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VIDEO: The Real Reason Republicans Aren’t Stopping the Invasion

A reader Laura M. sent us a link to the below Tucker Carlson Uncensored video with these comments,

This is why we are losing/lost the battle. I am 79 and have been informed since ’78. Husband says it is over, we will have to fight a civil war soon… I believe RINOs in congress also are “boot lickers” to the globalist agenda/liberals.  We as a nation are done since majority 90 some percent adults are nihilists in SE Alabama. I am not a Republican. I am an Independent…

Why do the reddest states produce the dumbest, most liberal Republicans? Why aren’t John Cornyn and Dan Crenshaw bagging groceries at Safeway? Jesse Kelly has thought about this.

WATCH: The Real Reason Republicans Aren’t Stopping the Invasion on Tucker Carlson Uncensored

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RINO group seeks to halt the advance of pro-Trump candidates for 2022 midterm elections

The group is called Republican Main Street Partnership. They want to marginalize pro-Trump candidates for the 2022 midterm elections, in favor of useless Romney like Republican’s who can’t win. It’s the Lincoln Project light. Stay away. Republican Party Chairwomen Ronna McDaniel must denounce these anti-Trump hate groups.

Sounds like another pedo group like the Lincoln Project.

‘Centrist’ GOP group promises $25M to win back Congress

By Washington Examiner, February 20, 2021

The centrist Republican Main Street Partnership plans to invest $25 million in swing House districts in 2022 to help the GOP recapture Congress and halt the advance of conservative provocateurs loyal to former President Donald Trump.

Believing the former is impossible without the latter, the group is focused on electing pragmatic, fiscal conservatives in suburban strongholds that shifted blue under Trump, with an emphasis on wooing female voters. The partnership will spend against Democratic incumbents but also play in Republican primaries in open seats, using proprietary polling and focus group data to dictate strategy, messaging, and which districts are targeted.

Sarah Chamberlain, leader of the Republican Main Street Partnership, argued Republicans win elections that are contrasts in policy, pointing to the dozen House seats the GOP flipped in 2020. Even Trump’s agenda, she said, was generally popular. What causes the party trouble, what cost Trump the White House and Republicans the Senate, is the former president’s polarizing personality and the controversial candidates who mimic him.

“What happened in this last election cycle, they voted against a man they didn’t like,” Chamberlain said Friday in an interview. “They didn’t vote against his policies; they voted against his tweet messages.”

Chamberlain, president and CEO of the Republican Main Street Partnership, is being advised by Greg Walden, a former two-term chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee who represented Eastern Oregon in the House for 20 years before retiring in January.

The partnership has been around for nearly a quarter-century and has generally been known as the Beltway group that backs “moderate” Republicans in congressional elections, putting it opposite the handful of prominent GOP-aligned organizations that tries to elevate staunch conservatives. Chamberlain said the group has evolved, saying it is focused on reviving GOP fortunes in the suburbs and describing the kind of Republican it supports as center-right and fiscally conservative.

“I hate the word ‘moderate,’” she said. “But we are willing to work across the aisle.”

In the 2020 election cycle, the Republican Main Street Partnership spent $8 million on congressional races. Some of that cash was invested in Republican primary contests, including in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, where the partnership backed the candidate challenging incumbent Steve King. The group also put resources into open-seat GOP primaries in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District and Michigan’s 10th, with both partnership-backed candidates winning their respective nominations and advancing to Congress.

In the 2022 midterm elections, the group plans to triple what it spent the previous two years, with much of the investment channeled through its affiliated super PAC: Defending Main Street. In addition to House races, the partnership plans to expand into Senate contests, beginning with Sen. Todd Young, who is up for reelection in Indiana and is one of 52 Republicans on Capitol Hill who have been backed by the group over the years.

All of that work will be supported by data gleaned from the partnership’s homegrown roster of “a few thousand” mostly suburban voters who live in key districts across the country. They have agreed to participate in polling the group conducts on a monthly basis and join focus groups. The partnership also deploys field staff to knock on doors and interview voters directly. All of that information shapes advertising through television, digital platforms, and direct mail.

The Republican Main Street Partnership conducted an autopsy of the 2020 campaign.


POLL: Vast Majority Of GOP Voters Say Leaders Should Be “More Like President Trump”

OBAMA’S TIES TO LINCOLN PROJECT: When The Political Elite Join Forces Against The People, Populist Movements Are Born

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VIDEO: The Vortex — A Great Realignment. And it’s a good thing.


As you know, Church Militant is always helping you understand the connections between the culture and the Church, the crossover between both worlds. Those two worlds parallel each other in many ways — they’re practically mirrors. And, theologically, it makes sense. As Bp. Sheen used to say, the world is the theater of redemption: It’s where the great spiritual war rages.

So as we look out on all of this, we see something happening in each arena. There is a great realignment occurring, in the Church and in the culture. In many ways, the old labels, which used to categorize things neatly, no longer apply. Consider, for example, “conservative” and “liberal.” There’s so much confusion over those classifications — especially liberal — that no one really knows what they mean.

The old labels are so ineffective at describing the new realities that, oftentimes, you find adjectives popping up in front of them which pretty much redefine them. So the old word is used, but there is a totally different meaning behind the word.

For example, there aren’t just plain old Republicans anymore. But now there are actual Republicans and then there are RINO Republicans — Republicans in name only. Notice, to bring up the point of the crossover between culture and State, we also no longer have just Catholics, but “CINOs”: Catholics in name only.

And, of course, we have not just Catholics but “cafeteria Catholics.” All these adjectives are now necessary because the terms no longer mean what they used to mean. All of this redefining is going on because there is, underneath it all, a massive realignment going on — in the culture and the Church.

In the political world, Donald Trump has become the symbol of all that, not to mention also a precipitating cause. Tens of millions of Americans were beginning to sense a political shift, a new paradigm emerging where they, as individuals, no longer mattered.

They sensed correctly that the world they knew was being buried under a mountain of globalist Marxism. In the Church, faithful Catholics likewise sensed a major shift happening. They couldn’t put a finger on it, but they knew something was up, something was off.

So they began realigning themselves, leaving the Church of Nice and hunting out the actual Faith. It’s like a Catholic version of the Walkaway movement that is rippling through the Democratic Party — a movement of Democrats who have woken up and realized the party no longer represents them. And so they are walking away from it.

There is a huge ideological shift, an enormous immigration, a mass migration where people are seeking out like-minded individuals and associating themselves with them. It’s all over social media. It’s all over politics. It’s all over the Church. It’s all over the place.

People are choosing sides, and in that choosing up sides, some people are waking up and realizing that the folks they thought they had a lot in common with, they really didn’t. So they cut ties and are establishing new ones.

Now, some people find this upsetting. They bemoan the division, they lament the lack of unity. Frankly, that’s a stupid response. There can be unity only if it’s a unity around truth. In fact, this entire realignment is about the truth.  Some waking up to it, others wanting to destroy it.

But truth is the cause. When truth is present, there are only two responses. It is either embraced or raged against. The Marxist Left, up until the arrival of Donald Trump, was able to keep the truth of its agenda under wraps, to conceal the truth.

But now, it’s all out there. Nothing is hidden. And people are making choices. And that’s a good thing. Even on the side of evil, it’s good to know who’s who. For Catholics and other Christian denominations — remember, this is how things will be at the end of the world. Truth will cause one great, final realignment — and it will be final.

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