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Growing up Christian in an Islamic State, and the Rationale Behind the Pro-Life Movement [Videos]

Watching a talk given by Campaign Life’s astonishingly good speaker to Action for Canada, Ruth Robert in Ottawa May 17th, there was a couple of surprises.

You can read the content break down here at RAIR

Firstly, it is that she is such a profoundly reasonable and knowledgeable person on the subject of abortion. Although deeply religious, her approach to the issue shows wisdom beyond her years. Or at least beyond what her years appear to be.

The second surprise was that she grew up Christian in an Islamic State governed by Sharia law, and she built some of that experience into her talk on the issue of abortion in Canada. She was so knowledgeable, we just had to ask a couple of questions about it, one in the Q&A of her presentation, which we present here also as a separate video, and an interview with her about that aspect of her life.

Whatever your views on abortion, and they are likely as varied as the readership itself, this is a worthwhile presentation on the issue. And as a person living in a Western land under invasion by Islamic migration, her warning to you needs to be remembered and spread.

First, the whole presentation. As usual, for those interested in the best viewing experience, please click the little gear that appears after you click the play button, and select the highest quality.

Ruth Robert talk to Action4Canada May17 2024

Below is the question during the Q&A on her statements on living in an Islamic State as a non-Muslim

Ruth Robert answers question about Islamic culture today from RAIR

And lastly, a separate interview on the topic after her presentation:

Ruth Robert on Islam and Canada

Ruth was one of the speakers at the press conference on the March for Life by Campaign Life Coalition in early May. And yes, it was raining a lot at the presser.

Ruth Robert Atlantic coordinator March for Life presser #3

Here are a couple of the videos from the march itself:

A few scenes from the actual gathering on the hill before the march through downtown by several thousand people. Possibly as many as eight or nine thousand.

I should say that overall the counter-demo was well behaved and very small. Maybe 100 people and mostly polite, at least by demonstration standards and some of the signage was clever and worthy of consideration. This is often not the case. ANTIFA sometimes shows up to counter these demonstrations and seeks attention by projecting critical theory attacks and tantrum like behaviour as much as possible. These people were probably too busy demanding the extermination of Israel to come to this event this year. So the counter-demo people who did show by and large were actually relatively decent. One woman decided to go topless for some reason, and a very tall person had silver face-paint and a fantasy costume of some kind, but the rest were OK. Personally I didn’t see a lot of insults or invective directed at the marchers. NDP Leader Jagmeet Sing was standing with them but at the back and it was hard to get video of him.

Scenes from the pro-and anti-abortion March for Life Ottawa May 9 2024

The march itself was amazing to watch as it always is. A large group of people indeed although over represented by Catholics and Catholic organizations, including a kind Catholic version of the Boy Scouts. A timely group now that the Boy Scouts themselves are anything but. Never having been to a meeting all we can know is they changed their name to avoid the word “Boy” and it would be an easy bet to make that they teach about ‘toxic masculinity.”

FULL March for Life video from May 9th 2024 Ottawa

For those who were there, they will know that the general atmosphere of the March for Life is unlike any of the Soros funded or anti-West critical theory attacks on our civilization we have gotten used to in the past decade. These are, agree with them or not, kind, loving people who want the best for all people. Their intentions are clear. And they do have a point.

RELATED VIDEO: Ruth Robert and others also spoke in front of the Committee on Law Amendments on Friday, March 6th, 2020.

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