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Biden Reinstates Security Clearance of Physicist Who Passed Nuke Secrets to USSR

“Without the intelligence contribution, there could have been no Soviet bomb that quickly.”

You’ve got to give the Left credit. It has an extensive agenda, a long memory and when it seizes power, it rolls as many of its agenda items, even the ancient ones, through the gate. Compare that to how little conservatives get done when in office. And how little of the things the Left does they reverse.

This is a seemingly unimportant example, but also a reminder of how comprehensive the Left’s agenda is, how it encompasses the past, present and the future. Lefties never let anything go.

And never pass up an opportunity to rewrite history.

The Biden administration has reversed a decades-old decision to revoke the security clearance of Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist called the father of the atomic bomb for his leading role in World War II’s Manhattan Project.

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the 1954 decision by the Atomic Energy Commission was made using a “flawed process” that violated the commission’s own regulations.

“As time has passed, more evidence has come to light of the bias and unfairness of the process that Dr. Oppenheimer was subjected to while the evidence of his loyalty and love of country have only been further affirmed,” Granholm said in a statement on Friday.

The actual evidence that came out was that Oppenheimer did it.

A Soviet spy chief’s memoirs published here today claim that the late J. Robert Oppenheimer, head of the U.S. atomic bomb project during and after World War II, passed nuclear secrets to Soviet agents.

The allegations were made by Gen. Pavel Sudoplatov, who was in charge of efforts to obtain atomic secrets from the West, and excerpts of them ran in the Sunday Telegraph. Time magazine will print excerpts in today’s issue.

The memoirs charge that Oppenheimer, a University of California physicist known as “the father of the atomic bomb,” condoned and assisted in the flow of vital nuclear secrets.

Sudoplatov charges that Elizabeth Zarubina, wife of the Soviet intelligence head in Washington, cultivated Oppenheimer socially.

Zarubina persuaded Oppenheimer to share atomic secrets with “anti-fascists of German origin,” Sudoplatov says.

The memoir, “Special Tasks,” declares: “We received reports on the Manhattan Project from Oppenheimer and his friends in oral form, through comments and asides, and from documents transferred through clandestine methods with their full knowledge that the information they were sharing would be passed on.

“In all there were five classified reports made available by Oppenheimer describing the progress of work on the atomic bomb.”

The Russians also received photos of the facilities at Oak Ridge, the book says.

“The Soviet bomb was constructed in three years,” Sudoplatov says. “Without the intelligence contribution, there could have been no Soviet bomb that quickly.”

Oppenheimer’s actions could have led to the deaths of millions of people and eventually far more than that.

Long before that, Edward Teller put his career on the line to denounce Oppenheimer. That helped marginalize Teller, the father of the H-bomb, and made him a pariah among lefties to whom the highest possible honor was helping the USSR and the highest possible disgrace was informing on Communists.

And then there’s the Merkulov letter which also revealed Oppenheimer’s complicity with the USSR.

In short, all of the “new evidence” actually makes it clear that Oppenheimer was collaborating with the USSR.

And all of this will also be ignored by the Biden administration and the media who don’t actually know any of the history or care.

And watch for some media fact checkers to issue a ruling of ‘false’ or ‘lacks context’ on this post to block it from Facebook and Google.

We live in a new leftist empire. An empire of lies.



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