas

On Tuesday, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began advancing into Rafah, the last remaining stronghold of the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza, gaining operational control of the Rafah Crossing on the Gazan side in a “precise counterterrorism operation,” according to an IDF statement. The operation comes at an extremely fraught time for the Jewish state, as reports emerge about a disputed ceasefire agreement by Hamas, the Biden administration withholding vital munition shipments to aid Israel’s fight for survival, and the deaths of four IDF soldiers at the hands of terrorist mortar fire.

Reports surfaced Monday indicating that Hamas had “accepted an Egyptian-Qatari cease-fire proposal,” but Israel indicated that the proposal “is far from meeting Israel’s core demands.” As Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) observed during Monday’s “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” Hamas appears to be taking its cues from the wavering support of Israel by the Biden administration.

“Unfortunately, Joe Biden and Democrats and gullible liberals all across the world have too often fallen for Hamas’s PR info operations,” he noted. “… The one term that Hamas insists upon is that Hamas gets to continue to operate and control Gaza. And there’s widespread agreement inside of Israel, understandably so after the October 7th atrocities, that Hamas must be destroyed. … Hamas was ready to finally sit down and negotiate a deal to release some, if not all, hostages, but they became gradually more stubborn over the last three weeks as Joe Biden yet again began to put more pressure on Israel [and] threatening to withhold ammunition, which they apparently finally did last week, and condemning Israel’s intention to go into Rafah.”

Cotton continued, “Hamas can see all this, and they know that if they just hold [on to] what they’ve got and don’t agree to any kind of ceasefire that involves concessions on their side, Joe Biden may still give them what they want. So where is Hamas’s incentive to release any of these hostages? As long as Joe Biden is putting more pressure on Israel than he is on Hamas, they don’t have much incentive.”

Biden’s pressure campaign against Israel can likely be explained by the continued shrinking support for the Jewish state happening within the Democratic Party. As CNN reported Tuesday, “[O]ver twice as many Republican as Democratic voters now say they sympathize more with Israel than with the Palestinians, a much bigger gap between the parties than earlier in this century, according to Gallup Organization polling.”

As Cotton went on to discuss, that pressure manifested on Monday as the Biden administration refused to approve the shipment of precision bombs to Israel in order to “send a political message” to the Jewish state. The action marks the first time the Biden administration has delayed a weapons sale to Israel since the October 7 Hamas atrocities.

“[I]t may be the worst foreign policy blunder yet of this president’s failed tenure, even worse than the withdrawal from Afghanistan,” remarked the junior senator from Arkansas. “Because while it’s bad enough to try to verbally or rhetorically restrain Israel, it’s much worse to deny it the ammunition it needs in the middle of a shooting war of its own survival. And if they are denying Israel with ammunition resupply, they’re almost surely signaling that to Hamas as well, which just encourages Hamas to dig in and wait out Israel and not release a single hostage.”

Cotton further emphasized that “none of this would be happening if Hamas had not committed the worst atrocity against Jews since World War II. And it could all end today, very simply, if Hamas would release all the hostages and surrender unconditionally. That’s what happens to losers in war, and Hamas started a war that it cannot possibly win militarily.”

In response to those who argue that Israel’s war against Hamas will never succeed because its Islamist ideology can never be destroyed, Cotton pointed out that destroying terrorist infrastructure and taking out terrorist leadership can go a long way.

“[W]hat you can destroy is all of the leaders of Hamas and all of its soldiers and all of its infrastructure, just like we did to the Islamic State under President Trump,” the senator underscored. “And yes, there are still people who subscribe to the Islamic State or Hamas’s hateful ideology, but they don’t control territory the size of Indiana anymore. That’s what Israel can do [and] what it must do. Otherwise, the message that not only Hamas will get, but Hezbollah and Iran, is, ‘We can attack Israel and we can wait out their counterattacks and count on Democrats and Europeans to put enough pressure on Israel that they will ultimately stand down.’”

However, Cotton concluded, “If Israel destroys Hamas, they will get the opposite lesson. And all those Arab nations who have been quietly, or in some cases openly helping Israel will see, ‘We bet on the right horse here.’ Israel is tough and strong and will defend itself, and therefore they will help us defend ourselves against Iran and these terror groups.”


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.


The Day Before Biden Admin Announced It Would Withhold Weapons From Israel, It Issued Sanctions Waiver To Allow Arms Sales to Qatar and Lebanon

Biden Faces Pressure At Home As Israel Begins Rafah Operation

Biden’s double game on Hamas should fool no one

No ‘New Definition’ in Anti-Semitism Bill, Says Law Professor

The people setting America on fire


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Israeli PM Netanyahu to address Congress for record 4th time amid Hamas war and attacks on American Jews

Israel is fighting a war for it’s survival against Iran and it’s proxies. All while enduring a vicious propaganda assault from the radical Left. There is no one who is more qualified to speak on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And there is no better platform than a joint session of the United States Congress.

The question is how many Democrats will boycott Netanyahu’s speech?

Schumer plans to join Johnson in inviting Netanyahu to address Congress

By Washington Examiner, May 2nd, 2024

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) gave his clearest indication yet that he will invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deliver a joint address before Congress.

He intends to sign on to an invitation Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) drafted around a month ago, Schumer’s office confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

“The timing is being worked out,” the spokesperson said.

The statement, which follows Johnson’s acknowledgment of the draft invitation to the Hill, is only an incremental step toward the gesture and not altogether surprising. Schumer previously indicated his openness. But the development comes amid a period of intense bitterness between Washington Democrats and Netanyahu, who has defied the White House with his casualty-heavy war in Gaza.

In March, Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in the United States, said Netanyahu had become an obstacle to peace and called for new elections in Israel…..

Continue reading.



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Majority of Americans Want Israel to Finish the Job in Rafah

As Jewish Students are Menaced, Biden Regime Investigates Columbia’s Treatment of PALESTINIAN Students

Bernie Sanders feels ‘proud’ of protestors at US campuses, warns Israel-Hamas war ‘may be Biden’s Vietnam’

SUBMISSION: Columbia Goes All-Remote as Riots, Protests, Antisemitism Rock School

‘Somebody Is Radicalizing Our Students’: NYPD Finds Weapons, ‘Death to America’ Poster in Pro-Terror Encampment

Anti-Jewish protests spread across Canadian university campuses to UBC, Ottawa

Do We Have What it Takes to Live in the Middle East?

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