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Get ready for the Democrat Planned Obliteration of our Southern Border!


Do you care about people?

Do you care about your country?

Do you care about your family?

If so, you gotta focus some of your attention on the planned, ILLEGAL, DESTRUCTIVE, TRANSFORMATION of the USA by the Biden administration over the next 18 months!

The Biden Admin, de facto, has initiated a planned obliteration of America’s national sovereignty, through a campaign of propaganda, lies, gas-lighting, smoke & mirrors, in full cooperation with the legacy media, to fool Americans, long enough, that’s key, long enough to get MILLIONS of illegal aliens across the Mexican border, plaster them in key blue states, to keep them democratic, purple states to turn them blue and red states to create demographic chaos. Pack blue states to increase population and get more federal congress members.

These illegals, as part of the Biden plan, will be COMPLETELY dependent on Democrat controlled government for the basic necessities of life, food shelter clothing, school, medical care and VOTING!

BANG, that’s the endgame, Illegals become Dem voters and America is transformed into a socialist utopia, as envisioned by Marxist intellectuals all over the globe.

Paid for, by YOU!

Finally, capitalist America, has a democrat-controlled, brown-skinned underclass, it’s 1860 all over again and America becomes a shithole country.

ANY country that has UNCONTROLLED illegal immigration necessarily will become the proverbial, “shithole” country.

Do you care about people, if you do, Biden et al, view brown people as useful idiots in the game of global geopolitics

Do you care about your country – if so, Biden et al., view America NOT as did Madison, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Trump, BUT as Marx, Alinsky, AOC and every stupid, leftist, British, talk show host on late night tv! (talk about hypocrisy, America sucks, but they live and work in NYC & LA)

Do you care about your family, your family is the grist that is getting pulverized by this illegal, immoral, invasion of aliens.

So, who is behind all of this? Let’s check out some FACTS.

Fact – Obama

Fact – Mayorkas treason

Fact – Kamala

Fact – Biden

USA has the most humane, logical, rule-of-law, liberal policy in the world. Come in through the front door, legally.

Here’s what’s next – May 11, 2023, you will hear TITLE 42.

Cultural, legal, economic disaster of Biblical proportions. I’m talking the book of Exodus 10, invasion of locusts. I know an MS 13 murderer is not a locust, but, ANALOGOUSLY, that guy is uninvited, violating the law, coming to destroy, to consume so you absolutely cannot use the argument, he’s coming for a better life or to escape political persecution.

If you are, OK, come through the front door. Once you ILLEGALLY invade, you forfeit the kind, considerate liberal compassion of the USA and you run smack into her laws of justice, for the other 330 million citizens, sorry, that’s the rule of law, the foundation to our Constitution.


So, what do we do, give up, NEVER, NEVER!

We humanely, logically, forcefully, aggressively, passionately, confidently, FIGHT BACK against the real criminals orchestrating this criminal invasion of 400, 000 people a month.

We fight the Biden administration and throw the bums out on Nov 5, 2024. But, we can do a lot more from now to 2024.

Defend the Border has a three-part, two-year plan.

SUPPORT US – FIGHT with US! Go here: https://defendtheborder.org/

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