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Woke meltdown as Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs stands by Kanye West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirt

Kanye Explains Why He Wore “White Lives Matter” Shirt

Kanye West is determined to keep on wearing his “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, which he sported at his Paris Fashion Week show, despite fierce backlash from the public and within his own entertainment industry. His point is not in the least that black lives don’t matter. Instead, he is distancing himself from and countering the woke hatred of the Marxist, thieving, destructive Black Lives Matter movement, which did nothing for black Americans. West’s shirt also achieves something else: it provides the picture of a successful and wealthy black man in America who embraces the white population. This is a nightmare for the woke. While they convulse in rage over West’s t-shirt, along comes another problem for them: entertainment icon Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has stepped up in support of West.

Although Diddy stated that the t-shirts were “very tone-deaf,” he also stated that people “don’t have to condemn Kanye or cancel him.”

Vanity Fair described P Diddy as “the artist and mogul” who is “defining his next era,” and goes on:

The man who turned hip-hop culture into a global lifestyle brand in the go-go 1990s has a lot to think about during the cultural upheaval of the 2020s. “I am the happiest I’ve ever been in life, I laugh the most, I smile the most, I breathe the most,” he tells me. In a word, Combs has love on his mind.

It doesn’t behoove the woke, the Black Lives Matter movement, or its political and financial supporters, to see a black man happy. If BLM operated from a place of respect and love for blacks, its core vision would align with that of Martin Luther King Jr., to unite whites and blacks. BLM should also be advocating against the genocide of blacks in Nigeria and for the victims of black-on-black crime in inner cities, and confronting the epidemic of single parent households in the black community. Instead, the group zeroes in on the perpetual narrative of white oppression of blacks, stirring up interracial tensions and undermining the rule of law, all while lining their pockets, helped along by the ADL, which states on its website:

“White Lives Matter” is a white supremacist phrase that originated in early 2015 as a racist response to the Black Lives Matter movement, which arose to protest against police brutality against African-Americans and garnered considerable publicity in 2014 for protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson police officer.

In the view of the ADL, Kanye West is supporting “white supremacy,” and Diddy is encouraging it. The ADL has lost its way.

The woke have been trying in vain to downplay Diddy’s support. Years ago, Diddy faced his own backlash when he stated:

“Yes #BLACKLIVESMATTER ! But no one will respect us if we as a people don’t have any respect for our own black lives. We are committing genocide on ourselves. We are always looking for scapegoats.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Everyone knows Black Lives Matter was a scam,” Kanye said. He’s right. The Black Lives Matter movement was built on the lie that Michael Brown was a poor defenseless victim of a racist police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2015. The myth that he submitted and was shot anyway — “Hands up, don’t shoot” — was a lie. Physical evidence showed that Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson and attempted to get his gun before he was shot.

Back in June, BLM refused to help a black Chicago pastor raise money for community center for youth education and job training, while the group’s leaders squandered millions of dollars.

If racism and discrimination are to be countered in Western society, it should be from the standpoint that “all lives matter.” America is long past the civil rights area. Immigration and multiculturalism have also contributed to rapid change. The BLM portrait of America is inconsistent with the America that voted in a black president, while Arab countries, Iran, China and the like are not likely to vote in a member of a visible minority anytime soon. Divisive, woke propagandists and Marxist ideologues are narrow-minded; hate the West and are driven to tear it down. Kudos to Kanye West and Diddy. Diddy’s support of Kanye West also represents support for truth and free speech. The ability to reasonably discuss dissent is the mark of a civilized society, which the Left has significantly eroded with violence, intimidation, lies and suppression.



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