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American Husband and Wife Islamic State Recruiters Killed

The couple, who were killed in a drone strike in Aleppo, was especially active recruiting Westerners from overseas and online.

An American husband and wife Islamic State team were killed in their house in Aleppo, Syria. The couple, who were identified only by their Arabic nickname names Abu Issa Al-Amriki and Umm Issa Al-Amrikiah (Father of Jesus the American and Mother of Jesus the American).

The couple was especially active recruiting Westerners from overseas and online, according to social media accounts of the Islamic State, which also stated the two “were hit in their house by the airstrikes and they both attained shahadah [martyrdom].”

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported the couple was killed by a drone strike, however, it is unknown whether the drone was operated by the U.S. or Russia.

The wife was particularly active recruiting other women through female-only social media accounts, where she tried to make joining the terror group appealing. In one post, she appeared lifting up a suicide belt, saying she hoped to use it herself to murder “infidels.”

More than 150 U.S. citizens have joined or tried to join terror groups in Syria, according to a 2015 statement by National Counterterrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen.


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