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Biden Nominates Activist Judge Who Put Trans Rapist in Women’s Prison; State Judiciary Hearing Erupts

The radical left agenda, fully adopted by the Biden administration and Biden’s cronies, is an increasing danger to Americans. According to the group Citizens Renewing America, Netburn is a radical leftist judge who “has a history of inserting her radical gender ideology in the court room.” The group further reported about Netburn being questioned at a Senate Judiciary hearing:

When questioned by Senators during the hearing, Judge Netburn was not able to answer why she recommended that a male serial rapist who was convicted of molesting a 9-year boy and sexual assaulting a 17-year old girl and was later convicted of possessing and sending child pornography, be sent to a women’s prison.

The Courthouse News Service described the Senate Judiciary Committee as descending “into a screaming match.”

Watch Senator Cruz question Netburn:

Netburn became Biden’s 200th federal court nominee, “putting the White House well on track to surpass the number of lifetime judges appointed by former President Donald Trump.”

That’s not all Netburn is known for. In 2020, after Biden was declared president but while Trump was still in office, Netburn signed an order “that compelled Google to secretly hand over to criminal investigators information from the email account” of the Project Veritas journalist “who had obtained Ashley Biden’s diary.” At the same time, Netburn forbade Google from letting the journalist know anything about the order, thus preventing Project Veritas “from fighting the move.”

Now Netburn gets nominated for the lifetime position.

“Biden nominates judge who put transgender rapist in women’s prison,” by Susan Ferrechio, Washington Times, May 28, 2024:

Judge Sarah Netburn, nominated by President Biden to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, faces a rocky path to confirmation after Republicans exposed her decision to move a sex offender who is a transgender woman to a women’s prison.

Judge Netburn, who has served as a magistrate judge for 12 years, disregarded the recommendation of the Bureau of Prisons and ordered prison officials to move July Justine Shelby, who was imprisoned under the name William McClain, to a women’s prison.

Republicans tore into her decision at a heated hearing this month, labeling Judge Netburn a political activist who twisted the Constitution to justify moving the prisoner and put vulnerable women in danger.

Sen. John Kennedy, Louisiana Republican, scoffed at Judge Netburn’s reasoning for moving the prisoner, who she said had “serious medical needs” that were not being met at the men’s facility.

“The Board of Prisons said, ‘What planet did you parachute in from? You’re going to a male prison with this kind of record,’’’ Mr. Kennedy said in response. “And you sent him to a female prison, did you? You said that the Board of Prisons was trying to violate Ms. Shelby, former Mr. McClain’s, constitutional right, didn’t you?”

Judge Netburn’s nomination now hinges on a Senate committee vote that hasn’t been scheduled and, if she clears that hurdle, a Senate floor vote…..

“That’s something that the voters need to make clear, that that this is something that they’re going to hold them accountable for, that we’re not going to allow judges to be activists and stuff men into women’s prisons under the guise of the Constitution,” May Mailman, director of Independent Women’s Law Center, told The Washington Times.

“She says that the Constitution requires men to be housed with women, which is just absurd,” Ms. Mailman said….



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