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Russ Vought: House Speaker Mike Johnson Sets Himself Ablaze

Here’s a GREAT Post from “America First” Russ Vought, the former OMB Director under Trump and current President of the Center for Renewing America.

I can understand those who are baffled that conservatives are entertaining removing Mike Johnson from being speaker in an election year with a small majority. I haven’t really weighed in bc I understand the pros and cons. But those watching from the outside need to understand the magnitude of what Johnson is doing. Funding Ukraine & acting as the third party payer of that endless war has rightfully become a mini Brexit for many of us.

The neocon foreign policy establishment is determined to keep us in this role of bill payer & imperial leader. We want out, yesterday. It’s killing and exhausting our country. It’s leading to more war internationally.

Mike Johnson made commitments not to fund Ukraine without securing the border. I wish he had said regardless, but it was a tangible/reasonable approach. He is now violating that promise bc global elites (David Cameron etc.) and ruling class Republicans are in a complete freak out and guess what…he agrees with them! He is a neocon. That is what is happening. So Mike Johnson is now touching the stove and may light himself on fire. This is after being worse than utter mediocrity when it comes to the spending fights, refusing to use the power of the purse, and flipping his position on reforming FISA after a SCIF brief.

I don’t know what is going to happen and if he goes down, I expect a complete meltdown from Con Inc. But Mike Johnson will be responsible for his own demise for choosing to govern against the clear wishes of the vast majority of grassroots conservatives who are educated on the issues.

And that is no longer a survivable place to be for any GOP leader and thank God for it.

President, Center for Renewing America:
Former Trump Cabinet, OMB Director | Ephesians 2:4-5, “But God.”

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